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The Hello Recording Club (also known as The Hello CD of the Month Club) was a subscription-only record company run by John Flansburgh between 1993 and 1997. The Hello Recording Club released ten CD singles by different bands per year. The singles were recorded exclusively for the Hello Recording Club. As of April 1997 the Hello Recording Club has officially gone out of business. Shut its doors. Kaput. Some copies of each year's selections are still available. Call +1-800-HELLO-41 (+1-800-435-5641) for ordering information or write PO Box 551, Palisades, NY 10964. Going out of business. Last chance to buy. Limited stock.

You can also contact The Hello Recording Club by sending e-mail to <>.

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Hello Recording Club 1993-03Brian DewanCD4HEL-33[none]
Hello Recording Club 1993-04The NeloriesCD4HEL-34
Hello Recording Club 1993-05Flat Old WorldCD4HEL-35
Eugene ChadbourneEugene ChadbourneCD5HEL-37
Prelude to “The Teds”The ResidentsCD4HEL-38[none]
Hello the BandHello the BandCD5HEL-39[none]
Hello Recording Club 1993‐11Frank BlackCD4HEL-311
The Minus FiveThe Minus 5CD4HEL-312-41
1985 DemoThey Might Be GiantsCassette23Hel-T
Hello Recording Club 1994-02PortastaticCD4HEL-42[none]
NYCDrink MeCD5HEL-43[none]
The JicketsThe JicketsCD5HEL-44[none]
Peter StampfelPeter StampfelCD5HEL-45
State SongsJohn LinnellCD5HEL-46[none]
Hello Recording Club 1994-09Brian DewanCD5HEL-49
Insert Tongue HereSpanish FlyCD4HEL-410[none]
Hello Recording Club 1994-11Andy PartridgeCD4HEL-411
Hello Recording Club 1994-12Chaz and the MotorbikesCD4HEL-412
John Flansburgh's Mono PuffMono PuffCD6HEL-53
Hello Recording Club 1995-04My Dad Is DeadCD5HEL-54
Hello Recording Club 1995-06SpondeeCD5HEL-56
Hello Recording Club 1995-07Freedy JohnstonCD5HEL-57
Hello Recording Club 1995-08The CoctailsCD6HEL-58
Philco BendyxPhilco BendyxCD4HEL-59
Hello Recording Club 1995-10Amy Allison & the MaudlinsCD4HEL-510
Hello Recording Club 1995-11Dave SchrammCD4HEL-511
Hello Family Santa SpecialVarious ArtistsCD7HEL-512
Looming in the GloomThe Gothic ArchiesCD5hel-63[none]
Hello Recording Club 1996-04Will RigbyCD5HEL-64
UnsupervisedMono PuffCD13HEL-65[none]
Hello Recording Club 1996-06Soul CoughingCD5HEL-66[none]
Hello Recording Club 1996-07Laura CantrellCD5HEL-67
House of Mayors (misprint)John LinnellCD10hel-68[none]
House of MayorsJohn LinnellCD10hel-68[none]
Hello Recording Club 1996-10You Were SpiralingCD8HEL-610
The Hal Cragin YearsMono PuffCD4hel-611[none]
The Steve Calhoon YearsMono PuffCD4hel-612[none]
Hal Sirowitz (Hello CD Of the Month Club Sept 1996)Hal SirowitzCD22hel 69