The Most Beautiful Girl in the WorldPrinceCD2008347251420
The Most Beautiful Girl in the WorldPrinceCD2170 8123229261708129
1‒800‒NEW‒FUNK (2nd release)Various ArtistsCD110060512NPG782124605124
The Beautiful Experience (foldout butterfly cover)PrinceCD70060212NPG782124602123
The Beautiful ExperiencePrinceCD7338182099923381822
1-800-NEW-FUNKVarious ArtistsCD11BR 71006-2
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Staxowax)PrinceCD2BR 72516-2008347251628
The Most Beautiful Girl in the WorldPrinceCD2D117359399601173529
The Most Beautiful Girl in the WorldPrinceCD2NPG 6015-5782124601553
Standing at the Altar / 17Margie Cox / MadhouseCD3NPG 6066-5782124606657
The Gold ExperiencePrinceCD18093624599920
The Good LifeThe New Power Generation(unknown)6
ExodusThe New Power GenerationCD210061032NPG/6103-2NPG782124610326
Get WildThe New Power Generation(unknown)30061045NPG / NPG 6104-5782124610456
Drum FeverJacob ArmenCD100061462NPG0098806146244
Gold (cd2)PrinceCD39362-43571-2093624357124
The Gold ExperiencePrinceCD189362-45999-2093624599920
The Gold ExperiencePrinceCD189 45999-2[none]
Child of the SunMayteCD12edel0061622NPG4009880616222
I Hate UPrinceCD5WO315CD093624357421
Child of the SunMayteCD12
The Gold ExperiencePrinceCD18093624599920
EmancipationPrince3×CD12 + 12 + 127243 8 54982 2 0724385498220
EmancipationPrince3×CD12 + 12 + 12E2-55063724385506321
EmancipationPrince3×CD12 + 12 + 1254982-2724385498220
Betcha by Golly Wow! / Right Back Here in My ArmsPrinceCD27243 8 83560 2 2724388356022
Betcha by Golly Wow! / Right Back Here in My ArmsPrinceCD28 83561 2724388356121
EmancipationPrince3×CD12 + 12 + 12E2 54982724385498220
The Holy River (CD 2) (CD 2)PrinceCD47243 8 83760 2 0, UK: CDEM 467724388376020
KamasutraThe NPG OrchestraCassette11[none]
The Holy River (CD 1) (CD 1)PrinceCD47243 8 83724 2 8724388372428
The TruthPrinceCD2
Crystal BallPrince4×CD10 + 10 + 10 + 12
Newpower SoulNew Power GenerationCD4974321605982
Come 2 My HouseChaka KhanCD14
Come OnPrinceCD374321 63472 2
GCS2000Graham Central StationCD10[none]789577033429
Newpower SoulPrince & The New Power GenerationCD49785337987223
Newpower SoulPrince & The New Power GenerationCD11785337987223
The WarPrince & The New Power GenerationCD1
1999 (The New Master)PrinceCD77 85337-1999-2 3785337199923
The Greatest Romance Ever SoldPrince7" Vinyl474321-74500-2
U Make My Sun ShinePrinceCD2
The Rainbow ChildrenPrinceCD1570004-2674797000422
The Rainbow ChildrenPrinceCD1470004-2674797000422
The Rainbow ChildrenPrinceCD2170004-2674797000422
The Rainbow ChildrenPrinceCD2170004-23596971814823
U Make My Sun ShinePrinceCD4WS-00102797683001027
One Nite Alone… Live!Prince & The New Power Generation3×CD10 + 17 + 92193-CD-0214 + 0215785337707029
One Nite Alone... Live!Prince & The New Power Generation2×CD10 + 17[none]
One Nite AlonePrinceDigital Media10[none]
One Nite Alone... The Aftershow : It Ain't Over!Prince & The New Power GenerationCD9[none]
Live at the Aladdin Las Vegas (Concert Film)PrinceDVD-Video15B0000995-09602498606315
C-NotePrinceDigital Media6
C-Note (Tidal Release)PrinceDigital Media5
Black SweatPrinceCD20602498541043602498541043
Black SweatPrinceEnhanced CD3MCSTD40457602498549742
UltimatePrinceDigital Media28[none]
Planet Earth (Mail on Sunday newspaper promotional release)PrinceCD10PRINCEUP1[none]
Planet EarthPrinceCD1088697 12970 2886971297027
Indigo NightsPrinceCD159781416554448
MplsoundPrinceDigital Media9[none][none]
Lotusflow3rPrinceDigital Media12
Lotusflow3r / MPLSoUND / Elixer (Target deluxe edition)Prince3×CD12 + 9 + 1007541 09549707541095495
SuperconductorAndy AlloDigital Media9[none]
SuperconductorAndy AlloCD9
3rdeyegirlPrinceDigital Media20
The Breakfast ExperiencePrinceDigital Media5[none]
Da BourgeoisiePrinceDigital Media1[none]
PretzelbodylogicPrince & 3rdEyeGirlDigital Media1
The BreakdownPrince(unknown)1
The BreakdownPrinceDigital Media1[none]
CLOUDSPrinceDigital Media1[none]
Art Official AgePrinceCD139362-49333-0093624933304
PlectrumelectrumPrince & 3RDEYEGIRLCD129362493335, 9362-49333-5093624933359
PlectrumElectrumPrince & 3rdEyeGirl12" Vinyl122-545610093624933311
PlectrumElectrumPrince & 3rdEyeGirlCD12545610-2093624933359
Art Official AgePrinceCD13545612-2093624933304
BaltimorePrince feat. Eryn Allen Kane(unknown)1[none]
HITnRUN Phase OnePrinceDigital Media11[none]
HITnRUN Phase OnePrinceCD11860596000217
HITnRUN Phase OnePrinceCD11860596000217
Free UrselfPrinceDigital Media1[none]
If Eye Could Get Ur AttentionPrinceDigital Media1
HITnRUN Phase TwoPrinceCD12798576868321
Joy in Repetition (SOH live)PrinceDigital Media1