Jive Electro was a sub-label of Zomba Music Group's Jive Records noted for releasing albums by Groove Armada, Hardknox, and Tangerine Dream as well as a few remixes for the Madchester band The Stone Roses. The label was largely active between 1984 and 1987. Jive resurrected it in 1998 to accommodate a boom in electronic music, but it appears to have been inactive since BMG reorganized Zomba (including all of its sub-labels) in a major label reshuffle in 2004 (see Zomba Label Group). - wikipedia

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Warsaw in the SunTangerine Dream12" Vinyl3
6.20382, 6.20382 AE
Poland: The Warsaw ConcertTangerine DreamCD3
Poland: Extracts from Poland - The Warsaw ConcertTangerine DreamCD3
CHIP 225013705110924
HeritageNeuronium12" Vinyl4
HIP 19
Poland: The Warsaw ConcertTangerine Dream2×Vinyl2 + 2