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Daydream Believer / Monkee's ThemeThe Monkees7" Vinyl2
NG 784[none]
Carnival (live at Montreux '74)Randy Weston12" Vinyl5
AL 1004
Level OneThe Eleventh House Featuring Larry Coryell12" Vinyl9
  • -1974
AL 4052[none]
Funny Lady (1975 film cast)Various Artists12" Vinyl15
  • US1975-03-15
AL 9004[none]
Bay City RollersBay City Rollers12" Vinyl11
AL 4049
Tryin’ to Get the Feeling (Plastic Products pressing)Barry Manilow12" Vinyl11
  • US1975-10-01
AL 4060[none]
Tryin’ to Get the Feeling (PRC Recording Company pressing)Barry Manilow12" Vinyl11
  • US1975-10-01
AL 4060[none]
Tryin’ to Get the FeelingBarry ManilowCassette11
  • US1975-10-01
ATC 4060, ATC-4060[none]
MandyBarry Manilow7" Vinyl2
  • IT1975-11-17
3C 006-97195[none]
HorsesPatti Smith12" Vinyl8
AB 4066, AL 4066[none]
HorsesPatti Smith12" Vinyl8
064-97 237
Tryin’ to Get the FeelingBarry Manilow12" Vinyl11
HorsesPatti Smith12" Vinyl8
201 112-270
Midnight Band: The First Minute of a New DayGil Scott‐Heron & Brian Jackson12" Vinyl9
A 4030
Tryin’ to Get the FeelingBarry Manilow12" Vinyl11
AB 4060, AL 4060[none]
Five Pieces (1975)Anthony Braxton12" Vinyl5
AB 4064
Modern TimesAl Stewart12" Vinyl8
ABM 65038[none]
Silent TonguesCecil Taylor12" Vinyl6
AL 1005[none]
SpiralAndrew Hill12" Vinyl7
AL 1007[none]
Heavy SpiritsOliver Lake12" Vinyl8
AL 1008[none]
Coon Bid'NessJulius Hemphill12" Vinyl5
AL 1012
Witches & DevilsAlbert Ayler12" Vinyl4
AL 1018[none]
New York MaryNew York Mary12" Vinyl6
AL 1019
Under the SunHuman Arts Ensemble With Oliver Lake & Lester Bowie12" Vinyl2
AL 1022
Live at MontreuxAndrew Hill12" Vinyl4
AL 1023
MelissaMelissa Manchester12" Vinyl10
AL 4031[none]
New York, Fall 1974Anthony Braxton12" Vinyl6
AL 4032
Be True to YouEric Andersen12" Vinyl10
AL 4033[none]
The Brecker Bros.The Brecker Brothers12" Vinyl9
AL 4037
Survival of the FittestThe Headhunters12" Vinyl6
AL 4038[none]
The Monty Python Matching Tie and HandkerchiefMonty Python12" Vinyl16
AL 4039[none]
Love TripTamiko Jones12" Vinyl12
AL 4040
Life Is YouBatdorf & Rodney12" Vinyl10
AL 4041
OutlawsOutlaws12" Vinyl10
AL 4042
From South Africa to South CarolinaGil Scott‐Heron & Brian Jackson12" Vinyl8
AL 4044[none]
Not a Little Girl AnymoreLinda Lewis12" Vinyl10
AL 4047
Larry Young's FuelLarry Young12" Vinyl7
AL 4051
Marching in the StreetHarvey Mason12" Vinyl7
AL 4054
Eric CarmenEric Carmen12" Vinyl10
AL 4057[none]
UrszulaUrszula DudziakVinyl10
AL 4065
Your Mamma Won't Like MeSuzi Quatro12" Vinyl10
A Little EasierMax Merritt & The Meteors12" Vinyl8
ARTY 108
BlinkNova12" Vinyl6
ARTY 118[none]
Saturday NightBay City Rollers7" Vinyl2
AS 0149[none]
I Write The Songs / A Nice Boy Like MeBarry Manilow7" Vinyl2
AS 0157[none]
All by Myself / EverythingEric Carmen7" Vinyl2
AS 0165[none]
