Fourth and Broadway

Initially a UK label, a division of Island Records. Had a US offshoot 4th & B'way, the logo of which was confusingly used on some UK/European releases.

UK releases tend to have BR cats and 0422 EANs.
US has 0162-44

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Din Daa DaaGeorge Kranz12" Vinyl312 BRW 110
Master of the MixWarp 97" Vinyl2BRW 11
Run‐D.M.C.Run‐D.M.C.Cassette9BRCA 506
Run‐D.M.C.Run‐D.M.C.12" Vinyl9BRLP 506
King of RockRun‐D.M.C.12" Vinyl312 BRW 21
Thinking About Your LoveSkipworth & Turner12" Vinyl312 BRW 23
CashmereCashmere12" Vinyl8BRLP 503
King of RockRun‐D.M.C.12" Vinyl9BRLP 504
Skipworth & TurnerSkipworth & TurnerVinyl7BRLP 508
Go Go Crankin'Various Artists12" Vinyl10BWAY 4001
Seventh Heaven (US Remix)Gwen Guthrie12" Vinyl312 BRW 52
We'll Be Right Back (Hard Sell)Steinski & Mass Media12" Vinyl412BRWX59, 12 BRWX 595014474830594
Eric B. Is President / My MelodyEric B. featuring Rakim12" Vinyl4BWAY-431
We'll Be Right BackSteinski & Mass Media12" Vinyl4BWAY 434
Paid in FullEric B. & Rakim12" Vinyl312 BRC 78
Let's Start OverMiles Jaye12" Vinyl312 BRW 81
Paid in FullEric B. & RakimVinyl3609 4724007196094727
Paid in FullEric B. & Rakim12" Vinyl3609 4724007196094727
Paid in FullEric B. & Rakim7" Vinyl2BRW 78
TeardropsWomack & Womack7" Vinyl2111 5424007191115427
Know HowYoung M.C.12" Vinyl412BRW 120
Let's Play It CoolSteinski and Mass Media12" Vinyl412BRW84
Friends and CountrymenThe Wild Bunch12" Vinyl312 BRW 98
So GoodMica Paris12" Vinyl10209 2854007192092857
TeardropsWomack & Womack12" Vinyl3611 5424007196115422
TeardropsWomack & WomackCD4661 5424007196615427
Missionaries MovingGettovetts12" Vinyl6BRLP 521
Beat DisBomb The Bass12" Vinyl4PRO 462
I Want Your LovePaul Rutherford12" Vinyl312 BRW 1245014474012464
Test Of TimeWill Downing12" Vinyl412 BRW 146
Touch Me (Sexual version)49ers12" Vinyl212 BRW 157
Come Together as OneWill Downing12" Vinyl312 BRW 159, 876 765-1042287676516
Funky Cold Medina (Remix)Tone Loc12" Vinyl412 BRX 129
Beyond the 16th ParallelBlack Rhyme Organisation To Help Equal Rights12" Vinyl3440 502-0016244050206
Rhythm KillersSly & RobbieCD6842 785-2042284278522
Wild ThingTone‐LōcCD4BRCD 121
Where Is the LoveMica Paris & Will DowningCD4BRCD 122
Touch Me49ersCD3BRCD 157
Principal’s OfficeYoung M.C.CD4BRCD 161042287672525
Straight Outta Compton (explicit)N.W.ACD13BRCD 5345014474053429
Stone Cold Rhymin’Young M.C.CD12BRCD 540042284237529
BlastKonk12" Vinyl3BWAY 480
I Like ItDino(unknown)2BWAY 7483
My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz StyleDream Warriors12" Vinyl412 BRW 197, 878 561-1, 878561-1042287856116
Justice (To the Bass)Skatemaster Tate12" Vinyl412 BRW 185
South Of The RiverMica Paris12" Vinyl412 BRW 199042287860915
My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz StyleDream Warriors12" Vinyl4162-440 526-1 DJ[none]
New Funky NationBoo‐Yaa T.R.I.B.E.CD11260 5994007192605996
Radio MoroccoPulse 8 Featuring Jah Wobble & Justin Adams12" Vinyl3440 504-0 DJ
