Telstar Records (UK, mostly compilations)

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Founded in the early 1980s. Originally specialised in mainstream compilations that were advertised on UK television and radio.
With additional backing from BMG/RCA, it diversified in the 1990s into signing and developing artists, such as Victoria Beckham and Craig David. A number of the signings were commercially unsuccessful, leading to financial difficulties and a drastic trimming of the roster. Since it had no real back catalogue to speak of, BMG declined to buy the debt-ridden company and it closed in 2004.
A sublabel called Telstar TV had been used primarily for the release of the "Hits" series, which failed to match the success of the rival "Now That's What I Call Music!" franchise, so the "Hits" brand was also discontinued. The controllers of BMG UK decided to keep the bulk of their telemarketed compilations in-house from then on, often using the BMG TV brand.

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De Bobbejaan Story, 2Bobbejaan Schoepen12" Vinyl12
TF 13042 TL
Direct HitsVarious ArtistsCassette20
STAC 2226[none]
Chart AttackVarious ArtistsCassette20
STAR 2221[none]
Superchart 83, Volume OneVarious ArtistsCassette14
STAC 2236A, STAC 2236 A[none]
Superchart 83, Volume TwoVarious ArtistsCassette16
STAC 2236B, STAC 2236 B[none]
18 Greatest HitsMichael Jackson + The Jackson 512" Vinyl18
STAR 2232[none]
Greatest HitsMarvin Gaye12" Vinyl16
STAR 2234[none]
Portrait - All Her Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2Diana Ross2×12" Vinyl16 + 14
STAR 2238, STAR 2238A, STAR 2238B
Portrait: Her Greatest Hits, Volume 1Diana RossVinyl16
TC 2238 A
Portrait: Her Greatest Hits, Volume 2Diana RossVinyl14
TC 2238 B
Share the Italian Love of MusicVarious ArtistsCD12
The Very Best of Chris De BurghChris de BurghVinyl14
The Man: The Best of Elvis CostelloElvis Costello12" Vinyl18
STAR 2247[none]
”Crackers” The Slade Christmas Party AlbumSlade12" Vinyl16
  • GB1985-11-18
STAR 2271
Amazing GraceJudy CollinsCD16
The Prince’s Trust CollectionVarious Artists2×Cassette10 + 10
STAC 2275[none]
The Very Best of CommodoresCommodores12" Vinyl16
STAR 2249[none]
Party Party 2Black Lace12" Vinyl23
STAR 2266[none]
Beyond the PlanetsJeff Wayne · Rick Wakeman · Kevin PeekCD8
TCD 2244[none]
The Man: The Best of Elvis CostelloElvis CostelloCD18
TCD 2247
The Very Best OfChris de BurghCD14
TCD 2248[none]
Love SongsStevie WonderCD16
TCD 2251
CollectionJohn DenverCD16
TCD 2253
BalladsElvis PresleyCD18
TCD 22645014469312647
The Greatest Hits of 1985Various Artists2×12" Vinyl15 + 15
Masterpieces: The Very Best of SkySkyCD13
TCD 2241[none]
Portrait: Her Greatest Hits, Volume 1Diana RossCD16
TCD 2238 A
Portrait: Her Greatest Hits, Volume 2Diana RossCD14
TCD 2238 B
The VoiceJoe CockerCD16
TCD 22585014469522589
The Greatest HitsBonnie TylerCD16
TCD 22915014469312913
Classic RockLondon Symphony OrchestraCD10
  • -1986
TCD 60015014469360013
Classic Rock 2 - The Second MovementThe London Symphony OrchestraCD10
  • -1986
TCD 60025014469360051
Classic Rock 5 - Rock SymphoniesLondon Symphony OrchestraCD12
TCD 60055014469360020
The Very Best of Elkie BrooksElkie BrooksCD16
The Greatest HitsTom JonesCD18
  • GB1987-05-01
TCD 22965014469522961
The Royal ConcertVarious Artists2×CD13 + 12
The Dance ChartVarious ArtistsCassette16
STAC 2285
Tracks of My TearsVarious ArtistsCassette16
STAC 22955014469322950
Best Of: Soldier of FortuneThin LizzyCassette16
STAC 23005014469323001
Always and ForeverVarious ArtistsCassette16
STAC 23015014469323018
The CollectionBread and David GatesCassette16
STAC 23035014469323032
Solid SoulVarious ArtistsCassette20
STAC 23045014469323049
Memories: The Best of Elaine PaigeElaine PaigeCassette16
STAC 23135014469323131
Dance ▷ Mix ▷ ’87: 60 Non‐Stop Mega‐Mix HitsVarious Artists2×Cassette30 + 30
STAC 2314A, STAC 2314B5014469423145
Life in the Fast LaneVarious ArtistsCassette16
STAC 23155014469323155
Across the Tracks: The Best of Willie NelsonWillie NelsonCassette16
STAC 23175014469323179
