Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)

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Parlophone was founded in Germany 1896 by the Carl Lindstrom Company. The poundsign logo is a corruption of the German L that represented his surname.
The British branch was set up in 1923 and became a label known for Jazz recordings. It was bought by Columbia, who merged it into EMI. It was not until the 1950s when in-house producer George Martin started working with pop acts that the label's most notable successes occurred. Chief among these was, of course, The Beatles. The label continues today under the ownership of EMI, with several imprints (e.g. Food) and artists that enjoy being associated with the Fab Four.
Commercial successes for the Parlophone label have included Lily Allen, All Saints, Babyshambles, Blur, Coldplay, The Divine Comedy, Gorillaz, Jamelia, Beverley Knight, Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys, Queen, Radiohead, and Supergrass.

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'n Zoen moet je mondeling doenWilly DerbyVinyl2
De boemelaarAugust de Laat10" Vinyl2
Ostrich Walk / Riverboat ShuffleFrankie Trumbauer and His OrchestraVinyl2
Ostrich Walk / Riverboat ShuffleFrankie Trumbauer and His OrchestraVinyl2
LevenslangWilly DerbyVinyl2