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55 StoriesDJ MayonnaiseCD21ABR 0005
Joyful Toy of 1001 FacesThemselves12" Vinyl5ABR 0008
Music for the Advancement of Hip HopVarious ArtistsCD18ABR002655035100326
Hip-Hop Music for the Advanced ListenerVarious Artists12" Vinyl7ABR 0001
The CentaurBuck 6512" Vinyl5ABR 0003-12
Rain Men / I Am Hip-HopDeep Puddle DynamicsVinyl6ABR0004757937082813
The Taste of Rain... Why KneelDeep Puddle Dynamics12" Vinyl12ABR0009
The Taste of Rain... Why KneelDeep Puddle DynamicsCD12
Bottle of HumansSoleCD19ABR0011093141001128
AnticonVarious ArtistsCassette10
Split EP!WHY? / Odd NosdamCD16ABR0017751937169222
Final ActAlias12" Vinyl6ABR0012-1
A Work in ProgressSixtoo12" Vinyl3ABR0013-12
Anticon GigasingleVarious ArtistsCD17ABR 0014
Climb TreesSage Francis12" Vinyl6abr0018751937173212
Anticon Family ValuesVarious ArtistsCD17
More From June / We Aint Fessin' (Double Quotes)Deep Puddle Dynamics / Anticon10" Vinyl2ABR0019
More From June / We Ain't Fessin' (Double Quotes)Deep Puddle Dynamics / AnticonCD3ABR 0019
Personal JournalsSage FrancisCD18ABR00210655035502120
The Taste of Rain... Why KneelDeep Puddle DynamicsCD13abr009
The Other Side of the Looking GlassAliasCD13ABR 0022
This About the City Too...Themselves12" Vinyl2abr0023
Salt on EverythingSole12" Vinyl6abr0024
Salt on EverythingSole12" Vinyl6abr0024v
Drunken Piano / Forgotten / RhymeoverthisAliasCD3ABR 0022 P
The No MusicThemselvesCD11ABR0025CD
Selling Live WaterSoleCD15ABR0026CD
The Makeshift Patriot EPSage Francis12" Vinyl6ABR 0027
No More Wig for OhioOdd NosdamCD24ABR 0028 CD655035502823
Eyes Closed EPAliasCD5ABR 0033
The Early Whitney EPWHY?CD6ABR0035655035503523
The No Music of Aiff's: The No Music RemixedThemselvesCD12ABR 0034 CD
DoshDoshCD12ABR 0032
Unseen SightsAlias12" Vinyl6abr0037
Anticon Label Sampler 1999-2004Various ArtistsCD33abr0031655035503127
Creature in the ClassroomPassage12" Vinyl4abr0039
Your American BonusOdd Nosdam7" Vinyl9abr0040
Naoise EPDoshCD7ABR 00426550355042230
Pure TrashDoshCD12ABR 0043
A Point Too Far to Astronaut...Telephone Jim JesusCD16abr0046
The Forcefield KidsPassageCD21ABR0038CD655035503820
The Toss & TurnPedestrianCD6abr0041[none]
The Toss & TurnPedestrian12" Vinyl6ABR 0041
Surface SincerityThe Bomarr Monk7" Vinyl5ABR 0045
Volume One: UnIndian SongsPedestrianCD14ABR 0044
Volume One: UnIndian SongsPedestrian2×12" Vinyl8 + 6ABR 0044
New SingleSole12" Vinyl6abr0047
Live From RomeSoleCD17ABR0048CD
Men of Station13 & God12" Vinyl4ABR 0049655035504919
Men of Station13 & GodCD4
Men of Station13 & GodDigital Media4655035504919
13 & God13 & GodCD10abr0050655035505022
13 & God13 & GodCD10ABR 0050655035505022
Untitled ThreeOdd Nosdam feat. Jessica Bailiff12" Vinyl7ABR0051
Sanddollars EPWHY?12" Vinyl8ABR 0052
Sanddollars EPWHY?CD8ABR 0052 CD655035505220
BurnerOdd NosdamCD12ABR0053
LillianAlias & EhrenCD13ABR 0054
Elephant EyelashWHY?CD12ABR 0055 CD655035505527
Men of Station13 & GodCD4
Rubber Traits EPWHY?CD4ABR 0061 CD655035506128
Dumb Hummer / Pick FightsWHY?7" Vinyl3ABR 0060
Soft MoneyJelCD12ABR0056CD655035505626
Soft MoneyJelCD12ABR0056CD
I'm Slow, but I'm Sloppy / Did I Step on Your RemixDanielsonVinyl2
Dr. C / 5 Year EveAlias & Tarsier12" Vinyl5abr0058
Brookland/OaklynAlias & TarsierCD10ABR 0059 CD
9:24 Cigarette / Ligaya (Odd Nosdam remix)Alias & Tarsier7" Vinyl2ANT 02
Peeping Tom (limited edition picture disc)Peeping Tom12" Vinyl11ABR0064655035506418
Plane That Draws a White LineAlias & TarsierCD9abr0066655035506623
The Lost TakeDoshCD12ABR 0067655035506722
HeathensBracken12" Vinyl4abr0068655035506814
We Know About the NeedBracken12" Vinyl11abr0069
We Know About the NeedBracken(unknown)11abr0069CD
Eno About the NeedBracken2×Vinyl7 + 6ABR 0069 B
Wrong Faced Cat Feed CollapseSJ EsauCD12ABR 0070 CD655035507026
Greenball 3rdJelCD24JEL01
Book of Bad BreaksThee More ShallowsCD13ABR 0072 CD655035507224
Collected RemixesAliasCD11ABR0071655035507125
Level Live WiresOdd NosdamCD11abr0072CD
Level Live WiresOdd Nosdam2×CD11 + 11ABR 0074
cLOUDDEAD BeatsOdd NosdamCD16
Anywhere Out of the EverythingTelephone Jim JesusCD11ABR 0077 CD
Sole and the Skyrider BandSole and the Skyrider BandCD13ABR0078CD
The HollowsWHY?12" Vinyl4abr0079
Still AliveDJ MayonnaiseCD11abr 0075
The HollowsWHY?CD12
At War With Walls & MazesSon LuxDigital Media11
AlopeciaWHY?CD14ABR 0080655035508023
At War With Walls & MazesSon LuxCD11ABR0082 CD655035508221
Alopecia: The Demos!!WHY?CD14
Wolves and WishesDoshCD10ABR0084655035508429
Pretty Swell ExplodeOdd Nosdam2×CD11 + 6ABR0083655035508320
Small VesselSJ EsauCD15ABR0085656605858920
15 Minutes of FunkOdd NosdamCD10[none]
Astrological StraitsZach Hill2×12" Vinyl8 + 5ABR0086656605859415