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Polydor logo evolution since 1924: http://logos.wikia.com/wiki/Polydor_Records

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  • this is the only Polydor imprint to be used globally regardless of the country of release. do not confuse this imprint with national subsidiary companies which invariably would be named as rights holders of the release.
  • do not create national versions of this imprint; none exist.
  • if you have any doubts, or think the Polydor you have in hand should be filed separately, ask for help.

Please be aware, though, that Polydor was also a distributor for many smaller labels, and such releases usually should not be filed under Polydor. Be sure to read the documentation about labels for more about all that.


Polydor was originally founded as a branch of Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft, as an export label, first used in 1924, and will still be used for that until the end of the LPs.

Polydor introduced its well known design in 1954, and during the 60s signed such artists as Tony Sheridan and the soon to become The Beatles (then signed to Parlophone).

Polydor merged with Phonogram Records in 1972 and gave birth to PolyGram in the United States, the Polydor imprint still being used as a subsidiary label under Polygram, though progressively shadowed by Mercury (another Polygram imprint), and started declining during the 90s.

As of 1994, it was axed and most of its assets moved under the PolyGram Label Group, soon to be moved again under Island Records.

At that time, Polydor and Atlas briefly merged as "Polydor/Atlas", before becoming Polydor again in 1995, this time under A&M Records, just to slowly sink.

The Seagrams merge occurred in 1998, and as a consequence Polydor operations in the United States were discontinued - the continental branch still operating under A&M and Interscope. The American back catalog before 1998 on the other hand was handled directly by Universal Records, and the Polydor imprint in the US is used for 60s and 70s reissues.

Polydor is still very vivid in the UK, and recently launched Fascination Records, dedicated to pop music. Fascination artists include Girls Aloud, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Jonas Brothers, Lee Mead & The Saturdays.

Note that the company name was parodied in "This Is Spinal Tap", as "Polymer Records".

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Wie heeft die arme neger zwart gemaakt ?Duo Hofmann10" Vinyl2
  • -1929
H 45132
Points roses / Un instant d'infiniNina Rette et son trio ‘Hot’10" Vinyl2
Mon cœur reste près de toi / [unknown]Nina Rette et son trio ‘Hot’10" Vinyl2
La Julie jolie / Va danserÉdith Piaf10" Shellac2