Telstar Records (UK, mostly compilations)

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Founded in the early 1980s. Originally specialised in mainstream compilations that were advertised on UK television and radio.
With additional backing from BMG/RCA, it diversified in the 1990s into signing and developing artists, such as Victoria Beckham and Craig David. A number of the signings were commercially unsuccessful, leading to financial difficulties and a drastic trimming of the roster. Since it had no real back catalogue to speak of, BMG declined to buy the debt-ridden company and it closed in 2004.
A sublabel called Telstar TV had been used primarily for the release of the "Hits" series, which failed to match the success of the rival "Now That's What I Call Music!" franchise, so the "Hits" brand was also discontinued. The controllers of BMG UK decided to keep the bulk of their telemarketed compilations in-house from then on, often using the BMG TV brand.

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De Bobbejaan Story, 2Bobbejaan Schoepen12" Vinyl12
TF 13042 TL
Direct HitsVarious ArtistsCassette20
STAC 2226[none]
Chart AttackVarious ArtistsCassette20
STAR 2221[none]
Superchart 83, Volume OneVarious ArtistsCassette14
STAC 2236A, STAC 2236 A[none]
Superchart 83, Volume TwoVarious ArtistsCassette16