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Abbreviation for: Full Frequency Range Recordings.

Successful UK dance-crossover sub-label of London Records that was run by Pete Tong.

The copyright for the name FFRR (and London Records) is owned by Decca (currently part of UMG) but is used under license in a distribution deal with Warner Music Group.

See also FFRR US and Ffrreedom

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What Can You Do for MeUtah Saints12" Vinyl4869 581-1042286958118
You Showed MeSalt‐N‐PepaCD3869599.2, FCD 174042286959924
Ride Like the WindEast Side BeatCD5869 605-2, FCD 176042286960524
FleshA Split-SecondCD6869 615-2042286961521
This Is Your LifeBanderasCD3ba 940042286929521
Let's Talk About SexSalt‐N‐PepaCD4FCD 162042286948126
FleshA Split-SecondCD6FCD 178042286961521
SatanOrbitalVinyl3FX 149
Never Stop: The Blaze RemixesThe Brand New Heavies12" Vinyl3FXR 165
Long Train RunningBananaramaCD4NANCD 24042286939520
A Blitz of Salt-N-Pepa Hits: The Hits RemixedSalt‐N‐PepaCD13P2 28249777497496639
Roobarb and CustardShaftCD4TABCD 100042286963525
Mutations, Part 1Orbital12" Vinyl4869649.1, FX 181042286964911
MutationsOrbitalCD4869649.2, FCD 181042286964928
Mutations, Part 2Orbital12" Vinyl4869651.1, FXR 181042286965116
Only for the Headstrong: The Ultimate Rave CompilationVarious ArtistsCD15162 351 002-2016235100224
Something GoodUtah SaintsCD4FCD 187042286973326
Alive & Kicking / Ride Like the WindEast Side BeatCD4869 997-2, FCD 206042286999722
BostichYello12" Vinyl6162 350 005-1016235000517
HalcyonOrbitalCD5162 350 009-2016235000920
Only for the Headstrong, Volume IIVarious ArtistsCD12162 351 007-2016235100729
Chime (Remixes)Orbital12" Vinyl5350 001-1016235000111
The Brand New Heavies (Release without Don't Let It Go To Your Head)The Brand New HeaviesCD11828300.2042282830029
Vivienne MckoneVivienne MckoneCD14828 301-2042282830128
The Brand New HeaviesThe Brand New HeaviesCD11828333.2042282833327
How Does It Feel?Various ArtistsCD13828 383-2042282838322
WalthamstowEast 17CD14828 426-2042282842626
Let Me Be Your UnderwearClub 69CD3857 001-2042285700121
Alive & Kicking / Ride Like the WindEast Side BeatCD3857 003-2042285700329
SingVivienne MckoneCD486 96 71-2042286967127
ExpressionSalt ’n’ PepaCD4869675.2, FCD 182042286967523
Do You Want MeSalt ’n’ PepaCD4869683.2042286968322
Don't Let It Go to Your HeadThe Brand New Heavies feat. N’Dea DavenportCD4869 827-2042286982724
Something GoodUtah Saints12" Vinyl4869 843-1DJ[none]
NothingSandalsCD3869 967.2042286996721
Let Me Be Your UnderwearClub 69CD5869 991-2, FCD 204042286999128
Revival / Cause It Matters to MeMartine Girault12" Vinyl4869 999-1, FX 205042286999913
Revival / Cause It Matters to MeMartine Girault12" Vinyl4869 999-1, FX 205042286999913
RevivalMartine GiraultCD4869 999-2, FCD 205042286999920
Shine OnDegrees of MotionCD4FCD 1920422866980720
How Does It Feel?ElectrosetCD4FCD 203042286992525
Something GoodUtah SaintsVinyl4FX 187042286973319
