Island (imprint of Island Records, a division of Universal Music Group)

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Island Records (UK and worldwide)

Originally formed as an independent record label in Jamaica, this company was incorporated in the UK and later the US. It was the largest independent record company in history when it was sold to PolyGram. PolyGram was subsumed by Universal Music Group in 1998, but the Island name and logo live on in a confusing hierarchy of companies, joint ventures, mergers, label groups and imprints.

Records released with the Island label in Australia, France and Germany, for example, are to be filed here.

CHECK THE LABEL CODE: On many newer UK/European releases the label code is LC-01846, NOT LC-00407. Such releases should be added to Universal Island Records and not here.

Using the logos on the back cover can also help tell the difference, this imprint (00407) generally has the one palm tree Island logo, the other imprint (01846) generally has 2 logos, one of 'Island Records Group', and another of 'Universal Records'.

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The Most Of Jackie EdwardsJackie EdwardsVinyl12
ILP 906
Madgie / Honour Your Mother & FatherDesmond Dekker & Beverley's All StarsVinyl2
Wranglin'Ernest Ranglin Trio12" Vinyl6
ILP 909
Eastern Standard Time / Sun Rises in the EastDon Drummond / Dotty & Bonny7" Vinyl2
DaddyThe Vikings7" Vinyl2