Often referenced as Canvasback Music/Atlantic, Canvasback/Atlantic or Canvasback/ATL and used in conjunction with the Atlantic label imprint after entering a business partnership with Atlantic Records on October 2, 2009.
See the details of the partnership at:

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I’m Like a Virgin Losing a ChildManchester OrchestraCD11FGR002886971264821
Wolves at NightManchester Orchestra7" Vinyl288697138607886971386073
Once (Collector's Edition)Glen Hansard & Markéta IrglováCD + DVD-Video15 + 588697 18755 2886971875522
Such FunAnnualsCD1188697 20400 2886972040028
Let My Pride Be What's Left BehindManchester OrchestraCD588697358692886973586921
Wet ZooAnnuals / SunfoldCD588697 23400 2886972340029
Mean Everything to NothingManchester OrchestraCD1188697359342886973593424
I've Got FriendsManchester Orchestra7" Vinyl288697535537886975355372
I Don't Want to See You Like ThisThe Joy FormidableDigital Media3
I Don't Want to See You Like ThisThe Joy FormidableDigital Media3
The Big Roar (Limited edition)The Joy Formidable2×CD + 2×DVD-Video12 + 6 + 8 + 130756788332740075678833274
The Big RoarThe Joy FormidableCD127567-88335-3075678833533
The Big RoarThe Joy FormidableCD122-526623075678833533
The Big RoarThe Joy FormidableCD122-526623075678833533
The Big Roar (Amazon US MP3)The Joy FormidableDigital Media12[none]
RoaritiesThe Joy FormidableDigital Media5[none]
ColoursGrouploveDigital Media1
Never Trust a Happy SongGrouploveCD12527696-2075678826559
DeconstructionFanfarloDigital Media2
An Awesome Wavealt-JDigital Media14
An Awesome Wavealt-JCD13531756-2075678762826
Wolf's LawThe Joy FormidableDigital Media1
Wolf’s LawThe Joy FormidableCD11534374-2075678732515
Dissolve Me (Remixes)Alt-JDigital Media6[none]
Other Voices EPThe OrwellsDigital Media5
Other Voices EPThe Orwells10" Vinyl4535824-0
Who Needs YouThe OrwellsDigital Media4075679951663
Spreading RumoursGrouploveCD13535919 -2075678684289
Summer Remixalt-J12" Vinyl6540786-1075678677250
Summer Remixalt-JDigital Media6075679947055
DisappearingDan WilsonDigital Media1075679947956
DisgracelandThe OrwellsDigital Media11075679942692
Back In The 90's (BoJack Theme Song)GrouploveDigital Media1
I Run RouletteBOOTSDigital Media1
Motorcycle Jesus OSTBOOTSDigital Media5
Motorcycle Jesus OSTBOOTSCD5[none]
Painting of a Panic Attack (Deluxe)Frightened RabbitDigital Media15825646374564
Beyond the BloodhoundsAdia VictoriaCD12554747-2075678665264
Big MessGrouplove12" Vinyl11555950-1075678664281
Big MessGrouploveCD11555950-2075678664311
Terrible Human BeingsThe Orwells12" Vinyl13558233-1075678662553
Terrible Human BeingsThe OrwellsCD137567-86628-5075678662850
Terrible Human BeingsThe OrwellsDigital Media13
In Cold Bloodalt-JDigital Media1[none]
That's Your LotBlaenavonCD12559222-2
Spotify Singlesalt-JDigital Media2075679892690
BandwagonesqueBenjamin GibbardDigital Media12
Recorded SongsFrightened RabbitDigital Media3190295733520
Baby BluesAdia VictoriaDigital Media3075679881724
2017 Live EPalt-JDigital Media5
How It FeelsAdia Victoria10" Vinyl4560158-0075678661570
The Moths of What I Want Will Eat Me in My SleepJealous of The BirdsDigital Media5[none]
Deadcrush (Alchemist x Trooko version)alt-JDigital Media1
I Dreamt We Spoke AgainDeath Cab for CutieDigital Media1075679869791
Reduxer (Mastered for iTunes)alt-JDigital Media11075679866981
Reduxeralt-JDigital Media11075679878557
Catatonic SkinbagBlaenavonDigital Media1
SilencesAdia VictoriaCD12075678654251
SilencesAdia VictoriaDigital Media12075679861610
Silences (Mastered for iTunes)Adia VictoriaDigital Media12075679861627