Sony Music Entertainment Korea Inc. (not an imprint, post-2008 subsidiary)

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in existence since ca. 2009, was preceded by:
Sony BMG Music Entertainment Korea Inc. (2004–2008, during the Sony/BMG merger era)
Sony Music Entertainment (Korea) Inc. (1991–2004)

This label should only be used in Label-Release relationships (e.g., "manufactured by" and "distributed by"). It should not be used as a "release label".

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Annotation last modified on 2014-12-12 13:46 UTC.

Previously known as: Sony BMG Music Entertainment Korea Inc. (do NOT use this as a release imprint)


Reds in An Jae-wook안재욱(unknown)14
  • KR2003-03-17
Secret Garden OST Part 1Various ArtistsDigital Media3
  • KR2010-11-10
ZarathustraMuseo RosenbachCD8
88697898662, S30783C, SMRL 61138803581137835
Rebirth OutsiderOutsiderCD6
  • KR2013-07-23
Don MillsDon MillsDigital Media3
  • -2013-10-21
Nom Nom NomWa$$upCD6
  • KR2013-11-09
Turning PointALiDigital Media7
  • KR2014-11-12
Space Opera (Limited Edition)Space OperaCD10
오만과 편견 (bugs release)Outsider2×Digital Media8 + 7
  • KR2015-03-12
PianoYirumaDigital Media11
  • US2015-10-09
Tightrope WalkerRachael YamagataCD11
MFD 2016.6.S20358c /8035881123588803581123586
아이돌마스터.KR OST Part 1Real Girls Project (R.G.P)Digital Media4
  • KR2017-05-15
아이돌마스터.KR OST Part 2Red QueenDigital Media3
  • KR2017-05-22
아이돌마스터.KR OST Part 3Real Girls Project (R.G.P)Digital Media4
  • KR2017-06-16
  • XW2017-06-30
  • CN2017-07-03
아이돌마스터.KR OST Part 4Real Girls Project (R.G.P)Digital Media3
  • KR2017-10-13
아이돌마스터.KR OST One For AllReal Girls Project (R.G.P) & Red Queen2×CD8 + 7
  • KR2017-12-21
Terror in Resonance 2: CrystalizedYoko KannoCD18