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Abbreviation for: Full Frequency Range Recordings.

Successful UK dance-crossover sub-label of London Records that was run by Pete Tong.

The copyright for the name FFRR (and London Records) is owned by Decca (currently part of UMG) but is used under license in a distribution deal with Warner Music Group.

See also FFRR US and Ffrreedom

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Beat Goes OnThe All Seeing ICD3FCD334731457014721
Black WhiteAsian Dub FoundationCD4FCD 337
I'll House You '98Jungle BrothersCD4FCD 338, 570 217-2
Naxalite / Culture Move EPAsian Dub FoundationCD5FCD 348731457028926
FFRR Classics, Volume 4Various Artists12" Vinyl4FFCLX 04
FFRR Classics, Volume 7Various Artists12" Vinyl4FFCLX 07
FFRR Classics, Volume 9Various Artists12" Vinyl4FFCLX 09
FFRR Classics, Volume 1Various Artists12" Vinyl4FFCLX 1731457014318
FFRR Classics, Volume 10Various Artists12" Vinyl4FFCLX 10731457030110
FFRR Classics, Volume 5Various Artists12" Vinyl4FFCLX 5731457027714
FFRR Classics, Volume 6Various Artists12" Vinyl4FFCLX 6
FFRR Classics, Volume 8Various Artists12" Vinyl4FFCLX 8
Gotta Keep Pushin’Z Factor12" Vinyl3FX 329731457013311
I Can't Help MyselfLucid12" Vinyl3FX 339731457025116
BeachballNalin & Kane12" Vinyl2FX 349731456783116
Walk Like a PantherThe All Seeing ICD3570 325-2, FCD 351731457032527
You Don't Know MeArmand van Helden feat. Duane HardenCD3FCD 357731457038925
Push It (Again)Salt N PepaCD7570 399-2731457039922
Push It [Again]Salt‐N‐PepaCD7570 399-2731457039922
Crazy (CD1)LucidCD3FCD355731457256121
Style (CD One)OrbitalCD3FCD358731457040720
Style (CD Two)OrbitalCD3FCDP 358731457040928
Underground GarageVarious Artists mixed by Norris ‘da Boss’ WindrossCD10FC005[none]
The Middle of Nowhere (First Edition)OrbitalCD807314 556 076-2(8), 556 076-1731455607628
The Middle of NowhereOrbitalCD83984 27194-2639842719421
The Middle of NowhereOrbitalCD8556 076-2731455607628
FlowerzArmand van HeldenCD3FCD 361731457042328
El Paraiso RicoDeetahCD3FCDP 356731457042120
Essential Selection: Spring 1999Pete Tong3×CD15 + 15 + 12556084.2731455608427
Welcome 2 'Thee Lite'Thee Maddkatt Courtship2×12" Vinyl4 + 2MCXDJ1
You Don't Know MeArmand van Helden feat. Duane Harden12" Vinyl2FX 357731457038918
We Are Da ClickDa ClickCD3FCD 363/570 435-2731457043523
The Middle of NowhereOrbital2×12" Vinyl4 + 431065-1
The Middle of NowhereOrbitalCD831065-2643443106528
Nothing Left (CD One)OrbitalCD33984 28944-2, FCD 365639842894425
Nothing Left (CD Two)OrbitalCD3FCDP 365639842894524
Nothing LeftOrbitalVinyl3FX 365639842894609
Pickled Eggs & SherbetThe All Seeing ICD133984 29241-2639842924122
1st Man In Space (CD 1)The All Seeing ICD3FCD370639842923828
1st Man in Space (CD 2)The All Seeing ICD3FCDP 370639842923927
Trunk Funk: The Best of the Brand New HeaviesThe Brand New HeaviesCD183984 29164-20639842916424
Under the WaterBrother Brown feat. Frank'eeCD4FCD367639842963497
Brother SisterThe Brand New HeaviesCD153984 28244 20639842824422
Stay With Me Till DawnLucidCD3FCD368685738013623
Non Stop 2000Carl Cox2×CD21 + 218573 80421-2685738042128
Essential MillenniumPete Tong / Fatboy Slim / Paul Oakenfold3×CD17 + 18 + 158573 80629 2632427603528
