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Good Though!Utah Phillips12" Vinyl111004[none]
Good to Get HomeJim Ringer12" Vinyl14Philo 1012
Lazy Bill LucasLazy Bill Lucas12" Vinyl10Philo 1007
Jay & Lyn: Songs, Ballads & Fiddle TunesJay Ungar & Lyndon Hardy12" Vinyl141023[none]
El CapitanUtah Phillips12" Vinyl18
Sunday StreetDave Van Ronk12" Vinyl11[none]
The Water Lily (stereo)Priscilla Herdman12" Vinyl111014, PH 1014[none]
The Bramble & The RoseMary McCaslin & Jim Ringer12" Vinyl121055, PH 1055
The Bramble and the RoseMary McCaslin & Jim RingerCassette121055
Song of the SealsJean Redpath12" Vinyl12PH1054[none]
Sunny CaliforniaMary McCaslinCartridge10MC-8-1-3772
Sunny CaliforniaMary McCaslinCassette10MCR-4-1-3772
Sunny CaliforniaMary McCaslinVinyl10SRM-1-3772
Natural RhythmsAncient Future12" Vinyl109006[none]
Rodeo RoseBill Staines12" Vinyl10PH 1079
ElementsElements12" Vinyl7PH 9011
No Kinda DancerRobert Earl Keen, Jr.CD10CD PH 1108011671110820
No Kinda DancerRobert Earl Keen, Jr.Vinyl10PH-1108
Wild, Wild HeartBill Staines12" Vinyl10PH-1100
There's a Light Beyond These WoodsNanci GriffithCD91097011671109725
Once in a Very Blue MoonNanci GriffithCD13CD 1096011671109626
Poet in My WindowNanci GriffithCD11CD 10981167110982
There’s a Light Beyond These WoodsNanci GriffithCD9PH-1097011671109718
NorthBill MorrisseyCD11PH 1106
Future FossilsChristine LavinCD13PHILO CD 1104
Redbird's WingBill Staines12" Vinyl101118
Redbird's WingBill StainesCassette101118
I'm FinePatty LarkinCD14PH-1115011671111520
Beau Woes and Other Problems of Modern LifeChristine LavinCD12PHILO CD 1107
Acoustic Music To Suit Most OccasionsThe Deighton FamilyCD13CD PH-1120011671112022
Good Thing He Can't Read My MindChristine Lavin12" Vinyl11PH-1121011671112114
Good Thing He Can’t Read My MindChristine LavinCD11PHILO CD PH 1121011671112121
Road to BayamonTom Russell BandCD13CD-PH-1116
Something of ValueEric BogleCD10CD PH 1125011671112527
Something of ValueEric Bogle(unknown)10CD PH 1125011671112527
Deeper WellDavid Olney12" Vinyl12PH 1117
Standing EightBill MorrisseyCD14PH 1123
TroubadourHugh MoffattCD12PH 1127011671112725
Walkin on the MoonKaty MoffattCD11PHILO CD PH 1128011671112817
Attainable LoveChristine LavinCD10PH 1132
Mama Was RightThe Deighton FamilyCD15CD PH 1130011671113029
Child BrideKaty MoffattCD11CD PH 1133011671113326
Live in the SquarePatty LarkinCD17CD PH 1136011671113623
Feather RiverTom Espinola and Lorraine DuisitCD10
Poor Man's DreamTom Russell(unknown)12
Buy Me Bring Me Take Me: Don't Mess My Hair!!!Four Bitchin' BabesCD22CD PH 1140011671114026
Buy Me, Bring Me, Take Me: Don't Mess My Hair !!!Four Bitchin' BabesCD22PH 1140
Sharon ShannonSharon ShannonCD141153011671115320
Deeper WellDavid OlneyCD12CD PH 1117011671111728
Tracks and TrailsBill StainesCD13CD PH 1134011671113425
RosesDavid OlneyCD11CD PH 1137011671113722
CompassChristine LavinCD11CD PH 1142011671114224
Cowboy RealTom Russell(unknown)11
Hurricane SeasonTom Russell(unknown)10
Infamous AngelIris DeMentCD11PH 1138011671113821
Kristina OlsenKristina OlsenCD11CD PH 1147011671114729
InsideBill MorrisseyCD12PH 1145
"Buy Me Bring Me Take Me: Don't Mess My Hair..." Life According to Four Bitchin' Babes, Volume 2Four Bitchin' BabesCD14PH 1150
Live at the Cactus CafeChristine LavinCD15CD PH 1159011671115924
We Have Fed You All a Thousand YearsUtah PhillipsCD18CD PH 1076011671107622
Friend of MineBill Morrissey & Greg BrownCD12PH 1151
Love, KristinaKristina OlsenCD12PH1157
Box Of VisionsTom RussellCD12PH 1158011671115825
Entering MarionJohn ForsterCD11011671116426
Philo So Far: The 20th Anniversary Folk SamplerVarious ArtistsCD16CD AN 12011661851221
Christine Lavin Presents: Follow That Road - Highlights of the Second Annual Martha's Vineyard Singer/Songwriters' Retreat heald at the Wintertide CoffeehouseVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15CD PH 1165, CD PH 1166011671116525
Night TrainBill MorrisseyCD12CD-PH-1154
EdgewiseVance GilbertCD12CD PH 1156011671115627
In My HeartSi KahnCD24CD PH 1169011671116921
Disappear FearDisappear FearCD11CD PH 1171011671117126
Step Into the LightPatty LarkinCD12PH 1103011671110325
CraftsmanGuy Clark2×CD15 + 15PH 1184, PH 1185011671118420
Sting Of The HoneybeeDiane ZeiglerCD121174011671117423
High, Wide and LonesomeDavid OlneyCD121177
Paul SiebelPaul SiebelCD15CD PH 1161
Close to HomeThe Burns SistersCD12CD PH 1178011671117829
FugitivesVance GilbertCD13CDPH 1186
Live at the Bottom LineDisappear FearCD13PH 1172
Deep Soul DiverDisappear FearCD9PH 1173
Hurry On HomeKristina OlsenCD11Philo CD PH 1175011671117522
The Songs of Robert Burns, Volumes 3 & 4Jean RedpathCD25CD PH 1188[none]
Noonan Building & WreckingCarol Noonan BandCD13CD PH 1196011671119625
The Songs of Robert Burns, Volumes 5 & 6Jean RedpathCD24PH 1189[none]
Slightly HauntedLynn MilesCD11PH 1190011671119021
A Carnival of VoicesEllis PaulCD12PH 1191011671119120
You'll Never Get to HeavenBill MorrisseyCD12PH 1194
Seed in the SaharaDisappear FearCD11PHILO CD 1180
The Best of Jim Ringer: The Band of Jesse JamesJim RingerCD17Philo CD PH 1202011671120225
Small CaféConnie KaldorCD121205
Only WitnessCarol Noonan BandCD10PH 1209
The Water LilyPriscilla HerdmanCD111014011671101422
Real LiesDavid OlneyCD13CD 1204011671120423
Good Though!Utah PhillipsCD12CD PH 1004011671100425
No Angel KnowsSlaid CleavesCD11CD PH 1201011671120126
Dangerous SpiritsRay Wylie HubbardCD10CD PH 1206011671120621
The Telling Takes Me HomeUtah PhillipsCD20CD PH 1210011671121024
Live From Around the WorldKristina OlsenCD24PH 1195011671119526
Live at PassimBoys of the LoughCD12PHILO CD PH 1026011671102627
Good Friends - Good MusicBoys of the LoughCD16PHILO CD PH 1051011671105123
HeliumJohn ForsterCD11011671121420