Capitol PunishmentCapitol PunishmentVinyl4WB 006
Something to ProveSpermbirds12" Vinyl14WB 011
Kein schlaf bis DeutschlandAttitude12" Vinyl5WB 021, WE BITE 021[none]
Perpetuum MobileJingo de LunchCD11WB 027CD4013859602727
Cries of the InsaneThe Idiots12" Vinyl10WE BITE 020
To Whom It May ConcernAttitude12" Vinyl3WB 0389788001685594
PowertripLudichristCD13WB 035 CD
Something to Prove / Nothing Is EasySpermbirdsCD28WB 01131 CD[none]
SomedayPolitical Asylum12" Vinyl7WB 018[none]
Nothing Is EasySpermbirds12" Vinyl14WB 031
More Dead Cops 1981-1987MDC12" Vinyl13WB 033[none]
Little DreamerNegazioneCD9
Little DreamerNegazione12" Vinyl9
Station of LifeThe Idiots12" Vinyl10WE BITE 048
Metal Devil CokesMDCCD163-110-24013859611026
Sehet, Welch Ein Mensch!Schließmuskel12" Vinyl13WB 045, WE BITE 045
1986-89SchließmuskelCD36WB 045244 CD4014234104522
Break Down the Walls / Can't Close My EyesYouth of TodayCD22WB 05253
Start TodayGorilla BiscuitsVinyl14WB 054
Start TodayGorilla BiscuitsCD14WE BITE 054 CD
Behind the DoorNegazioneVinyl4
Behind the Door/Sempre in bilicoNegazioneCD6
Sempre in bilicoNegazioneVinyl2
Wild Bunch: The Early DaysNegazioneCD18
Wild Bunch: The Early DaysNegazione12" Vinyl18
Station of Life / Cries of the InsaneThe IdiotsCD20WB 04820 CD[none]
Weniger Fett, mehr Muskeln!Schließmuskel12" Vinyl8WB 066
100%Negazione12" Vinyl8WB 071
100%NegazioneCD9WB 071CD
ThoughtsErosionCD8WE BITE 058
Wer frisst wen?EmilsCD11WE BITE 072CD[none]
We Bite LiveEmils(unknown)17WB 076CD4014234107622
Gorilla Biscuits (we bite records, german release)Gorilla BiscuitsCD12WB 077CD[none]
SupermodelsPeter and the Test Tube BabiesCD15WB 1-139-24014234113920
Blast FurnanceSlapshotCD6WB 2-098-2
Messiah ComplexCapitol PunishmentCD12WB 2-102-24013859610227
Good For NowMurphy’s LawCD5WB 2-108-24013859610821
Live at SO36Slapshot12" Vinyl14WB 2-111-14013859611118
Pet SummerThe RichiesCD21We Bite 1-106-24013859610623
NailedFilthy ChristiansCD31-096-24013859609627
End It!NeglectCD52-113-24013859611323
EverlastingRefusedCD7WB 3-119-24014234311920
Police TerrorRawsideCD164014234113326
AsphyxiaOptimum Wound ProfileCD11WB 1-120-24014234112022
SolaceSFACD12WB 2-141-2
Punk JunkiesGBH(unknown)1751211-2021075121124
Stampin' GroundStampin’ GroundCD6WB 1-148-2[none]
HardcorientalMegalomaniaxCD12WB 1-150-24014234115023
Can of WormsBraindance12" Vinyl12WB 1-159-1
Keepin It Real25 ta LifeCD6WB 2-137-2
SolaceSFA12" Vinyl12WB 2-141-1
Songs to Fan the Flames of DiscontentRefusedCD12W B 3-143-24014234314327
Five Year PlanAbscondedCD154014234116228
Demons Run AmokStampin’ GroundCD11WB 1-169-2
Songs 'bout Sex and Beer and PunkrockFuneral DressCD20WB 1-174-2
Nobody Like(s) UsTapsi Turtles(unknown)10
MurderThe VarukersCD15WB 1-165-24014234116525
Punk! Live & Loud!Funeral DressCD20WB 1-178-2
The Final NailPeter and the Test Tube BabiesCD24WB 1-1854014234118529
Smoke SignalsMDCCD15WB 3-155-24014234315522
Circle of TortureGrowing MovementCD12CD610724013859610722
UmbeCourt Jester’s CrewCD11WB 1-171-24014234117126
More Dead Cops 1981-1987MDCCD13WB 3-033-2
Millions of Dead CopsMDCCD14WB 3-109-24013859610920