EVA Records (Sweden)

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EVA Records in Sweden was originally a joint owned sub-label started by EMI, Virgin and BMG in 1986, and a year later, Warners. Due to mergers between the parents, it is today (2007) jointly owned by EMI, Warner, and SonyBMG, with licensing agreements with many others.

There were sister companies in several other European countries, but they had separate ownership and licensing agreements, and most of them were shortlived (with the notable exception of the Belgian sister label)

Most of the sister companies did issue similarly named compilation series, some with very similar tracklistings, others reusing the titles but wildly different contents. Please take care with them, this is not a case of a single label with presence and holding companies in multiple countries, they are in fact completely different labels who happen to share (some) ownership and a name.

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Move Your Body 1Various ArtistsCD14
260 9085012985090827
Absolute Music 11Various ArtistsCD18
  • SE1991-04-01
Absolute ReggaeVarious ArtistsCD15
  • SE1991-06-20
Absolute Music 12Various ArtistsCD19
  • SE1991-11-21
Absolute Opera 1Various Artists2×CD15 + 15