Moroccan VD CD LPButtsteakCD164545-X
Come Recline...with Black Velvet FlagBlack Velvet FlagCD14GKCD008237080000822
Jerk of All TradesLunachicksCD16gk 013237080001324
Ask Me HowWivesCD11015600773001527
Jerk of All TradesLunachicksCD16GK 0139398603146029
Step on a Crack, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD20GK LP 011
Got Beat UpWestonCD14GK CD019
You're Too RichShake AppealCD13
War of the Superbikes II: The Double AlbumThe MeatmenCD19GK 022
Search and AnnoySweet DieselCD6GK CD 020
Go-Kart vs. The Corporate GiantVarious ArtistsCD28GK 021600773002128
Pretty UglyLunachicksCD14GK00024, gokartcd24600773002425
MatineeWestonCD11GK 33600773003323
Punk Uprisings, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD39gok 034
Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed: The First Two YearsThe Candy SnatchersCD15GK 025
Pretty UglyLunachicks12" Vinyl14GKLP024600773002418
Rat Ass PieParasitesCD14GK041600773004122
JaybirdToken Entry(unknown)11
The Stepchildren of RockWeston / Doc HopperCD29GK 029
Expose YourselfVarious ArtistsCD28gk 038
Human ZooThe Candy SnatchersCD16GK039
SuckBoris the SprinklerCD18GK 45
OverexposedVarious ArtistsCD31gok 047
From Beneath The StreetsToken EntryCD14GOK40600773004023
Pretty UglyLunachicksCD14TFCK-871054988061871059
A New Kind of ArmyAnti‐FlagCD15GOK 050600773005020
A New Kind of ArmyAnti‐Flag12" Vinyl15600773005013
Fly the FlagDown by LawCD13
For the BleedersVision of Disorder(unknown)10gk 056600773005624
Go-Kart vs. The Corporate Giant 2Various ArtistsCD25GK 057600773005723
Luxury ProblemLunachicksCD16VICP-608664988002391912
Drop Dead LiveLunachicksCD19GK 042600773004214
Luxury ProblemLunachicksCD15GK051600773005129
Luxury ProblemLunachicks12" Vinyl15GKLP051600773005112
Zigs, Yaws and ZagsDoc HopperCD11
Spirit of a SoldierPlan a ProjectCD15GK 048600773004825
End of an EraThe Pinkerton ThugsCD13GK052
…Gay!Boris the SprinklerCD15GK 061
Don't Label UsTwo Man AdvantageCD17GK 078600773007826
Set Fire to Someone in AuthoritySick on the BusCD16GK079600773007925
How Do You Sleep ???????The VarukersCD12gk 76600773007628
The Ungovernable ForceConflictCD15GO-KART 067600773006324
Babysitters on AcidLunachicksCD12gk-59600773005921
NostradamnedusIcons of FilthCD13GK 090 CD6007730090220
Kill Whitey!INDKCD14GK091600773009127
We're All DoomedToxic NarcoticCD13GK 094600773009424
More SeductionManda and the MarblesCD12GK 093
Go-Kart vs. The Corporate Giant 3Various ArtistsCD30GK 085600773008526
All the Colors of DarknessBrothers of ConquestCD10GK086600773008328
The Forgotten EPThe ControlCD4GK 087
Your Scene SucksVarious ArtistsCD28GK 088600773008823
Ha HaGBHCD17GK 089
Heathen RadioDaycare SwindlersCD12GK 095
Learnin' the Hard WayThe SpadesCD17GK 110600773011021
Jagged JunktionJett BrandoCD6GOK 096
Whose War Is It?Star Strangled BastardsCD13600773009226
The Guff Is a Disaster EPGuffCD5
Plan a ProjectPlan a ProjectCD12GK98600773009820
GlasseyeThe ControlCD10028200101907
Is Lying to Be PopularI FarmCD15GK009600773009929
Start From ScratchCapture the FlagCD11GK103
Just a Liability46 ShortCD46GK 105
Subliminable MessagesTen Foot PoleCD12GK108600773010826
The Power of BeefPigmy Love CircusCD11GK 109600773010925
Toxic Narcotic / MiseryToxic Narcotic / MiseryCD9GK 111600773011120
Pillow TalkCougarsCD10GK117
Pop Punk's Not DeadVarious ArtistsCD30GK 127600773012721
Up Your Ass Tray: The Full LengthThe ShockerCD11Go-kart 120600773012028
Only Stupid Bastards Help EMIConflictCD31GO-KART 068600773006829
Symphony of VoicesGuffCD13GOK 130600773013025
A Lesson in the Abuse of Information TechnologyThe MenzingersCD13
Resignation DayBanner PilotCD12GK132600773013223
A New Kind of ArmyAnti‐FlagCD15gok 050620723005020