Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Every Souvenir Has a Story My Awesome Compilation CD 6
The Next Autumn Soundtrack & Jeniferever Jeniferever / The Next Autumn Soundtrack CD 5 BSM 008 5016235191890
Iris Jeniferever CD 4 BSM 020
I Am Not Romeo; You Are Not Juliet Secondsmile CD 4 BSM021 [none]
All the Better to Eat You With, My Dear Various Artists CD 14
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly EP Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly CD 5
Jairus Jairus CD 4 5060109091922
Walk Into the Light and Reach for the Sky Secondsmile CD 8 BSM 031 5060109093322
Astronauts Secondsmile Enhanced CD 5 BSM037
Enjoy Eternal Bliss Yndi Halda CD 4 BSM 039
Yes... I Mean, No The Campaign for Real-Time CD 9 BSM035 606737075221
Enjoy Eternal Bliss (Bandcamp) Yndi Halda Digital Media 4 [none]
Jairus Jairus Digital Media 4
Wanna Come Back to My Room and Listen to Some Belle and Sebastian? / And I'll Tell You for Why This Town Needs Guns Digital Media 2
Record Label, Shmecord Label Various Artists CD 10
Sideways Sam Isaac CD 2 BSM051
Lock the Rock Various Artists CD 16
50 Not Out Various Artists Data CD 50
See You In Another City Blakfish CD 5 BSM061 5060109097146
BSM Summer Collection 2008 Various Artists Digital Media 6
I Am Azerrad Tubelord 7" Vinyl 2 BSM065
I Am Azerrad Tubelord CD 3 BSM065
Meat Balloon Pulled Apart by Horses 7" Vinyl 2 BSM067 5060109090758
The Worries Mimas CD 9 bsm064 5060109099249
Animals This Town Needs Guns CD 13 BSM066 5060109090659
BSM Autumn Collection Various Artists Digital Media 5
Years Secondsmile CD 12 BSM060
Bred for Skills & Magic Copy Haho CD 5 BSM069 5060109093858
Robot Works Wintermute CD 12
The Pasture, the Oil Shapes CD 6 BSM 074
Danger Mouth Mutiny on the Bounty CD 11
If the Good Lord Had Intended Us to Walk He Wouldn't Have Invented Rollerskates Blakfish 7" Vinyl 2 HOFF069S
The Pearl Talons Digital Media 3 BSM083
Anthology Colour CD 13 BSM085 [none]
Variations on Swing Meet Me in St. Louis CD 10 BSM048 5060109097436
Bethlehem / D Is for Django the Bastard Talons / And So I Watch You From Afar 8cm CD 2 BSM077
Big Scary Monsters: Winter 09 Various Artists CD 14
BSM09: Big Scary Monsters 2009 Collection Various Artists Digital Media 53 BSM071
Big Scary Monsters: Spring 09 Various Artists CD 14
I'm a Vagabond Andrew W.K. Digital Media 3 BSM090 [none]
I'm a Vagabond Andrew W.K. 7" Vinyl 3 BSM090 5060109096460
More Songs Grown Ups CD 10 BSMUSA002 506010909925
One Big Night Hanalei CD 10
Commemorations Talons CD 8
Hollow Realm Talons CD 8 BSM106CD 5060109097573
Collarbone Tellison 7" Vinyl 2 BSM 506010909747
Collarbone Tellison CD 5 [none]
Monotony Chic Shapes Digital Media 10
Parrot Flies Algernon Cadwallader CD-R 11 BSM 117
Apples Tangled Hair CD 5 BSM108 5060109090789
Ruined My Life DZ Deathrays CD 5 BSM120 5060109096880
Mount Modern Dad Rocks! CD 11 bsm124
T=0 Tall Ships Digital Media 3 [none]
Infinity Overhead Minus the Bear CD 10 BSM133CD 5060109097092
Mount Modern Dad Rocks! 12" Vinyl 11 BSM124 [none]
CRU Gnarwolves CD 6 BSM077
Everything Touching Tall Ships CD 10 BSM135CD
Axes Axes Digital Media 7 [none]
Axes Axes CD 7
Fun Club Gnarwolves Digital Media 9
Get Disowned Hop Along CD 10 BSM138CD
Management Delta Sleep CD 6 BSM140 5060109095319
Funemployed Gnarwolves (unknown) 4
Knots Crash of Rhinos Digital Media 11
The Joy Disorder Woahnows 12" Vinyl 10 BSM143
Bubblegum Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band Digital Media 12
Bubblegum Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band CD 12
Intersections Into It. Over It. 12" Vinyl 12 BSM146V [none]
The Chronicles of Gnarnia Gnarwolves Digital Media 15
Rooms of the House La Dispute CD 11 BSM148 5060366780348
Sleep Kit Sleep Kit Digital Media 5
Two EPs Tangled Hair Digital Media 9
New Topographics Talons Digital Media 8 [none]
New Topographics Talons CD 8 BSM152CD 5060366780942
Lost Loves Minus the Bear CD 10 BSM155CD 5060366781116
Glory Axes Digital Media 10 [none]
Variations on Swing Meet Me in St. Louis Digital Media 10
Broken Thrills Beach Slang Digital Media 8
Understanding and Everything Else Woahnows Digital Media 11
Pets Hounds Pet Symmetry Digital Media 10 [none]
Twin Galaxies Delta Sleep Digital Media + CD + 12" Vinyl 10 + 10 + 10 163
Twin Galaxies Delta Sleep Digital Media 10
Dust and Disquiet Caspian CD 10 5060366782304
II Sleep Kit Digital Media 9
The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us Beach Slang 12" Vinyl 10 BSM170
The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us Beach Slang CD 10 BSM172CD 5060366782489
Adolescence Gnarwolves (unknown) 4
Adolescence Gnarwolves Digital Media 4 [none]
Change Nothing Terrible Love (unknown) 5
Under Summer Yndi Halda CD 4 BSM178CD 5060366782885
Under Summer Yndi Halda Digital Media 4 [none]
Tiny Dots La Dispute Digital Media 13
Instigator Kevin Devine 12" Vinyl 11 BSM197V 5060243329189
Abendrot You Blew It! Digital Media 12
The Incessant Meat Wave CD 12 [none]
Split Modern Baseball, The Superweaks & Thin Lips Digital Media 3 [none]
Waterloo Teeth Jamie Lenman Digital Media 1
Waterloo Teeth Jamie Lenman 7" Vinyl 2 BSM207 5060366784797
Outsiders Gnarwolves Digital Media 10 [none]
Pageant PWR BTTM Digital Media 13 3614973794902