Solitudes (Dan Gibson’s record label)

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Dan Gibson's own record label with mainly nature sounds recordings, sometimes with additional, relaxing music.

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Solitudes SamplerDan GibsonCD22CDG 84
Solitudes, Volume 3: Among the Giant Trees of the Wild Pacific CoastDan GibsonCassette2
Solitudes, Volume 10: Tradewind IslandsDan GibsonCD1CDG010
Solitudes, Volume 11: National Parks and Sanctuaries EditionDan GibsonCD10CDG 011
Solitudes, Volume 12: Listen to the LoonsDan GibsonVinyl1DG-88012
Harmony: Exploring Nature With MusicDan GibsonCD11CDG100096741410024
Pacific SuiteDan GibsonCD6CDG102096741410222
Solitudes: The ClassicsDan GibsonCD1012819
Algonquin SuiteDan GibsonCD10CDG106096741410628
Christmas ClassicsDan GibsonCD10CDG108096741410826
Strauss Waltzes: In Concert With the SeaDan GibsonCD7CDG 110096741411021
Algonquin SuiteDan GibsonCassette10
Solitudes, Volume 11: National Parks and Sanctuaries EditionDan GibsonCD10
Atlantic SuiteDan GibsonCD10
Solitudes, Volume 9: SeascapesDan GibsonCassette1
Southwest SuiteDan GibsonCD9
Appalachian Mountain SuiteDan GibsonCD7CDG113096741411328
Solitudes, Volume 2: The Sound of the surfDan GibsonCD2CDG002
Favorite SelectionsDan GibsonCD9CDG-109096741410925
Solitudes, Volume 3: Among the Giant Trees of the Wild Pacific CoastDan GibsonCD2
Legend of the WolfDan GibsonCD8CCDG11877749930339302
Pachelbel: Forever by the SeaDan GibsonCD712267096741412127
Raindance: Impressions of a Native LandDan GibsonCD10CCDG11777749930172602
Solitudes: Thunderstorm in the WildernessDan GibsonCD1CDG013096741101328
Ocean Surf: Timeless and SublimeDan GibsonCD1CDG 014096741101427
Rhythms of the Sea: Eight Piano MoodsDan GibsonCD8CDG115096741411526
Nature's BalletDan GibsonCD10CDG116096741411625
Loon Echo LakeDan GibsonCD9CDG122096741412226
The Nature of CanadaDan GibsonCD9CDG12377749934679602
Wings of DawnJ. David LindsayCD19SOLCD03096742000224
Island ParadiseDan GibsonCD8CDG133777495310463
FloridaDan GibsonCD7
Solitudes: Songbirds at SunriseDan GibsonCD812631096741412523
Solitudes, Volume 12: Listen to the LoonsDan GibsonCD1CDG012
Forest PianoDan GibsonCD8CDG126096741412622
Solitudes: Christmas WonderDan GibsonCD18CDG128096741412820
Beethoven: Forever By The SeaDan GibsonCD7096741413520
Legend of the WolfDan GibsonCD8
Thunder SpiritDan GibsonCD7CDG137096741413728
Celtic AwakeningDan GibsonCD11CDG140096741414022
Whispering WoodsDan GibsonCD8CDG139096741413926
Bach: Forever by the SeaDan GibsonCD1010212096741414923
Guardians of AtlantisDan GibsonCD811431096741415425
Natural Stress ReliefDan GibsonCD4CDG143096741013720
Mozart: Forever By The SeaDan GibsonCD8CDG147096741414725
Natural BeautyDan GibsonCD7CDG148096741414824
Natural Sleep InducementDan GibsonCD5CDG150096741415029
Piano CascadesDan GibsonCD8CDG152096741415227
Solitudes: Nature's Glory Inspirational HymnsHoward BaerCD12
YogaDan GibsonCD413131
Jazz by TwilightDan GibsonCD8096741415623
Caribbean DreamDan GibsonCD11
Natural Massage TherapyDan GibsonCD612149096741416521
Solitudes, Nature Sound Collection: Songbirds by the StreamDan GibsonCD23CDG015096741101526
Natural ConcentrationDan GibsonCD8CDG-158096741415821
StargazingDan GibsonEnhanced CD7CDG163096741416323
Emerald Forest A Celtic SanctuaryDan GibsonCD10CDG167096741416729
Natural RelaxationDan GibsonCD8CDG171096741417122
Classical RomanceDan GibsonCD11
Angel's EmbraceDan GibsonCD9CDG181
Wildlife Identification by SoundDan Gibson3×CD56 + 60 + 6513083096741101724
Waterscapes: The Theraputic Power of WaterDan GibsonCD13CDG016
Pacific Grace: Spirit of the Killer WhaleDan GibsonCD7CDG177096741417726
Natural MeditationDan GibsonCD6CDG178096741417825
Nature's Spa: Classical BlissDan GibsonCD9
Echoes in the Glen: Celtic Aires & BalladsDan GibsonCD10
Woodland StringsDan GibsonCD8
Fountain of YouthDan GibsonCD819760096741009921
Nature's Spa: Nurturing RainDan GibsonCD819762096741010026
The Best of Solitudes: 20th Anniversary CollectionDan Gibson2×CD9 + 1220273096741010729
Zen EscapeDaniel MayEnhanced CD1421171096741015724
Alaska: A Wild WonderDan GibsonCD921498096741018121
Rolling ThunderDan GibsonCD1021173096741015823
Songbird SymphonyDan GibsonCD8
Lakeside RetreatDan GibsonCD822940096741023729
Debussy: Forever by the SeaDan GibsonCD924668096741037528
Sky Prayer: The Best of Alice GomezAlice GomezCD17
Canada: From Sunrise to SunsetDan GibsonCD10
Angelsong: Choral Classics By The SeaDan GibsonCD926206096741042928
Lullabies: From Nature's NurseryDan GibsonCD1426237096741043529
Classical GardenDan GibsonCD1327436096741054921
Somewhere Over the RainbowDan GibsonCD12
Country RetreatDan GibsonCD11
Moon RiverDan GibsonEnhanced CD13CDG179096741417924
Natural Stress Relief IIDan GibsonEnhanced CD426239096741043628
Gentle World: Native SpiritDan GibsonCD1127428096741054525
Forest CelloDan GibsonCD1029182096741069727
Asian SpaDan Gibson & Donald QuanCD10096741053726
European SpaDan GibsonCD6
Thunderstorm: A Surround Sound ExperienceDan Gibson & D. William GibsonHybrid SACD7096741081026
Tranquil CoveDan GibsonCD10
Rocky Mountain RetreatDan GibsonCD933351096741103322
Moonlight SonataDan GibsonCD1133349096741103124
Natural GroovesDan GibsonCD733350096741103223
Calm the MindDan Gibson & Daniel MayCD11
Dock Of The BayDan GibsonCD12
Relax the BodyDan GibsonCD934814096741117725
T'ai Chi: Music For WellnessDan GibsonCD7
Call of the LoonDan GibsonHybrid SACD1034424096741119224
Sleep DeeplyDan GibsonCD835662096741128820