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A Cellar Full of Noise
Altamont Super-Highway Revisited
Amazing New Product
Astral America
Bad Chemistry
Best Foot Forward
Beware of the Dog
Bulletproof Blues
Canal Heist
Carrera Rapida
Check Your Ego
Children of the Future
City Delirious
Cruel Summer
Diamonds in the Sidewalk
Disco Sucks
Dude Descending a Staircase
Electric Hairdo
Electro Glide in Blue
Electronic Civil Disobedience
Escape to Beyond the Planet of the Super Ape
Film Me & Finish Me Off
Gotta Get Thru This
Hold My Hand
How Deep Is Your Love (Calvin Harris and Disciples song)
Hustler Groove
I Can't Help It
I Do
I Heard a Rumour
I Need Something Stronger
I Want You Back
It's Panoramic
Liquid Cool
Millennium Fever
More Than Physical
N’existe pas
No More
No Promises
Omega Point
Pain in Any Language
Pain Is a Close Up
Push Button Cocktail
Raw Power
Rebel Without a Cause
Rock Steady Romance
Rope, Rapture & The Rising Sun
Rough Justice
Rude Boy Rock
Rumble / Spirit of America
Scatter & Swing
She’s on the Train
Something’s Got to Give
Stealth Mass in F#m
Stealth Overture
Stealth Requiem
Stop the Rock
Suitcase ’88
Tears of the Gods
Time Is Running Out
Vanishing Point
Wet Roads Glisten
White Man's Throat