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Rhino started life as a record store in 1973, but it was not until 1978 that it actively (first release was in 1975) began producing records in its own right.

Rhino is high quality reissue label, currently owned by Warner Music Group.
* Founded by: Richard Foos & Harold Bronson
* Active period: 1978-1992 independent, 1992-today subsidiary
* Sold to: Time Warner (50% 1992, 100% 1998)
* Distributed by: Rhino (US), Warner Music Group (World)
* Owns Roulette Records' non jazz catalog rights for the US.

Involved in repackaging product (either straight reissues, enhanced reissues, boxed set anthologies, or new compilations) from various labels in the Warner catalogue, particularly jazz and soul from Atlantic Records, soundtracks from Warner Bros, rock and pop from Elektra, Reprise etc.

Currently, releases featuring the Rhino logo are overseen by the Elektra Entertainment Group.
Many releases on this label have cat numbers starting with R2 or 8122, but cat numbers of the 01000 series are reissues of Atlantic's 1000 series. Whether they were reissued chronologically is currently unclear, as most are infamously dated 1990/10/25 on Amazon.

A partial catalog is maintained at http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Jazz/Labels/Rhino

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Frankie Valli SoloFrankie ValliDigital Media10
  • XW1967-07-01
It's a Spike Jones ChristmasSpike Jones(unknown)21
Live at Fillmore WestAretha FranklinCD10
  • US1971-02-07
Dueling Banjos From the Original Sound Track of Deliverance and Additional MusicEric Weissberg and Steve MandellDigital Media18
  • -1973
  • US2005-02-08
Go to Rhino Records / Rhino, the Place to GoWild Man Fischer / The Plastic Rhino Band7" Vinyl2