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Disky Catalog: Disky don't have an online product catalog but a Disky cataloger has produced the following which lists box-set components, EANs etc: http://www.samplerinfos.de/samplerkatalog.php

NOTE: Box sets released by this label often have extra individual barcodes for every disc in the set. For the time being, releases can only store the barcode of the box set, so please make use of the release annotation, noting down the rest. Thank you.

Annotation last modified on 2014-02-07 20:50 UTC.


Koe in de wei / Zonder eindTegenlicht7" Vinyl2
Disk 1001[none]
Kerst met jou / Mijn kerstcadeauGeorge Callee7" Vinyl2
DIS 1033[none]
Dat bruine cafe / SprookjesDe Spoetniks7" Vinyl2
Disk 1019[none]
Vele mooie jaren / Santa MariaHerman Lippinkhof7" Vinyl2
Disk 1092
SamenElly en RikkertCD25