Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
eLefant Traks: Food to Eat Music By Various Artists CD 16 ACE002
Ubin.02 Ubin CD 10 ACE003
In on the Deal Explanetary (unknown) 7 ACE006 [none]
The Herd The Herd CD 18 ACE007CD 9329355000055
Imaginary Friends Hermitude 12" Vinyl 7 ACE008EP
An Elefant Never Forgets The Herd CD 16 ACE009 9329355002417
Alleys to Valleys Hermitude CD 13 ACE010
Get It Twisted APSCI CD 14 ACE011
The Elefant Collection, Volume 1 Various Artists CD 15 ACE012
Distant Sense of Random Menace Urthboy CD 13 ACE013 9332727003639
Empty Beats for Lonely Rappers Pasobionic CD 11 ACE015
Unsound System Combat Wombat Vinyl 16 ACE017
Roads to Roma Unkle Ho CD 11 ACE018
Tales of the Drift Hermitude CD 15 ACE019 9332727005237
The Sun Never Sets The Herd CD 15 ACE021 9332727005251
The Sun Never Sets The Herd CD 16 ACE021.5 9332727006333
Trampled: The Elefant Traks Remix Album Various Artists CD 18 ACE023 9332727007415
Bad Education The Tongue CD 5 ACE025
Exit Strategy Astronomy Class CD 17 ACE027 9332727007446
Melbourne Meets Kingston Mista Savona CD 21 ACE029 9332727007637
Circus Maximus Unkle Ho CD 11 ACE031 9332727007644
The Signal Urthboy CD 13 ACE032 9332727007590
The Signal Urthboy Digital Media 14 [none]
Shock & Awe The Tongue CD 11 ACE034 9332727007606
Rare Sightings Hermitude CD 5 ACE036 9332727007620
Summerland The Herd CD 14 ACE039 9332727012921
The Grey Space Horrorshow CD 12 ACE041 9332727013560
Threads Hermitude CD 11 ACE043 9332727013577
Pursuit of Happiness Astronomy Class CD 13 ACE046 9332727013898
Spitshine Urthboy CD 13 ACE051 9332727013867
Spitshine (iTunes Release) Urthboy Digital Media 14 [none]
Spitshine Urthboy Digital Media 13 [none]
Inside Story Horrorshow CD 13 ACE052 9332727013829
Warn the Nation: Reggae Heavyweights Sound the Alarm Mista Savona CD 16 ACE053 9332727016912
Wild Colonial Ozi Batla CD 14 ACE055 9332727016929
Our Song Horrorshow feat. Seth Sentry Digital Media 1 [none]
Alternative Energy The Tongue CD 15 ACE057 9332727016950
Cigarettes Will Kill You Horrorshow feat. Jane Tyrrell Digital Media 1 [none]
Voyager Joelistics CD 13 ACE059 9332727016967
The Seventh Passenger Sietta CD 12 ACE061 9332727016974
Future Shade The Herd CD 12 ACE062 9332727016998
Exclusives Urthboy Digital Media 9 [none]
Next of Kin The Last Kinection CD 17 ACE066
HyperParadise Hermitude CD 13 ACE069 9332727020605
HyperParadise Hermitude Digital Media 14 [none]
The Shining Joelistics CD 7 ACE072 9332727021589
Your Highness EP Sky'high (unknown) 9 ACE074
The Dark Passenger Sietta CD 7 ACE073 9332727021596
Better Alive EP The Herd CD 7 ACE075 9332727021626
Better Alive EP (digital release) The Herd Digital Media 7 [none]
Forever Sky'high Sky'high Digital Media 15 [none]
Parallel Paradise Hermitude Digital Media 6 ACED079 [none]
Face the Fire Jimblah Digital Media 12 ACE081 [none]
Smokey’s Haunt Urthboy CD 12 ACE077 9332727021640
Live at the Spiegeltent Horrorshow Digital Media 13 [none] [none]
Surrender to Victory The Tongue CD 15 ACE084
Smokey's Homies Urthboy CD 8 ACE085 9332727023675
King Amongst Many Horrorshow CD 15 ACE088 9332727023705
Phoenix (clear orange vinyl) Jimblah 12" Vinyl 13 ACE091 9332727023736
Live at the City Recital Hall Angel Place Urthboy Digital Media 8
The Invisible River Sietta CD 11 ACE094 9332727023767
Mekong Delta Sunrise Astronomy Class CD 10 ACE098 9332727028021
Mekong Delta Sunrise Astronomy Class Cassette 18 ACE106
Blue Volume Joelistics (unknown) 12
HyperParadise (Ganz Flip) Hermitude x Flume Digital Media 1 [none]
Mainline One Day CD 14 ONEDAY001 0888750012722
Mekong Delta Sunrise Astronomy Class 12" Vinyl 10 ACE107 9332727028120
Echoes in the Aviary Jane Tyrrell CD 10 ACE102 9332727028045
Echoes in the Aviary Jane Tyrrell (unknown) 11 ACE102
Dark Night Sweet Light Hermitude CD 11 ACE118 9332727032462
Dark Night Sweet Light Hermitude Digital Media 11
The Past Beats Inside Me Like a Second Heartbeat Urthboy (unknown) 12 ACE140
BECOME L‐FRESH The LION (unknown) 11 ACE144
Bardo State Horrorshow CD 15 ACE158 9332727036880
Area Famous B Wise CD 13
Parallel Paradise EP Hermitude CD 6 [none]