Chicken / No UseThe Barracudas7" Vinyl2DE-502[none]
Susan / Story Of My Journey SouthThe Mauroks7" Vinyl2517-0
Kool and The GangKool & The Gang12" Vinyl9DE-2003
Let the Music Take Your Mind / Chocolate ButtermilkKool & The Gang7" Vinyl2DE-529
Another Man's Woman / Nothing in the WorldThe Electras7" Vinyl2DE 535
Live at P.J.'sKool & The Gang12" Vinyl8DE-2010
Live at the Sex MachineKool and The Gang12" Vinyl10DE 2008
Who's Gonna Take the WeightKool & The Gang7" Vinyl2DE-538
I Want to Take You Higher / PneumoniaKool And The Gang7" Vinyl2DE 540
Music Is the MessageKool & The Gang12" Vinyl9DEP-2011
Good TimesKool & The Gang12" Vinyl8DEP-2012
Wild and PeacefulKool & The Gang12" Vinyl8DEP-2013
Light of WorldsKool & The Gang12" Vinyl9DEP-2014
Greatest HitsKool & The Gang12" Vinyl9DEP 2015
Spirit of the BoogieKool & The Gang12" Vinyl8DEP-2016[none]
Dreaming a DreamCrown Heights Affair12" Vinyl9DEP-2017[none]
Foxy LadyCrown Heights Affair12" Vinyl9DEP-2021[none]
Spin Their Top HitsKool & The GangVinyl10822 536-1
Love & UnderstandingKool & The Gang12" Vinyl8DEP 2018
Do It Your WayCrown Heights Affair12" Vinyl7DEP 2022
Open SesameKool & The Gang12" Vinyl8DEP 2023
VenusFrankie Avalon12" Vinyl2DISCO 1578
KilowattKay-Gee's12" Vinyl9DSR-9505
Dream WorldCrown Heights Affair12" Vinyl7DSR-9506[none]
Ladies NightKool & The Gang7" Vinyl26168.771, DE-801[none]
Burn Me UpKay-Gee's12" Vinyl6DSR-9510
Dance Lady DanceCrown Heights Affair12" Vinyl6DSR-9512
Ladies' NightKool & The Gang12" Vinyl6DSR-9513
DazzleDazzle12" Vinyl6DSR-9514
Dance Lady DanceCrown Heights AffairVinyl6
Celebration / Morning StarKool & The Gang12" Vinyl20930.023
Slippin' and Dippin'Coffee12" Vinyl66337.126, DSR 9520[none]
CelebrationKool & The Gang7" Vinyl2DE 807
Take It to the Top / CelebremosKool & The Gang12" Vinyl2DEX 2
Sure ShotCrown Heights Affair12" Vinyl7DSR-9517
Celebrate!Kool & The Gang12" Vinyl8DSR-9518
You Gave Me LoveCrown Heights Affair12" Vinyl2MK-131
Get Down on ItKool & The Gang7" Vinyl26198 531, DE 818
Big FunKool & The Gang12" Vinyl2DEX 7
Something SpecialKool & The Gang12" Vinyl8SOSLP 043[none]
Think PositiveCrown Heights Affair12" Vinyl8DSR-8504
As OneKool & The Gang12" Vinyl7DSR-8505
Get Down on ItKool & The GangVinyl2
At Their BestKool & The GangCD10810 877-24228108772
In the HeartKool & The Gang12" Vinyl9DSR 8508
Twice As Kool: The Hits of Kool & the GangKool & The Gang2×12" Vinyl9 + 9PROLP-2[none]
EmergencyKool & The GangVinyl7422-822 943-1 M-1
EmergencyKool & The GangCD7822 943-2 M-1042282294326
EmergencyKool & The GangCassette7822 943-4 M1042282294340
Tonight / Home Is Where the Heart IsKool & The Gang7" Vinyl2830
FreshKool & The Gang7" Vinyl2880 623-7
EmergencyKool & The Gang12" Vinyl4884 199-1
FreshKool & The GangVinyl2
CherishKool & The Gang7" Vinyl3DEX 20[none]
Ladies' NightKool & The GangCD6827684-2042282768421
Cherish (US-remix) / Fresh (US-remix)Kool & The Gang12" Vinyl3883 118-1[none]
CherishKool & The Gang7" Vinyl2883 118-7[none]
Cherish / Ladies’ NightKool & The Gang7" Vinyl2RPS 202[none]
The Singles CollectionKool & The GangCD18836 636-2042283663626
CelebrationKool & The GangDigital Media2600753222317
Dream World+7Crown Heights AffairCD14OTLCD-53234526180403579
Celebrate! (CD-Matrix: DSR 9518 2893 565 03 +; IFPI 01P5; YS; MADE IN GERMANY BY PMDC)Kool & The GangCD82893 565, 836 610-2042282361028
In the HeartKool & The GangCD9813 386-2042281338625
EmergencyKool & The GangCD7823823-2042282382320
Give It UpKool & The Gang12" Vinyl12DE 2020
Celebrate!Kool & The GangCD8DECD 9518[none]
As OneKool & The GangCD7042282768124