Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Tomcattin' Blackfoot CD 10 none [none]
Zig Zag Walk + Bonus EP Foghat CD 13 A-513
Car Fixin' Blues Johnny Nitro & The Door Slammers CD 15
David Gogo David Gogo CD 12 none [none]
Messenger of the Blues Blindside Blues Band CD 10 none [none]
The Roots of Sepultura Sepultura 2×CD 17 + 20 [none]
Keeper of the Flame Golden Earring CD 10 NG 0065 [none]
The Early Blues Sessions Livin’ Blues CD 11 NG 0068 [none]
Miracle Mirror Golden Earring CD 12 none [none]
Rocking at the Tweed Mill Livin’ Blues CD 9 none [none]
The Masquerade Overture Pendragon CD 7 none [none]
Kowtow Pendragon CD 9 1311 NSR [none]
Free Fall The Alvin Lee Band CD 11 A-144 [none]
Blue Breeze Livin’ Blues CD 15 none [none]
Out of the Blue Livin’ Blues CD 12 none [none]
The Jewel Pendragon CD 9 none [none]
Fallen Dreams and Angels / As Good as Gold Pendragon CD 8
Harley in the Rain Big Mike Griffin CD 10 [none]
Unity Village Pat Metheny Group CD 7 [none]
La masquerade infernale / Disguised Masters, Volume 1 Arcturus CD 13 A - 597
Lucifer's Heritage Blind Guardian CD 19
Sacrifice / Overnight Sensation Motörhead CD 22
Born of the Flickering / In the Shades of Life Old Man’s Child CD 15 A-OL96 [none]
Live Bait for the Dead Cradle of Filth 2×CD 13 + 8
Roorback/Revolusongs Sepultura CD 20 2165/M3-97
Filosofem / Demo Burzum CD 10 [none] [none]
Det som engang var / Ragnarok: A New Beginning, Volume 1 Burzum CD 13
Hvis lyset tar oss / Ragnarok: A New Beginning, Volume 2 Burzum CD 7
Endless Pain / Terrible Certainty Kreator CD 18 A-447 [none]
Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce / In The Mood For Something Rude Foghat CD 16 A-512 [none]
The Light at the End of the World / Live in Krakow Vol 1 My Dying Bride CD 11 A-MB99
The Pagan Prosperity / Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion Old Man’s Child CD 16 [none] [none]
Believe in Nothing / Permanent Solution Paradise Lost CD 19 [none]
Century Child / Live in Moskau, Volume 2 Nightwish CD 17 [none]
Skeleton Skeletron / For Her Pleasure Tiamat CD 17 [none]