Freak Out - The Greatest Hits of Chic and Sister SledgeVarious ArtistsCassette16
STAC 23195014469323193
The Dance ChartVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
STAR 22855014469122857
Best Of: Soldier of FortuneThin Lizzy12" Vinyl16
STAR 23005014469123007
Always and ForeverVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
STAR 23015014469123014
The CollectionBread and David Gates12" Vinyl16
STAR 23035014469123038
Solid SoulVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
STAR 23045014469123045
C’mon C’mon - The Gary Glitter Party AlbumGary Glitter12" Vinyl16
STAR 23105014469123106
Memories: The Best of Elaine PaigeElaine Paige12" Vinyl16
STAR 23135014469123137
Life in the Fast LaneVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
STAR 23155014469123151
Across the Tracks: The Best of Willie NelsonWillie Nelson12" Vinyl16
STAR 23175014469123175
Freak Out - The Greatest Hits of Chic and Sister SledgeVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
STAR 23195014469123199
The Dance ChartVarious ArtistsCD16
TCD 22855014469522855
The Best of Rock LegendsVarious ArtistsCD16
TCD 22905014469522909
Tracks of My TearsVarious ArtistsCD16
TCD 22955014469522954
The Very Best of Steely DanSteely DanCD14
TCD 22975014469522978
Love SongsDiana Ross and Michael JacksonCD16
TCD 22985014469522985
The Love SongsRandy CrawfordCD16
TCD 22995014469522992
Best Of: Soldier of FortuneThin LizzyCD17
TCD 23005014469523005
Always and ForeverVarious ArtistsCD16
TCD 23015014469523012
The CollectionBread and David GatesCD16
TCD 23035014469523036
Solid SoulVarious ArtistsCD20
TCD 23045014469523043
Songs From the Stage & ScreenMichael CrawfordCD11
TCD 23085014469523081
Memories: The Best of Elaine PaigeElaine PaigeCD16
TCD 23135014469523135
Dance Mix ’87: 40 Non-Stop Mega-Mix HitsVarious ArtistsCD40
TCD 23145014469523142
Life in the Fast LaneVarious ArtistsCD16
TCD 23155014469523159
Across the Tracks: The Best of Willie NelsonWillie NelsonCD16
TCD 23175014469523173
Freak Out - The Greatest Hits of Chic and Sister SledgeVarious ArtistsCD16
TCD 23195014469523197
House Hits '88Various ArtistsCD20
  • GB1988-11-07
TCD 23475014469123472
Absolute ABBAABBA2×CD12 + 12
TCD 23295014469523296
Classical MasterpiecesLondon Symphony OrchestraCassette8
The Greatest LoveVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15
Set TCD 2316, CD1 TCD 2316 A, CD2 TCD 2316 B5014469693166
Love SongsVarious ArtistsCassette16
STAC 23315014469323315
From the HeartDaniel O’Donnell12" Vinyl16
STAR 23275014469123274
Love SongsVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
STAR 23315014469123311
From the HeartDaniel O’DonnellCD16
TCD 2327
Hyperactive! The 12″ Dance AlbumVarious Artists2×CD10 + 11
TCD 23285014469693289
The Legendary Roy OrbisonRoy OrbisonCD20
TCD 23305014469523302
The Legendary Roy OrbisonRoy OrbisonCD20
TCD 23305014469523302
Love SongsVarious ArtistsCD16
TCD 23315014469523319
The Greatest Hits of 1988Various Artists2×CD15 + 15
TCD 23345014469693340
…and the Beat Goes On! 34 Dance Hits of the 70’sVarious Artists2×CD17 + 17
TCD 23385014469693388
Instrumental GreatsVarious ArtistsCD20
TCD 23415014469523418
Moments (20 Romantic Standards of the '40s and '50s)Various ArtistsCD20
TCD 23425014469523425
The Heart & Soul of Rock & RollVarious Artists2×CD23 + 22
TCD 23515014469523517
Masters of the Blues: The Best of Muddy WatersMuddy WatersCD18
Coming Alive AgainBarbara DicksonCassette12
  • GB1989-04-24
TCD 2349
The Greatest Love, Volume IIIVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15
  • GB1989-10-01
TCD 23845014469623842
The Awards 1989Various Artists2×CD12 + 14
TCD 23465014469523463
Jazz GreatsVarious Artists2×CD12 + 12
IFS 002
Story of the 80’sVarious Artists2×CD12 + 12
IFS 003
Jive Bunny: The AlbumJive Bunny & the MastermixersCD8
MRCD 3153[none]
Protect the InnocentVarious Artists2×Cassette16 + 14
STAC 2363
Jive Bunny: The AlbumJive Bunny & the MastermixersCassette8
Deep Heat 3: The Third DegreeVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
STAR 23645014469123649