Dino Music (subsidiary of EMI Netherlands BV)

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in discogs images linked to the four releases for the FR Dino Music, "compiled for Dino Music France" is used, but the imprints in these are all of the common Dino Music. there is no "Dino Music France" listed at discogs.

If the product category code is formatted BUCD XXXX it is a Bunny Music label product and should be attributed to that label and not included here. Bunny Music was a sub-label of Dino Music.

for the AU company, it's Dino Music Pty. Limited ("Limited" as printed in images): http://www.discogs.com/label/201977

for the DE company, it's Dino Music GmbH: http://www.discogs.com/label/284092-Dino-Music-GmbH

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New RomanticsVarious ArtistsCD18
Mexico mi amorPeter Alexander und Die Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft12" Vinyl15
  • AT1986-06-01
Irish ReflectionsPhil CoulterCD16
CD 1083[none]
VSOPVienna Symphonic Orchestra ProjectCD10
CD 1213[none]
Super Oldie-HitparadeFranz LambertCD16
CD 1223
ChristmasBerdien StenbergCD12
DNCD 1144
The Best of Engelbert HumperdinckEngelbert HumperdinckCD15
DNCD 1147[none]
Tony’s grosse Polka‐PartyTony Marshall12" Vinyl16
  • -1986
LP 1231
Tony’s grosse Polka‐PartyTony MarshallCassette16
  • -1986
MC 1232
VSOPVienna Symphonic Orchestra Project12" Vinyl10
QRSP 1039[none]
Ich hab' Dich geseh'nJürgen Marcus7" Vinyl2
S 00100
Musikladen EurotopsVarious ArtistsCD16
CD 1373[none]
The Voice of SoulBen E. KingCD14
CD 1383
Symphonic RockVienna Symphonic Orchestra ProjectCD7
CD 1443[none]
The 60's ForeverVarious ArtistsCD20
CD 1533
Hits de FranceVarious ArtistsCD14
CD 1623[none]
One Hit Wonders of the 80’sVarious ArtistsCD18
DIN 138D
That Says It AllJean StaffordCD14
Ramba Zamba ’88 (La Bamba) (10 Jahre Jubiläum)Rudi Ramba und seine Party-TigerCD14
DINO CD 1593
Goud Van Oud (Original Versions)Various ArtistsCD21
DNCD 1148
Een halve eeuw Manke NelisManke NelisCD12
DNCD 1149
Live!!!Het Goede DoelCD15
DNCD 1158
Freedom for the WorldPaul AnkaCD14
DNCD 1161[none]
Live!!!Het Goede Doel12" Vinyl10
DNLP 1158[none]
Close to YouJack Jersey12" Vinyl16
DNLP 1166
The Hit Academy, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD14
Ich bin daIreen Sheer7" Vinyl2
S 110
Classic & Rock: Die neue DimensionVienna Symphonic Orchestra ProjectCD11
TagträumerVarious ArtistsCD16
CD 1663[none]
The Lords '88 - Back To The Roots The New RecordingsThe LordsCD12
  • -1988
CD 1683
Fresh GirlsVarious ArtistsCD9
CD 1723[none]
The Best of Modern TalkingModern TalkingCD16
CD 1833[none]
Halligalli 89 (It’s Ramba Zamba Time)Rudi Ramba und seine Party-TigerCD13
CD 1933
Listen and Lay BackAlbert Mangelsdorff & Members of Klaus Lage BandCD13
CD 19734010190019733
10 jaar de HavenzangersDe HavenzangersCD12
DNCD 1163
Heimwee naar de zeeFrank & Mirella en De KermisklantenCD13
DNCD 1181
The Best of Dean MartinDean MartinCD17
DNCD 1195[none]
Natural LoveEngelbert HumperdinckCD14
DNCD 1196[none]
A Date With 88Various ArtistsCD16
DNCD 1200[none]
Kerstfeest in HollandVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
DNLP 1197
Listen and Lay BackAlbert Mangelsdorff & Members of Klaus Lage Band12" Vinyl13
LP 1971[none]
MichaelThe Lords12" Vinyl2
  • -1988
M 010
HeimatmelodieVarious Artists2×(unknown)14 + 14
