Long standing policy from at least 2011 annotation
It is generally agreed among most MusicBrainz editors (and is currently common practice) that "most" Ministry of Sound compilations should include the name of the label as part of the release title although, this may change in the future. See Ministry of Sound MusicBrainz series.

For DJ-mixes, it seems the trend is to move away from listing the DJ's names in the title and using Various Artists instead. This is due to MB now having advanced relationships for such things.

Ministry of Sound also ran a magazine with giveaway promotional CDs attached. See Ministry Magazine UK.

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The Sessions, Volume OneTony HumphriesCD12
MINST CD0015026535000129
The Sessions, Volume 1 (Un-mixed vinyl compilation)Tony Humphries2×12" Vinyl6 + 6
MINST LP0015026535000334
The Sessions, Volume 1 (DJ mixed)Tony HumphriesCassette12
MINST MC0015026535000242
The Sessions, Volume 2Paul OakenfoldCD12
The Sessions, Volume 3Clivillés & ColeCD12