All By Myself / EverythingEric Carmen7" Vinyl2
AS 0165
Chicago (1975 original Broadway cast)John KanderCassette18
ATC 9005
Tryin’ to Get the FeelingBarry Manilow12" Vinyl11
Barry Manilow IBarry ManilowVinyl11
All the Thin MenAlexander Robertson7" Vinyl2
  • GB1976-07-23
ARISTA 64[none]
This One’s for YouBarry Manilow12" Vinyl11
AL 4090[none]
This One’s for You (quadraphonic)Barry Manilow12" Vinyl11
AQ 4090[none]
This One’s for YouBarry ManilowCassette11
Radio EthiopiaPatti Smith GroupVinyl7
Greatest HitsShowaddywaddy12" Vinyl12
  • GB1976-12-06
Arty 145[none]
Taxi DriverBernard Herrmann12" Vinyl10
18 RS 13[none]
Lady in WaitingOutlaws12" Vinyl9
1C 062-97 627
Radio EthiopiaPatti Smith Group12" Vinyl7
1C 062-98 283[none]
Radio EthiopiaPatti Smith Group12" Vinyl8
201 117-270
The Lion and the RamLarry CoryellVinyl10
Magic ManHeart7" Vinyl2
4C 006-98322[none]
Photographic SmileMr. BigVinyl11
AB 4083
The Monkees Greatest HitsThe Monkees12" Vinyl11
AB 4089[none]
Bedtime StoriesThe John Payne Band12" Vinyl7
AL 1025
A Piece of the AppleNew York Mary12" Vinyl8
AL 1035
Nefertiti, the Beautiful One Has ComeCecil Taylor2×12" Vinyl4 + 4
AL 1905
Jennifer WarnesJennifer Warnes12" Vinyl11
AL 4062
Lady in WaitingOutlaws12" Vinyl9
AL 4070[none]
SpaceballLarry Young12" Vinyl7
AL 4072
SilverSilver12" Vinyl10
AL 4076[none]
AspectsLarry Coryell and The Eleventh House12" Vinyl8
AL 4077[none]
Funky KingsFunky Kings12" Vinyl11
AL 4078
Taxi DriverBernard Herrmann12" Vinyl10
AL 4079
Creative Orchestra Music 1976Anthony Braxton12" Vinyl6
AL 4080[none]
David FormanDavid Forman12" Vinyl11
AL 4084
Deardorff and JosephDeardorff & Joseph12" Vinyl10
AL 4092[none]
Radio EthiopiaPatti Smith Group12" Vinyl8
AL 4097[none]
Majesty MusicMiroslav Vitouš12" Vinyl10
AL 4099[none]
Rock and Roll HeartLou Reed12" Vinyl12
AL 4100
Duets 1976Anthony Braxton with Muhal Richard Abrams12" Vinyl6
AL 4101[none]
NBC's Saturday Night LiveThe Not Ready for Prime Time PlayersCD30
AL 4107[none]
It's Your WorldGil Scott‐Heron and Brian Jackson2×12" Vinyl6 + 4
AL 5001
Radio EthiopiaPatti Smith Group12" Vinyl8
ALB 68379
Dance of the Age of EnlightenmentDavid Sancious & ToneCD8
Promises of the SunAirto Moreira12" Vinyl8
ARL 33209
Better Days & Happy EndingsMelissa Manchester12" Vinyl10
Arty 125[none]
VimanaNova12" Vinyl6
ARTY 138[none]
Dreamboat AnnieHeart12" Vinyl10
ARTY 139[none]
Every Nite's a Saturday NightThe Drifters12" Vinyl12
ARTY 140
SilverSilver12" Vinyl10
ARTY 144[none]
ARTY 148
GloriaPatti Smith7" Vinyl2
AS 0171
Tico TicoUrszula Dudziak7" Vinyl2
AS 0191
I Believe in LoveLou Reed7" Vinyl2
AS 0215
Fools GoldFools Gold12" Vinyl10
This One’s for YouBarry Manilow12" Vinyl11
SilverSilver12" Vinyl10
Fools GoldFools Gold12" Vinyl10
ML 5500[none]
Shadow of a Thin ManAlexander Robertson12" Vinyl11
SPARTY 1000[none]