How Does It Feel? (Theme From Techno Blues)Electroset12" Vinyl4FX 203042286992518
EvergladeL712" Vinyl3LASXP 36
Orbital 2OrbitalCD10162 351 026-2016235102624
Very NecessarySalt‐N‐PepaCD15828 454-2042282845429
RepluggedU96CD12162 351 033-2016235103324
Morning Dove WhiteOne DoveCD11162 351 042-2016235104222
Come CleanJeru the Damaja12" Vinyl3697-120-002-10769712000219
Gravitational Arch of 10VapourspaceCD2697-120-004-2769712000424
Impact - The RemixOrbital12" Vinyl2697 120 013-1769712001315
BreakdownOne Dove12" Vinyl3697 120 015-1DJ[none]
Giant Steps: Volume OneVarious ArtistsCD11697 124 001-2769712400125
California DreamingVarious ArtistsCD10697 124 002-2
Utah SaintsUtah SaintsCD12828 379-2042282837929
Utah SaintsUtah SaintsCassette12828 379-4042282837943
Wickedness IncreaseGeneral LevyCD14828 430-2042282843029
Platinum On BlackVarious ArtistsCD14828 438-2042282843821
WalthamstowEast 17CD14828 492-2042282849229
You're My Everything / Alive & KickingEast Side BeatCD2857 132-2
ShoopSalt‐N‐PepaCD4857 319-2042285731927
F** DatSagatCD4857 399-2
Whatta ManSalt‐N‐Pepa with En VogueCD4857 479-2042285747928
DittyPaperboyCD5FCD 208042285711721
Believe in MeUtah SaintsCD4FCD 209042285714524
GlamLisa BCD5FCD 210042285715323
Shout (It Out)Louchie Lou & Michie OneCD4FCD 211
I Want YouUtah SaintsCD4FCD 213042285722727
FascinatedLisa BCD4fcd 218
LoverJoe RobertsCD4FCD 220042285732122
Why?D Mob with Cathy DennisCD6FCD 227042285738926
I Want YouUtah SaintsCD4FCDP 213042285722727
White LoveOne DoveCD4PRCD 044-2[none]
Orbital 2Orbital12" Vinyl10PRLP-026-1[none]
Platinum on BlackVarious ArtistsCD14697 124 005-20769712400521
Themes From VapourspaceVapourspaceCD1697 124 003-2769712400323
DiversionsOrbitalCD6697 124 014-2769712401429
Peel SessionOrbitalCD4857 423-2042285742329
I Still Think of You (Too Much to Swallow, Part II)Utah SaintsCD4FCD 225042285736922
I Still Think of You (Too Much to Swallow, Part II)Utah Saints12" Vinyl4FX 225042285736915
Septic Cuts: A Sabres of Paradise CompilationVarious ArtistsCD8697 124 023-2769712402327
Midnight at the OasisThe Brand New Heavies8cm CD2PODD-10474988005147455
Are We Here?OrbitalCD6697-120 047-2769712004729
Eighteen StringsTinmanCD4120-044-2
Sour TimesPortishead12" Vinyl5422-857-817-1042285781717
Turn It Up (Say Yeah)DJ Duke12" Vinyl4697 120 030-1769712003012
You Can’t Stop the ProphetJeru the Damaja12" Vinyl4697-120-046-1769712004613
Rite to SilenceSandalsCD12697 124 026-2769712402624
SnivilisationOrbitalCD10697 124 027-2769712402723
Brother SisterThe Brand New HeaviesCD15828 490.2042282849021
Take DisCredit to the NationCD17828 525-2042282852526
Septic Cuts: A Sabres of Paradise CompilationVarious ArtistsCD8828 539-2042282853929
I Still Think of YouUtah SaintsCD4857 603-2042285760323
I BelieveE'vokeCD4857 688.2, FCD 241
One DayD:MOBCD4857 725-2, FCDP239042285772524
Push the Feeling On: MK MixesNightcrawlersCD3857 773.2, FCD 245042285777321
ST4: Laguna CaloradoSalt TankCD6857 803-2042285780321