Jersey's Best PrancersThe Ergs!CD7DG-12
Revenge for HireFor ScienceCD17DG-13
Way Out of ControlFor Science12" Vinyl8DG-17
Collected SoundsDustheadsCD16DG-24
Power MoveScreaming FemalesCD10DG29[none]
What if Someone Is Watching Their T.V.?Screaming FemalesCD10DG-30
SinglesScreaming FemalesCD6DG33616822088920
Holy HellNounCD10DG-35616822092422
Castle TalkScreaming FemalesCD11DG-37616822093221
Rumors in DisguiseShellshagDigital Media15[none]
Sit ResistLaura Stevenson and The Cans(unknown)13
Hard LifeBig EyesCD12DG-43616822104620
American WeekendWaxahatcheeCD11DG-510616822103722
UglyScreaming Females2×12" Vinyl8 + 6DG56616822106211
UglyScreaming FemalesCD14DG56616822106228
Jacob's LadderHilly Eye7" Vinyl2DG-49
Reasons to LiveHilly EyeCD10DG-54[none]
California XCalifornia XDigital Media8DG-63[none]
California XCalifornia X12" Vinyl8DG-63
Cerulean SaltWaxahatcheeDigital Media13
Cerulean SaltWaxahatcheeCD13DG-62616822111727
Cruel OptimistWorriersDigital Media8DG-73634457434707
Cruel OptimistWorriers12" Vinyl8DG-73634457629219
She’s GoneUpsetCD12DG - 74
She’s GoneUpset12" Vinyl12DG-74
Live at The HideoutScreaming FemalesCD14DG-80
Live at the HideoutScreaming FemalesVinyl14
My Comedy AlbumChris GethardDigital Media9
Bodies and Control and Money and PowerPriestsDigital Media7
Bodies and Control and Money and PowerPriests12" Vinyl7
Bodies and Control and Money and PowerPriestsCD7
I Can't Keep the Tears From FallingNude BeachDigital Media1
77Nude BeachCD18DG-87
Bury Me at Make Out CreekMitskiCD14DG-99634457686229
Nights in the DarkCalifornia XCD9DG-76634457674622
Nights in the DarkCalifornia XDigital Media9[none]
Rose MountainScreaming FemalesDigital Media10DG 089LPX
Rose MountainScreaming FemalesCD10DG-89
Full CommunismDowntown Boys12" Vinyl10DG-94634457681118
Full CommunismDowntown BoysDigital Media12
Predatory HeadlightsTenement(unknown)25DG-83[none]
The Blackest EyeAye NakoCD-R6DG-98634457694613
Non-PersonVacationDigital Media14
Imaginary LifeWorriersCD12DG-102634457691124
Acne/EarsRoadside GravesDigital Media12DG-109
You Look a Lot Like MeMal BlumDigital Media10
CocksureLaura StevensonCD11DG-105634457698420
TarantulaGiant PeachDigital Media10[none]
Collective SighPinkwashDigital Media10
Collective SighPinkwashCD10
A Shedding SnakeOuter SpacesDigital Media13
A Shedding SnakeOuter SpacesCD13
Alice BagAlice BagCD11
He's So SorryAlice BagDigital Media1
FireAmy KleinDigital Media11[none]
Alice BagAlice BagDigital Media11
Tentative DecisionsMikey ErgCD11
Skeleton (studio B-side)Screaming FemalesDigital Media1
Nope (pink vinyl)Izzy TrueVinyl11DG-117634457719712
NopeIzzy TrueDigital Media11
Stake My ClaimBig EyesCD10
2007-2011P.S. Eliot2×CD25 + 25DG-118[none]
2007-2011P.S. EliotDigital Media50[none]
Land of La LaSex StainsCD12
Fetish BonesMoor Mother(unknown)12DG-121[none]
Fetish BonesMoor MotherCD13DG-121
Fetish BonesMoor MotherDigital Media13
Patient OnesErica FreasDigital Media12
Pieces in SpaceSammusVinyl12DG-122634457739611
Pieces in SpaceSammusDigital Media12
Holiday for StringsPeter Stampfel and the Brooklyn & Lower Manhattan Fiddle/Mandolin SwarmCD11DG-93634457733428
Pieces in SpaceSammusCD12DG-122
Sex StainsSex StainsCD12[none]
Silver HazeAye NakoCD12DG-133[none]
Youth DetentionLee Bains III & The Glory FiresDigital Media17
Black MoonScreaming FemalesDigital Media1
Light BeamsLight BeamsDigital Media8634457481978
Irreversible EntanglementsIrreversible Entanglements12" Vinyl4DG-157
Dispatch From Mar-a-LagoL7(unknown)1
Alice Bag & The SissybearsAlice BagDigital Media2
Bat FangsBat FangsCD9DG-161[none]
Bat FangsBat FangsDigital Media9
All at OnceScreaming FemalesCD15DG-156634457851825
All at OnceScreaming FemalesDigital Media15
BlueprintAlice BagDigital Media11
Works by Tuli Kupferberg (1923-2010)Jeffrey LewisDigital Media15
Ex-VöidEx-VöidDigital Media3
DuskDusk12" Vinyl10DG-158634457868113
DuskDuskDigital Media10634457496767
Catching a BodyHPrizmDigital Media9
Live at The NickLee Bains III & The Glory FiresDigital Media19
Tell No OneBad MovesDigital Media12
Common BlahWeakened FriendsCD10DG-178
Common BlahWeakened Friends12" Vinyl10DG-178
Common BlahWeakened FriendsDigital Media10DG-178
Take It BackScreaming Females7" Flexi-disc1
Living Room, NYLaura StevensonDigital Media1
Things Still Left to SayMal BlumDigital Media1