Arcade (record label founded in 1970s by Herman Heinsbroek; use this as its universal imprint)

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Dutch record label founded in the 1970s by Herman Heinsbroek, modeled after Arcade Records (UK) Ltd. which Laurence Myers formed in 1972.
1980s - Arcade gradually expanded across Western EU, first into the BENELUX region (and was renamed Arcade Benelux B.V.), later setting up divisions in DE, FR, ES, IT, DK, SE and NO. it acquired the original UK Arcade Records in 1984 (or was it since 1979?).
1996 - Arcade's parent (Arcade Beheer BV) was acquired by Dutch publishers Wegener; Arcade group was renamed Arcade Music Company (including replacement as imprint?); Arcade Benelux was resplit into BE and NL divisions.
2000 - Wegener sold Arcade to WBG Beheer BV, which merged it into their own Roadrunner Records operations, which became Roadrunner Arcade Music; but that eventually could not be sustained, and all divisions were either sold, merged or shut down and the "Arcade" name ended.
2008 - CNR Records B.V. revived the Arcade label.
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old annotation by artysmokes:
Arcade Music Company

Originally set up in The Netherlands as the European branch of Arcade UK, this label expanded rapidly with its TV-advertised compilation albums. Branches were set up in several countries and Arcade became a distributor of several sub-labels and imprints. It eventually merged with other companies and became defunct as an imprint shortly after being taken over by Roadrunner.

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Previously known as: Arcade Records (imprint of Arcade Records (UK) Ltd., valid between 1972–1979)


