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Love to the Power of EachDub GheckoCD15DBHD 003CD4013986101124
A New Breed of DubVarious ArtistsCD16DBHD 001CD5020422999978
Infinite Density of DubThe DisciplesCD15DBHD004CD0644455900425
Through the HazeArmagideonCD16DBHD006CD5034950900627
ConquerorCulture Freeman meets The Bush ChemistsCD16DBHD 009 CD5034950900924
Conscious Sounds Present: From Beginning to End: The Singles Collection, Volume 1Various Artists2×CD12 + 12DBHD011CD644455901125
Conscious Sounds Present: From Beginning to End: The Singles Collection, Volume 2Various Artists2×CD12 + 12DBHD016CD644455901620
Light Up Your ChaliceThe Bush ChemistsCD14DBHD 010CD644455901026
Rocking With the Love GrocerLove GrocerCD12DBHD 021CD0644455902122
A New Breed Of Dub Issue TwoVarious ArtistsCD16DBHD 017CD6444559017296
Urban DubUrban DubCD14DBHD 020CD0644455902023
A Dubber's GuideVarious ArtistsCD14DBHD 024CD
Dub Fire BlazingBush ChemistsCD14DBHD 023CD6444559023204
A New Breed of Dub: Issue ThreeVarious ArtistsCD16DBHD 025CD644455902528
Fresh ProduceLove GrocerCD14DBHD28CD644455902825
DubclashDubclashCD15DBHD 029CD644455902924
Mungo's Hi-Fi Meets Brother CultureMungo’s Hi FiVinyl13DBHD 031LP
Eyes Of The Dragon / Sajahn / Board Of The Dub Train / Analogue Dub PhaseThe Etherealites / Dubclash10" Vinyl4DBHDS 010
Dub SolidarityVarious Artists2×CD14 + 15DBHD034CD644455903426
Dubz From de Higher RegionzIration SteppasCD15DBHD 033CD5034950903321
A New Breed of Dub Issue FourVarious ArtistsCD15DBHD 036CD5034950903628