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Sierra Entertainment, Inc. (formerly On-Line Systems and Sierra On-Line, Inc.) was an American video game developer and publisher founded in 1979 by Ken and Roberta Williams. The company is known for pioneering the graphic adventure game genre, including the first such game, Mystery House. It is known for its graphical adventure game series King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Gabriel Knight, Leisure Suit Larry, and Quest for Glory, and as the original publisher of Valve's Half-Life series.

After seventeen years as an independent company, Sierra was acquired by CUC International in February 1996 to become part of CUC Software. However, CUC International was caught in an accounting scandal in 1998, and many of the original founders of Sierra including the Williamses left the company. Sierra remained as part of CUC Software as it was sold and renamed several times over the next few years. Sierra was formally disestablished as a company and reformed as a division of this group in August 2004. The former CUC Software group was acquired by Vivendi and branded as Vivendi Games in 2006. The Sierra division continued to operate through Vivendi Games's merger with Activision to form Activision Blizzard on July 10, 2008, but was shut down later that year. The Sierra brand was revived by Activision in 2014 to re-release former Sierra games and some independently developed games.

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King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go YonderMark Seibert & Ken AllenDigital Media31
  • -1990
The Music of IncaGilles DouiebCD15
  • -1992
Sierra Soundtrack CollectionMark SeibertCD20
Sierra Soundtrack CollectionMark SeibertCD20
King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (mixed mode CD)Chris BraymenMixed Mode CD2
Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip OutDan Kehler(unknown)25
NASCAR RacingRachel Bolan & Dave “The Snake” Sabo / The Fat Man and Team FatMixed Mode CD3
Betrayal at KrondorJan Paul MoorheadMixed Mode CD63
The Incredible Machine 2Jan Paul MoorheadMixed Mode CD22
Earthsiege 2LoudmouthMixed Mode CD7
MissionForce: CyberstormLoudmouthMixed Mode CD4
3-D Ultra MinigolfChristopher Stevens & Ken RogersCD18
RCV 100000083348542025103
Cyberstorm 2: Corporate WarsLoudmouthMixed Mode CD5
  • -1998-06
Half-LifeKelly BaileyMixed Mode CD28
  • XW1998-10-31
3-D Ultra MinigolfChristopher Stevens & Kenneth RogersMixed Mode CD18
Caesar IIIRobert Euvino(unknown)0
Gabriel Knight Mysteries SoundtrackRobert HolmesEnhanced CD24
The Original Soundtrack From Raymond E. Feist's Return to KrondorChuck MitchellCD14
  • -1998
StarsiegeLoudmouth2×CD7 + 13
Half-Life: Opposing ForceChris JensenMixed Mode CD20
  • XW1999-10-31
Starsiege: Tribes (1999 Jewel Case Release)Timothy Steven ClarkeMixed Mode CD11
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Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick ObscuraBen HougeDigital Media22
Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick ObscuraBen HougeCD21
Half-LifeKelly BaileyMixed Mode CD28
Half-Life: Blue ShiftChris JensenMixed Mode CD20
Half-Life (UK Release)Kelly BaileyMixed Mode CD28
Half-Life: Blue Shift (UK Release)Chris JensenMixed Mode CD20
Half-Life: Opposing Force (UK Release)Chris JensenMixed Mode CD20
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher BayGustaf GrefbergDigital Media17
  • XW2004-06-21
Caesar IV: Original Game Music ScoreKeith Zizza2×CD11 + 10
  • XW2006-11-14
Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick ObscuraBen HougeDigital Media21
La Valse des invisiblesKalashCD13
  • FR2012-02-27
King's Quest 8: Mask of Eternity SoundtrackBen Houge7×(unknown)6 + 15 + 7 + 4 + 4 + 1 + 7