October 89'The CharlatansCassette3[none]
Indian RopeThe Charlatans12" Vinyl3GOOD ONE 125019581200018
Some FriendlyThe Charlatans12" Vinyl112411-1-H078635241112
Some FriendlyThe CharlatansCD11308103268440308101
Some FriendlyThe Charlatans12" Vinyl10SPV 006-309114001617309117
The Only One I KnowThe Charlatans12" Vinyl47863526901
ThenThe Charlatans12" Vinyl45012093107462
Indian RopeThe CharlatansCD3GOOD 1CD5018766962079
Indian RopeThe Charlatans12" Vinyl3GOOD 1T5021289600168
Different StoryBowaCD3GOOD 8CD
I'm AllrightKatherine E.7" Vinyl29031-74087-7, GOOD 2090317408774
Rockin' Romance (I Go Slow)Joy SalinasCD39031-75317-2, GOOD 6CD090317531724
SunriserThat Uncertain Feeling12" Vinyl3GOOD 10T5021289601066
Big HeadRigCD4GOOD 3CD
InsanityOceanicCD3GOOD 4CD5021289600427
Wicked LoveOceanicCD4GOOD 5CD5021289600526
Running Out of TimeDigital Orgasm7" Vinyl2GOOD 95021289600977
That Compact Disc ByOceanicCD124509-90084-2045099008421
That Cassette ByOceanicCassette114509-90084-4, GOODMC1045099008445
That Album ByOceanicCD10GOOD LP1
On the EdgeThat Uncertain Feeling12" Vinyl3GOOD 18T5021289601868
Controlling MeOceanicCD44509-90018-2, GOOD 14CD045099001828
IgnoranceOceanicCD44509-91129-2, GOOD 22CD745099112929
ExtrasynR.F.T.R.CD3GOOD 11CD
Hammond SongDeviationCD3GOOD 12CD502189601226
StartouchersDigital Orgasm12" Vinyl3GOOD 13T5021289601363
Pink ChampagneRhythm EternityCD4GOOD 15CD5021289601523
Gonna Give You My Love2 for JoyCD3GOOD16CD5021289601622
Moog EruptionDigital Orgasm12" Vinyl3GOOD 17T745099027803
Your LoveBowa12" Vinyl4GOOD 19T
Mixed Thoughts EPRhythm Eternity12" Vinyl4GOOD 20T
Collision EPKeroseneCD4GOOD 21CD5021289602124
The Rachel Tune2 for Joy12" Vinyl5GOOD 23T
Song for MeThe CherrysCD3GOOD 24CD5021289602421
Insomniacs DreamMantarayCD3GOOD 25 CD5018766941753
The StripperOrange DeluxeCD3GOOD 27 CD5018766942361
Some PopMantarayCD14GOOD CD 35018766942200
AdorationMantarayCD3GOOD 26CD5018766942187
Love 45Orange DeluxeCD3GOOD 29CD5018766943443
BrotherThat Uncertain FeelingVinyl3GOOD 285018766942637
500|600That Uncertain FeelingCD11GOODCD55018766950199
DelectableOrange DeluxeCD45018766950991
DelectableOrange DeluxeCD4GOOD 31CD5018766950991
NeckingOrange DeluxeCD13GOODCD45018766950250
SinMark Burgess and Yves AltanaCD3GOOD 32CD5018766952131
Always WantMark Burgess and Yves AltanaCD3GOOD 33CD5018766952155
ParadyningMark Burgess and Yves AltanaCD10GOOD CD85018766952117
Hide & SeekMantarayCD4GOOD 30CD5018766943504
Script of the BridgeThe ChameleonsCD12GOOD CD 65018766951042
What Does Anything Mean? BasicallyThe ChameleonsCD12GOOD CD 75018766951059
Never Wanna See Your FaceSussedCD3GOOD 34CD5018766960235
I Don't Make PromisesMantarayCD4GOOD 36CD5018766960570
Brand New Stone-Age Man / Jupiter's EyeOrange DeluxeCD3GOOD 35 CD
Love Slug / Andrex Puppy LoveOrange DeluxeCD4GOOD 38CD5018766961539
Vodka, Doughnuts and DoleOrange DeluxeCD13GOODCD10
One in a Million (CD1)SussedCD3GOOD 37CD5018766961799
One in a Million (CD2)SussedCD3GOOD 37CDX5018766961805
The Fan and the Bellows: A Collection of Classic Early RecordingsThe ChameleonsCD11GOOD CD 95018766954289
Vodka, Doughnuts and DoleOrange Deluxe12" Vinyl10GOODLP105018766954586
Return of the Roughnecks: The Best of The ChameleonsThe ChameleonsCD14GOOD CD 125018766962567
Time's Up (CD1)SussedCD3GOOD 40 CD5018766970104
Time's Up (CD2)SussedCD3GOOD 40 CDX5018766970111
All Hail the Young AssassinsSussed12" Vinyl12
All Hail the Young AssassinsSussedCD12GOOD CD 135018766970784