The Hit Academy, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD16
EldoradoKristina Bach7" Vinyl2
S 134
Liebe macht starkIreen Sheer7" Vinyl2
  • -1989-07
S 126
VSOP 4: Classic Meets PopVienna Symphonic Orchestra ProjectCD10
2123, CD 21239004381021334
C'est la vie (so is es Leb'n)Relax12" Vinyl11
AngieCosta CordalisCD3
C 002
Deutsches Laster, gutes LasterGunter GabrielCD3
C 007
The World of SynthesizersNovaCD15
CD 2343[none]
Plays Chopin and LisztDimitris SgourosCD10
Synthesizer GreatestEd StarinkCD17
Liebe ist … Die schönsten Liebeslieder der WeltDie FlippersCD16
DINO CD 2003[none]
Het beste uit de top 100 aller tijden volume 1Various ArtistsCD14
DNCD 1211
Het beste uit de top 100 aller tijden volume 2Various ArtistsCD14
DNCD 1212
Het beste uit de top 100 aller tijden volume 3Various ArtistsCD16
DNCD 1213
Move CloserTom JonesCD10
DNCD 1214
Het beste uit 10 om te zienVarious ArtistsCD16
DNCD 1215
Als het Hollands mag zijn!Het Holland DuoCD16
DNCD 1217
The World of SynthesizersNovaCD17
DNCD 1218[none]
Romantisch bouquetVarious ArtistsCD18
DNCD 1219
Amour Pour AmourBerdien Stenberg / Richard ClaydermanCD11
DNCD 1220
25 jaar André van Duin: De beste sketches, conférences en z'n grootste hitsAndré van Duin2×CD6 + 18
DNCD 1221
Visioni di VeneziaRondò VenezianoCD12
DNCD 1222[none]
Het beste uit Tien om te zien, volume 2Various ArtistsCD17
DNCD 1223
50 Jaar Gouden SuccessenJohn Woodhouse12" Vinyl17
DNLP 1210
Walking To The MoonThe Lords7" Vinyl2
  • -1989
IMS 58250124 AA
StormyThe LordsCD14
  • -1989
IMS 58252033 CL
Barcelona / Zoals 't klokjeHet Holland Duo7" Vinyl2
PICO 1031
Come On MoveThe Lords7" Vinyl2
  • -1989
S 138
Alles nur geträumtMerlin7" Vinyl2
S 144[none]
StormyThe Lords7" Vinyl2
  • -1989
S 145
Der Bär groove'd (Der Berg ruft)Relax7" Vinyl2
S 148
Sean O'KelleyThe Kelly Family7" Vinyl2
  • -1989
Halli Hallo: Stimmung Non Stop · 124 volkstümliche HitsFred Feiermanns Partylöwen2×CD16 + 16
Solang noch rote Rosen blüh'nGitti und ErikaCD14
CharlyKristina Bach7" Vinyl2
S 172
Die Frau, die bleibtIreen Sheer7" Vinyl2
  • -1990-04
S 173
Sieben Tage SonnenscheinDie FlippersCD12
69578 3, CD 26934010190000960
Fantasy IslandIreen Sheer7" Vinyl2
  • -1990-10-06
S 2074010190002070
Erst ein CappuccinoKristina BachCD3
D 0324010190001325
Lost ParadiseThe Lenny Mac Dowell ProjectCD10
Black Magic: The Most Beautiful Black and Soul BalladsVarious Artists2×CD16 + 16
Alles PalettiChris WolffCD12
VSOP: The 5thVienna Symphonic Orchestra ProjectCD8
2733, CD 27334010190000625
Ciao ciao: Best of MinisexMinisexCD14
CD 2563[none]
Schlumpfenland WunderlandVader Abraham & Die SchlümpfeCD14
CD 28234010190028230
What About Tomorrows ChildrenThe Lenny MacDowell Project feat. Maggie ReillyCD3
D 0394010190001394
De Toverfluit van MozartBerdien StenbergCD9
dbcd 1244
Get Up! (The Ultimate Dance Collection)Various Artists2×CD12 + 12
DCD 2573[none]
Full House 1990Various Artists2×CD10 + 8
Alabama: Their Finest CollectionAlabamaCD16
Affection: 16 Love SongsVarious ArtistsCD16
Decade Of Hits - 80's GreatestVarious Artists2×CD16 + 16
The WorldCCCPCD11
DINO CD 2493[none]
Now and ForeverAndy TielmanCD18
DNCD 1225
15 jaarBenny Neyman2×CD16 + 16
DNCD 1228
Country Love SongsGrant & ForsythCD12
DNCD 1229
Het Beste Uit Tien Om Te Zien, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD17
DNCD 1230