Live At NyonBeaver Harris 360° Music Experience With Grachan Moncur, Ken McIntyre, Ron Burton, Cameron Brown12" Vinyl4
CJR 1002
NegcaumongusBeaver HarrisVinyl2
CJR 1003[none]
SkizokeThe Frank Lowe Sextet12" Vinyl6
CJR 1007
Spirit MusicMarilyn Crispell12" Vinyl4
CJR 1015
Borbeto JamBorbetomagus12" Vinyl4
CJR 1026[none]
ScenarioJoe Locke12" Vinyl6
CJR 1034
Setting The StandardEllery Eskelin With Drew Gress, Phil Haynes12" Vinyl7
CJR 1044
DreamlandDarrell Katz, Jazz Composers Alliance OrchestraCD8
CJR 1053
Covert ChoreographyMichael Bisio & Michael Bisio QuintetCD4
  • US1996-09-03
48 Motives, January 11, 1996Scott Fields EnsembleCD1
CJR 1064
Nightbird InventionsDominic DuvalCD13
CJR 1072786497302529
Bendito Of Santa CruzIvo Perelman With Matthew ShippCD10
CJR 1076786497309726
No TrainSteuart Liebig / Vinny Golia / Billy MintzCD6
CJR 1086
Ikosa MuraFrode Gjerstad QuartetCD7
CJR 1089786497334827
BorealisFrode Gjerstad and the Circulasione Totale OrchestraCD5
CJR 1091786497335022
Qu'a: Live At The Irridium Vol.1Cecil Taylor QuartetCD1
CJR 1092786497331123
Qu'a Yuba: Live At The Iridium Vol.2Cecil Taylor QuartetCD1
CJR 1098
Live In ConcertDominic Duval's String Ensemble, Joe McPhee, Mark WhitecageCD7
CJR 1097
Invisible TouchFrode Gjerstad and Peter BrötzmannCD7
CJR 1099
Interludes of Breath and SubstanceMatthew Goodheart with Leo SmithCD11
CJR 1100786497373420
The Dream BookJoe McPhee / Dominic DuvalCD7
CJR 1105786497371426
RaptureTrio X With Special Guest Rosi HertleinCD3
CJR 1106786497371525
UltimaFrode Gjerstad TrioCD1
CJR 1108786497399925
CrossingsMatthew Goodheart & Dominic DuvalCD8
CJR 1110
Over the EdgeTom DeSteno - Bob MagnusonCD10
CJR 11130786497401321
Cries And WhispersDominic Duval QuintetCD7
CJR 1111
Voluminous VentureMasashi Harada & Barre PhillipsCD9
CJR 1128786497448425
AntipodesSteuart Liebig / Vinny Golia / Billy MintzCD6
CJR 1129
No(w) MusicAdam Lane’s Full Throttle OrchestraCD8
CJR 1133
On Tour...Toronto/RochesterTrio-XCD5
CJR 1134786497468027
Caramel Topped TerrierDavid Haney QuartetCD12
CJR 1136786497478125
Jazz FussionVarious Artists(unknown)12
  • MX2002-01-01
The Welsh ChapelFrode Gjerstad With John Edwards & Mark SandersCD5
CJR 11610786497524921
All The NotesCecil TaylorCD3
CJR 1169786497545421
In the Stillhouse (live)The Slam TrioCD3
CJR 1185786497566020
In FinlandJoe McPhee - Matthew Shipp - Dominic DuvalCD3
CJR 1186786497565221
Live From Jazz CentralDavid Haney QuartetCD9
CJR 1224
StoriesJazz Composers Alliance OrchestraCD8
  • -2011
CJR 1244
Steve Swell’s Nation of We: The Business of Here… Live at RouletteSteve SwellCD1
(Double Bass) Dedicated to...Don MessinaCD15
CJR 1261786497601424