Remember the FutureNektarVinyl2
Where the Groupies Killed the BluesLucifer's Friend12" Vinyl7
VoiceCapability BrownVinyl5
Down to EarthNektar12" Vinyl9
Electronic Realizations for Rock OrchestraSynergy12" Vinyl5
9167 98009
Electronic Realizations for Rock OrchestraSynergy12" Vinyl5
PB 6001
Andy NoggerKraanVinyl7
Night on Bald Mountain (Quadraphonic Vinyl LP)Fireballet12" Vinyl9
Night on Bald MountainFireballetVinyl5
BanquetLucifer's Friend12" Vinyl6
MoonmadnessCamel12" Vinyl7
PB 9857[none]
Electronic Realizations for Rock OrchestraSynergy12" Vinyl6
9299 752[none]
Watercourse WayShadowfax12" Vinyl6
PPSD 98013
Two, tooFireballetVinyl7
PPSD 98016
The Rutland Weekend Song BookEric Idle and Neil Innes12" Vinyl22
Intergalactic Touring BandThe Intergalactic Touring Band12" Vinyl12
Rain DancesCamel12" Vinyl9
PB 9858[none]
Rain DancesCamel12" Vinyl9
PB 9858[none]
X‐CerptsBrand X12" Vinyl4
PB X01[none]
Moroccan RollBrand X12" Vinyl9
PP 98022[none]
Intergalactic Touring BandVarious Artists12" Vinyl14
PB 6000
From Rats To RichesGood Rats12" Vinyl10
PB 9825[none]
MasquesBrand X12" Vinyl7
PB 9829
Birth Comes to Us AllGood Rats12" Vinyl10
PB 9830
SurveillanceFM12" Vinyl9
PB 2001[none]
PB 6003
ProductBrand X12" Vinyl9
PB 9840[none]
Private Parts & Pieces II: Back to the PavilionAnthony PhillipsCD20
PVC 79135012981031824
Fig. 14Human Sexual Response12" Vinyl9
940 842
Teenage HeartThe Meteors12" Vinyl11
PB 2011
City of FearFM12" Vinyl10
PB 6004[none]
PartyThe Tapes12" Vinyl11
PB 9842
Do They Hurt?Brand X12" Vinyl7
PB 9845[none]
EtceteravilleRandom Hold12" Vinyl9
PB 9847[none]
I’m a RebelAccept12" Vinyl8
PB 9849[none]
Fig. 14Human Sexual Response12" Vinyl9
PB 9851
MoonshineMike Rutherford7" Vinyl2
PS 7919[none]
Rainbow DeltaPatrick GleesonVinyl8
PVC 7914
PoundHuman Sexual Response12" Vinyl3
PB 4001
Friday the 13thChris Spedding12" Vinyl10
NudeCamel12" Vinyl14
PB 6008
BreakerAccept12" Vinyl10
PB 6010[none]
Computer Experiments, Volume 1Synergy12" Vinyl3
PG 1[none]
Is There Anything About?Brand X12" Vinyl6
PB 6016[none]
The Jupiter MenaceSynergyVinyl14
PB 6014[none]
VersionsRobby KriegerVinyl10
PB 6017[none]
Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll, and the End of the WorldNational Lampoon12" Vinyl20
PB 6018[none]
Music for a New SocietyJohn Cale12" Vinyl11
PB 6019[none]
Hotel For WomenThe Nails12" Vinyl4
PL 3001[none]
Flaming Desire / Hope for the HeartbeatBill Nelson7" Vinyl2
PS 504[none]
It's a JungleThree Dog Night12" Vinyl5
PB 5001[none]
Reunion ConcertThe Everly Brothers2×12" Vinyl13 + 11
PB 11001[none]
To Beat or Not to BeatPaul Collins Beat12" Vinyl5
PB 5002
Nuts and BoltsRichard Barone / James Mastro12" Vinyl11
PB 6021
Good Dirty FunRick DerringerVinyl10
PB 6025
PBCD 6029
The Best of Music and RhythmVarious ArtistsCassette10
Jet LagGreg Hawkes12" Vinyl3
PL 2002
OblivionUtopia12" Vinyl10
PL 8023
Strike a GrooveThe Gap BandCD8
WOWWendy O. Williams12" Vinyl9
PB 6034
TimecodePatrick Moraz12" Vinyl9
PB 6039
Sweet RevengeDavid Johansen12" Vinyl9
PB 6043[none]
WOWWendy O. WilliamsCassette9
PBC 6034
WOWWendy O. WilliamsCD9
PDC 6034084317802120
Semi-ConductorSynergy2×12" Vinyl6 + 8
PP 11002
POVUtopia12" Vinyl10
PB 6044
Various PositionsLeonard Cohen12" Vinyl9
PB 6045[none]
Willie and the Poor BoysWillie and the Poor Boys12" Vinyl12
PB6047, PB 6047
Willie and the Poor BoysWillie and the Poor Boys12" Vinyl12
PB 6047[none]
Rock the American WayJack Starr’s Burning Starr12" Vinyl8
PB 6048
Beyond the MistRobin Trower12" Vinyl7
PB 6049
Beyond the MistRobin TrowerCD7
PBCD 6049
InvasionPoison Dollys12" Vinyl10
PVC 8941
Beyond the MistRobin TrowerCD7
TriviaUtopia12" Vinyl10
PB 6053[none]
XTRAXBrand X12" Vinyl9
PB 605408431780011
Heavier Than ThouThe Rods12" Vinyl12
PB 6055[none]
PBCD 6000[none]
Electronic Realizations for Rock OrchestraSynergyCD5
PBCD 6001[none]
PBCD 60028431760022
PBCD 6002
PBCD 6003[none]
PBCD 6005[none]
PBCD 6053
PBCD 6054084317800126
SpearsTribal TechCD7
PJ 88010[none]
Pump ItJeff Berlin12" Vinyl7
PJ 88017
Pump ItJeff BerlinCD7
  • -1986
PJCD 880174003098801722
Crossfire ChoirCrossfire ChoirCD16
Cool Blue HaloRichard Barone12" Vinyl10
PB6058, PB 6058084317605813
PlayersPlayers12" Vinyl8
PJ 88014084317801819
Mud, Lies & ShameWild SeedsCD11
  • US1988-09-06
PBCD 6060084317606025
InfectiousEric Steel12" Vinyl9
PB 6059084317605912
Shades of Deep PurpleDeep PurpleCD8
PBCD 3606084317360620
The Book of TaliesynDeep PurpleCD7
PBCD 3607084317360729
Deep PurpleDeep PurpleCD7
PBCD 3608084317360828
PBCD 6044084317604427