Classical ThunderVarious Artists2×CD9 + 10[none]
Classical DreamsVarious Artists2×CD12 + 11[none]
Essential BeethovenLudwig van Beethoven2×CD8 + 8[none]
Great Overtures and PreludesVarious Artists2×CD10 + 10[none]
The Genius of MozartWolfgang Amadeus Mozart2×CD11 + 12[none]
A Touch of RomanceVarious Artists2×CD11 + 12[none]
All Hail HaydnVarious Artists2×CD9 + 8[none]
Best-Loved ConcertosVarious Artists2×CD9 + 8[none]
Bold BrassVarious Artists2×CD10 + 10[none]
Encore! Encore!Various Artists2×CD12 + 10[none]
Forever ItalyVarious Artists2×CD13 + 15[none]
In PraiseVarious Artists2×CD12 + 11[none]
Moonlight PianoVarious Artists2×CD11 + 11[none]
Nature's MusicVarious Artists2×CD12 + 11[none]
Orchestral DelightsVarious Artists2×CD8 + 8[none]
Shall We Dance?Various Artists2×CD11 + 9[none]
Simply SonatasVarious Artists2×CD8 + 8[none]
The Beauty of BachVarious Artists2×CD14 + 11[none]
The Brilliance of BrahmsVarious Artists2×CD9 + 11[none]
The Glory of HandelVarious Artists2×CD10 + 12[none]
The Golden Age of ViennaVarious Artists2×CD9 + 11[none]
The Triumph of TchaikovskyVarious Artists2×CD8 + 9[none]
The World of LisztVarious Artists2×CD8 + 8[none]
Virtuoso ViolinVarious Artists2×CD8 + 8[none]