Foundation date of this label is somewhat obscure. While the official site mentions 1969, there are hints about 1972, as an off shoot of Concord's Jazz Festival.
Created by Carl Jefferson, Concord Records had very tight relations with Concord Jazz (the limit between the twos never been clear, and eventually both names were used).
In 2004, following a buy-out (1999) and a merge with Fantasy, the company eventually became the Concord Music Group.
Now, both Concord Records and Concord Jazz exist as subsidiaries under this umbrella, along with a number of other jazz labels.

Concord Records had a few subsidiaries, including Concord Picante and Concord Concerto.

LC *may be* 04341 or 15025 (Forever).

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Poor ButterflyBarney Kessel / Herb Ellis12" Vinyl9
Rosie Sings BingRosemary Clooney(unknown)10
Tribute to Billie HolidayRosemary ClooneyCD10
On StageTal Farlow, Hank Jones, Red Norvo & Ray Brown & Jake Hanna12" Vinyl6
With LoveRosemary ClooneyCD9