The Best OfSalt ’n PepaCD158573 80511 2685738051120
That SoundMichael MoogCD3FCD374
Belfast/Nothing LeftOrbital12" Vinyl4ESPDJ010[none]
OrbitalOrbitalCD112 28230639842823029
Urbal Beats III: The Definitive Guide to Electronic MusicVarious ArtistsCD16314 564 911-2731456491127
El Paraiso RicoDeetahCD23984 27461 2639842746120
Human Traffic: Essential Selection Presents Music From the Motion PictureVarious Artists2×CD23 + 173984 27950 2639842795029
Rafi's RevengeAsian Dub FoundationCD163984 28193-2639842819329
Orbital (DISCTRONICS, no LC7654 Cartouche)OrbitalCD113984 28230 2, 3984.2830.2639842823029
Orbital (Made in Germany by Warner Manufacturing Europe)OrbitalCD113984 28230-2639842823029
Essential Selection Ibiza 1999Pete Tong3×CD16 + 16 + 123984 29082-2
Essential Selection Ibiza 1999Pete Tong2×CD16 + 163984 29083-2
I Know ElectrikboyThee Maddkatt CourtshipCD143984 29243-2639842924320
InterfearenceInterfearenceCD10556 059 2731455605921
2 Future 4 UArmand van HeldenCD12556 090-2731455609028
Human Traffic: Essential Selection Presents Music From the Motion PictureVarious Artists2×CD23 + 17556109.2731455610925
StyleOrbital12" Vinyl4570 407-1, FX 358731457040713
Pickled Eggs and SherbetThe All Seeing ICD138573 80036-2685738003624
The Brick Track Versus Gitty UpSaltNPepaCD48573804442685738044429
My Life MuzikThee Maddkatt CourtshipCD28573 82308-5
That SoundMichael Moog12" Vinyl2ESPDJ014
My Life MuzikThee Maddkatt CourtshipCD3FCD 371
Walk Like a PantherThe All Seeing ICD3FCDP 351731457038727
Nothing LeftOrbitalVinyl2FDJX 365
Under the WaterBrother Brown feat. Frank'ee2×12" Vinyl3 + 3FXDJ 367
My Life MuzikThee Maddkatt Courtship2×12" Vinyl2 + 3FXDJ 371
BeachedOrbital & Angelo BadalamentiCD3FCD 377685738206520
Community MusicAsian Dub FoundationCD148573 82042-2685738204229
New Way, New LifeAsian Dub FoundationCD3FCDP378685738261628
Koochy (disc 1)Armand van HeldenCD3FCD 379685738292028
Koochy (disc 2)Armand van HeldenCD3FCDP 379685738292127
KoochyArmand van HeldenCD3FCDJ379
Woman TroubleArtful Dodger & Robbie Craig feat. Craig DavidCD4FCD380685738365029
Woman TroubleArtful Dodger & Robbie Craig feat. Craig DavidCD4FCDP380685738366521
Please Don't Turn Me OnArtful DodgerCD3FCD388685738595624
It’s All About the StragglersArtful DodgerCD998573859092685738590926
Re-RewindArtful DodgerCD1531154-2643443115421
It's All About the StragglersArtful DodgerCD118573 85971-20685738597123
I Wanna Know / Nasty WaysDillinja Presents: Cybotron2×12" Vinyl2 + 2CYBX 001685738602407
In SidesOrbital2×CD8 + 535031-2643443503129
Orbital (US Reissue)OrbitalCD1035032-2643443503228
Orbital 2OrbitalCD1035033-2643443503327
Logical ProgressionLTJ Bukem2×CD10 + 1035040-2643443504027
Real Great BritainAsian Dub FoundationCD38573 82040-2
Real Great BritainAsian Dub FoundationCD48573 82055-2685738205523
KoochyArmand van HeldenCD48573 83031-2685738303120
Real Great BritainAsian Dub FoundationCD3FCD 376
New Way, New LifeAsian Dub FoundationCD3FCD 378 01685738261529
How's Your Evening So Far?Josh Wink & Lil’ LouisCD3FCD384685738438624
How's Your Evening So Far?Josh Wink & Lil’ Louis12" Vinyl2FX 384685738438808
Four (4x3)Capoeira Twins12" Vinyl2FX 385685738430703
How's Your Evening So Far?Josh Wink & Lil’ LouisCD3PRO 2061
Nine WaysJDSCD3FCD391685738733620