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Abbreviation for: Full Frequency Range Recordings.

Successful UK dance-crossover sub-label of London Records that was run by Pete Tong.

The copyright for the name FFRR (and London Records) is owned by Decca (currently part of UMG) but is used under license in a distribution deal with Warner Music Group.

See also FFRR US and Ffrreedom

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Salsoul Nugget (If U Wanna)M&S presents The Girl Next Door12" Vinyl38573 87645.0, FX393685738764501
Salsoul Nugget (If U Wanna)M&S presents The Girl Next DoorCD38573 87644-2, FCD393685738764426
Funny Break (One Is Enough) (CD1)OrbitalCD30685738771523, FCD 3950685738771523
Funny Break (One Is Enough) (CD2)OrbitalCD38573 87716 2, FCDP3950685738771622
The AltogetherOrbitalCD118573 87782-20685738778225
CybotronDillinja5×12" Vinyl2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 28573 87257-1685738725717
Booo!Sticky feat. Ms. DynamiteCD4FCD399685738897827
Rewind 2001: Lessons From the UndergorundArtful Dodger2×CD20 + 20WSMCD038685738916429
CybotronDillinjaCD148573 86653 20685738665327
The AltogetherOrbital2×CD11 + 112 40678809274067821
The Altogether (Limited Edition)Orbital2×CD11 + 1140678 2809274067821
It Ain't EnoughDreem Teem vs. Artful Dodger feat. MZ May & MC AlistairCD3FCD401809274272058
IlluminateOrbital12" Vinyl50927431120, 809274311207, FXX405809274311207
Swordfish <<The Album>>Paul OakenfoldCD1531169-2643443116923
Forever Man (How Many Times?)BeatchuggersCD3FCD386685738594627
Think About MeArtful Dodger feat. Michelle EscofferyCD3FCD 394685738753925
Funny Break (One Is Enough)OrbitalCD6
Salsoul Nugget (If U Wanna)M&S presents The Girl Next DoorCD-R3[none]
FreneticOrbital12" Vinyl2FXDJ 407
Work 1989-2002 (Australian Release)OrbitalCD140927461902, 092746190 29325583015816
Work 1989-2002OrbitalCD140927-46190-2809274619020
Work 1989-2002OrbitalCD142 46190809274619020
Safe From HarmNarcotic ThrustCD3FCD 406
Work 1989-2002OrbitalCD14R2 74493081227449322
24 Hour Party PeopleVarious ArtistsCD18R2-78136081227813628
Time Is a HealerRivaCD6
Don't Wanna KnowShy FX & T Power feat. Di & Skibadee12" Vinyl3FX4085050466170309
Set It OffShy FX & T PowerCD1392749478-20809274947826
Rest & PlayOrbitalCD50927474022809274740229
The EternalJosé Amnesia12" Vinyl2ETERNAL 001
Sampler FFRR1Various ArtistsCD8PRCD-FFRR1
Essential Mix: Classic EditionGrandmaster FlashCD17R2-78232
Remixed HappinessWeekend PlayersCD5PRCD 400080[none]
Feelin' UShy FX & T Power feat. Kele Le Roc12" Vinyl2FX4095050466633804
When Friends SurvivePaper Crows12" Vinyl2FX 413T
When Friends SurvivePaper CrowsCD-R1
Infinity (not: US, some EU)Infinity InkDigital Media3825646509195
Salutation RoadMartin Stephenson and The DainteesDigital Media12[none][none]
InfinityInfinity InkDigital Media5[none]825646432141
InfinityInfinity InkDigital Media7825646416431
Isis (Magic Carpet Ride)Hot Natured feat. The Egyptian LoverDigital Media6825646406371
BenedictionHot NaturedDigital Media2825646309498[none]
Alternate State (Remixes)Hot Natured feat. Róisín MurphyDigital Media4[none]825646305902
CatwalkDisciplesDigital Media4
Take Me HomeCash Cash feat. Bebe RexhaDigital Media1
Midnight (Remixes)ColdplayDigital Media4825646280452[none]
Come On Now (Set It Off)Tube & Berger & Juliet SikoraDigital Media1
Gecko (Overdrive)Oliver Heldens & Becky HillDigital Media1825646278572
Poison ArrowDisciples(unknown)1
Midnight (Kygo remix)ColdplayDigital Media1825646262779
A Sky Full of Stars (Hardwell remix)ColdplayDigital Media1825646239597[none]
Higher Ground EPBlonde feat. Charli TaftDigital Media4825646247790
Come On Now (Set It Off)Tube & Berger & Juliet SikoraDigital Media5825646239399
Sunlight (Remixes)The Magician feat. Years & YearsDigital Media4
They Don't KnowDisciples(unknown)1
Thinking About ItJust KiddinDigital Media1
Thinking About ItJust KiddinDigital Media5825646181001
I Loved YouBlonde feat. Melissa SteelDigital Media1825646210091
I loved you EPBlonde feat. Melissa SteelDigital Media4825646183562
Last All Night (Koala)Oliver Heldens feat. KStewartDigital Media1
Last All Night (Koala)Oliver Heldens feat. KStewartDigital Media6825646177417
All Cried Out EPBlonde feat. Alex NewellDigital Media5
Feeling Right (Everything Is Nice)Matoma feat. Popcaan & WaleDigital Media1825646959358
The WaveMatoma feat. MadconDigital Media1825646821242
Don't Cry Wolf EPIcarusDigital Media4825646095414
Ride This Train (MANIK Remix)IcarusDigital Media1825646981311
Don't Cry Wolf (Icarus Warehouse Mix)IcarusDigital Media1
Don't Cry Wolf (Sevendoors Remix)IcarusDigital Media1
Ride This Train (Ivy Lab Remix)IcarusDigital Media1
No WorriesDisciples + David Guetta(unknown)1
Sorry I Am LateKollektiv TurmstrasseDigital Media1190295927202
Sorry I Am Late (remixes)Kollektiv TurmstrasseDigital Media5190295896805
Sorry I Am Late (Summer 2016 version)Kollektiv TurmstrasseDigital Media1190295903800
They Are Not Like YouIcarusDigital Media1190295898373
Home (Kölsch remix)IcarusDigital Media1
Home (Lane 8 Remix)IcarusDigital Media1
OctoberIcarusDigital Media1
King KongIcarusDigital Media20190295843458
Slow (R3HAB remix)Matoma feat. Noah CyrusDigital Media1
TroubleIcarus feat. Talay RileyDigital Media20190295763169
Love Has Come AroundIcarusDigital Media1
LonelyMatoma feat. MAXDigital Media1
In the DarkIcarusDigital Media5[none]
I Don't Dance (Without You)Matoma & Enrique Iglesias feat. KonshensDigital Media1
Losing It Over YouMatoma feat. AyméDigital Media3190295524333
Sunday MorningMatoma feat. Josie DunneDigital Media1190295510909
All MineDisciples & EyelarDigital Media1
All Mine (Remixes)Disciples & EyelarDigital Media4
In Sides (US Release with Bonus Disc)Orbital2×CD8 + 8697-124 087-2769712412920
Gotta Keep Pushin'Z FactorCD3FCD329[none]
The ProphetCJ Bolland12" Vinyl2FXDJ 300