Psy-ko FunkBoo Yaa Tribe12" Vinyl4440 510-0016244051005
Rebel Soul / Face The BassIsis12" Vinyl2440 513-0 DJ
Wash Your Face in My SinkDream Warriors12" Vinyl4440 516-0[none]
Elevate My MindStereo MC's12" Vinyl3440 519-1 DJ
To the East, BlackwardsX-Clan12" Vinyl11444 019-4
Rhythms In MeRobert OwensCD10444 022-2016244402227
Jungle BassBootsy’s Rubber Band12" Vinyl4444 023-1
Stereo MC'sStereo MC's12" Vinyl5444 026-1016244402616
For All The King's MenMaceo12" Vinyl5444 027-1
Rebel SoulIsis12" Vinyl10444 030-1016244403019
SupernaturalStereo MC’s12" Vinyl14444 032-1016244403217
AmeriKKKa’s Most WantedIce CubeCD4878 037-2, BRCD 192042287803721
SupernaturalStereo MC’sCD16BRCD 556016244403224
ContributionMica ParisCD14BRCD568
Justice (To the Bass)Skatemaster Tate7" Vinyl2BRW 185042287815472
My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz StyleDream Warriors7" Vinyl2BRW 197
New Funky NationBoo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.12" Vinyl11BWAY 4017016244401718
Let 'Em OutMaceo12" Vinyl3PR 515-0
Niggaz4LifeN.W.ACD18BRCD 562042284892223
Niggaz4Life (Vinyl release)N.W.A12" Vinyl15BRLP 562
Real LoveDriza Bone12" Vinyl312 BRW 223
Catch the FireDriza Bone12" Vinyl312 BRW 232042286898711
The World Is A GhettoWill Downing12" Vinyl312 BRX 211
Lost In MusicStereo MC's12" Vinyl4162 440 534-1 DJ016244053412
And Now the Legacy BeginsDream Warriors12" Vinyl15162-444 037-1, 162-444-037-1016244403712
Fuse II - World Dance MusicVarious ArtistsCD12162 444 039-2016244403927
And Now the Legacy BeginsDream Warriors12" Vinyl15211 3124007192113125
Cool Hand LōcTone‐LōcCD11261 4654007192614653
All Through the NightTone‐LōcCD46649184007196649187
All Through the NightTone‐LōcCD46649184007196649187
And Now the Legacy BeginsDream WarriorsCD16846 861-2, BRCD 560042284686129
LudiDream WarriorsCD4BRCD 206042287887721
Alwayz Into Somethin’N.W.ACD3BRCD238042286621722
Steady Mobbin'Ice CubeCD4BRCD 239042286635323
Television, the Drug of the NationThe Disposable Heroes of HiphoprisyCD4BRCD 241042286646725
The Rebirth of CoolVarious ArtistsCD15BRCD 563042284848022
KenyattaKenyattaCD12BRCDX 568
Death CertificateIce CubeCD18IMCD 232 510 656-2731451065620
The HitmanDouble JCD12
Living Inside a DreamNightcrawlersCD4866 909-2042286690926
ConnectedStereo MC’sCD12BRCD 589731451274329
The Skills Dat Pay da BillsPositive KCD16BRCD 598
Live TelevisionThe Disposable Heroes of HiphoprisyCD4BRCDX 241042286483122
As Long as We're AroundDodge City Productions feat. Ghida de Palma12" Vinyl312 BRW 261 DJ
The Hill That’s RealVarious ArtistsCD10162-444 051-2016244405129
Hypocrisy Is the Greatest LuxuryThe Disposable Heroes of HiphoprisyCD132628944007192628940
Hypocrisy Is the Greatest LuxuryThe Disposable Heroes of HiphoprisyCD13512 207-2731451220722
Beats Rhymes and Basslines: The Best of RapVarious ArtistsCD16515 384-2731451538421
ConnectedStereo MC’sCD1274321 11227 2743211122726
Step It UpStereo MC’sCD474321 12220 2743211222020
Language of ViolenceThe Disposable Heroes of HiphoprisyCD4BRCD 248