40 Greatest HitsElvis Presley2×12" Vinyl20 + 20
ADEP 12[none]
Disco Explosion (Die Absolute Disco Super Scheibe)Various Artists12" Vinyl20
ADE G 84[none]
The One I LoveJim Reeves12" Vinyl18
ADE G 87
Goya By Candlelight - 20 Romantic HitsFrancis Goya12" Vinyl20
ADE H 50
Seine 20 schönsten LiederCosta Cordalis12" Vinyl20
  • -1980
ADE 55
Wild Wild SuziSuzi Quatro12" Vinyl18
ADE G 112
Disco RollerVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
ADE G 118
Die 20 schönsten Lieder von Vicky LeandrosVicky Leandros12" Vinyl20
ADE G 52
Black Gold: The Greatest Hits of Black MusicVarious Artists12" Vinyl18
ADE G 93[none]
Auf gut DeutschVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
ADE G 125[none]
Andrea Jürgens singt die schönsten deutschen VolksliederAndrea Jürgens12" Vinyl16
ADE G 129
I'll Meet You at Midnight: The Very Best of SmokieSmokie12" Vinyl18
ADEH 88[none]
Hit Szene No. 1Various Artists12" Vinyl16
  • -1982
ADE G 149
The Country CollectionJim Reeves12" Vinyl16
ADEH 401
The Country CollectionDon Williams12" Vinyl16
Remember the 60’s (Volume 2)Various Artists2×12" Vinyl16 + 16
ADEH 104
Remember the 60’s, Volume 3Various Artists2×12" Vinyl16 + 16
ADEH 123
Remember The 60’s (Volume 1)Various Artists2×12" Vinyl16 + 16
Let's DanceVarious ArtistsCassette14
Remember the 60’s, Volume 4Various Artists2×12" Vinyl16 + 16
ADEH 135[none]
Remember The 60's (Volume 5)Various Artists2×12" Vinyl16 + 16
ADEH 136
5 jaar Doe Maar - Het complete overzichtDoe Maar(unknown)14
ADEH 141
John SpencerJohn Spencer12" Vinyl16
ADEH 142
25 jaar gouden hits - The Voice of EuropeEddy Wally12" Vinyl16
ADEH 150
Remember The 60’s, Volume 6Various Artists2×12" Vinyl16 + 16
ADEH 153
Remember The 60's (Volume 7)Various Artists2×12" Vinyl16 + 16
ADEH 154
Remember the 70’s (Volume 1)Various Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
ADEH 155
Remember The 70’s (Volume 2)Various Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
ADEH 156
Remember the 70’s, Volume 3Various Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
ADEH 157
Remember the 70's (Volume 4)Various Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
ADEH 158
Remember the 70’s, Volume 5Various Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
ADEH 159
Remember The 70’s, Volume 6Various Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
ADEH 160
Remember The 70’s, Volume 7Various Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
ADEH 161[none]
Now This Is MusicVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
ADEH 162
Mireille Mathieu (28 tracks: Une femme amoureuse, La Paloma ade, Martin…)Mireille MathieuCassette28
  • -1984
The Complete Hit-Album10cc12" Vinyl16
ADEH 173
John Spencer zingt Elvis PresleyJohn Spencer12" Vinyl15
ADEH 178
Remember the 60’s, Volume 8Various Artists2×12" Vinyl16 + 16
ADEH 189
Remember the 60's (Volume 9)Various Artists2×12" Vinyl16 + 16
ADEH 190
The Complete Hit-Album10ccCassette16
Anita MeyerAnita MeyerCD16
Merry ChristmasLee TowersCD12
ADEH / CD 784
’n Herinnering aan Wim SonneveldWim SonneveldCD20
Golden Love Songs, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD16
The Very Best of Earth Wind and FireEarth, Wind & Fire2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
ADEH 221[none]
The Country CollectionBillie Jo Spears12" Vinyl16
ADEH 404
Die grössten ErfolgeFreddy Quinn12" Vinyl14
ADEH 442
Die grössten ErfolgeVicky Leandros12" Vinyl14
ADEH 443
The Very Best of Billie Jo SpearsBillie Jo Spears12" Vinyl16
ADEH 449
The Very Best Of Volume 1Earth, Wind & FireCD14
ADEH 821/0, ADEHCD 821/0
The Very Best Of - Volume 2Earth, Wind & FireCD14
ADEH 821/1, ADEHCD 821/1[none]
Die grössten Erfolge (Arcade, 14 tracks)NicoleCD14
The Very Best OfGilbert O'SullivanCD16
ADEHCD 551[none]
We’ve Got TonightVarious ArtistsCD16
ADEHCD 738/1[none]
Woman in Love, Volume 5Various ArtistsCD18
ADEHCD 749[none]
The Very Best of Neil DiamondNeil Diamond2×CD12 + 12
ADEHCD 796/1
Music Gala, Volume 3: Part 1Various ArtistsCD13
ADEHCD 824/0
The Sound of Hit Music, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD14
ADEHCD 829/1[none]
Woman In Love, Volume 6Various ArtistsCD16
Special Love Songs Volume 2Various ArtistsCD14
Golden Love Songs, Volume 4: Baby Come to MeVarious ArtistsCD16
01 0243 61
Golden Love Songs, Volume 5: Special LadyVarious ArtistsCD16
01 0244 61
Golden Love Songs, Volume 6: Need Your Love So BadVarious ArtistsCD16
01 0245 61
All Over the WorldELOCD16
01 0246 61
Move CloserVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
Rock Classics: Rock the NightVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
Rock Classics: Rock Album, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD13
Move Closer, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD14
… And the Music Goes On. (Volume 2)Various ArtistsCD14
01 2251 61
Top Hits '87 Volume 1Various ArtistsCD16
01 2701 61
Top Hits ’87, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD16
01 2702 61
Golden HitsPaul Anka12" Vinyl16
Golden HitsPaul AnkaCD16
The Complete Hit Album, Volume 1Creedence Clearwater RevivalCD16
The Complete Hit Album, Volume 2Creedence Clearwater RevivalCD14
01 2792 61
The Original Music From the 60's, Volume 1 / Part 2Various ArtistsCD16
01 2812 61[none]
The Original Music From the 60's, Volume 3 Part 1Various ArtistsCD16
El Condor Pasa, Music From The Andes. The Indian FluteLos CalchakisCD21
Golden Love Songs, Volume 2: Move CloserVarious ArtistsCD16
01 3820 61
Golden Love Songs, Volume 3: I Need YouVarious ArtistsCD16
01 3830 61
Golden Love Songs, Volume 7: Strings of LoveDiamond OrchestraCD18
01 4500 61
Golden Love Songs, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD16
Golden Love Songs, Volume 3: I Need YouVarious ArtistsCD16
Seine großen ErfolgeAndy BorgVinyl16
  • -1987
ADEH 010259.21
Woman in Love, Volume 04Various ArtistsCD14
ADEHCD 4234[none]
16 Zon, Zomer, HitsVarious ArtistsCD16
Disco AlbumVarious ArtistsCD16
Golden Love Songs, Volume 11: Just the Two of UsVarious ArtistsCD16
01 3200 61
Mantovani - The Collection Volume 1The Mantovani OrchestraCD20
01 3541 61[none]
Mantovani - The Collection Volume 2The Mantovani OrchestraCD20
01 3542 61[none]
Golden Love Songs, Volume 12: Late AgainVarious ArtistsCD16
The Very Best of 1965-1976, Volume 1Golden EarringCD18
01 2901 61
The Very Best of 1976-1988, Volume 2Golden EarringCD14
01 2902 61
Popformule Tophits - Volume 1Various ArtistsCD14
01 2971 61
Popformule Tophits, Vol. 2Various ArtistsCD13
01 2972 61
Rex Gildo '88Rex Gildo12" Vinyl16
01 2990 21
Het concert van de eeuwKoninklijk Concertgebouworkest2×Vinyl5 + 7
Het concert van de eeuw (deel 1)Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest[missing media]-
Het concert van de eeuw (deel 2)Koninklijk ConcertgebouworkestCD12
Easy BluesVarious ArtistsCD16
01 3080 61