Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
I Feel the Need Violet Bones CD 3 [none]
Few and Far Between Woman E Digital Media 1 [none]
Another Renaissance / You Don't Have to Go Woman E Digital Media 3 [none]
Pi GO-X Digital Media 1
For the Sake of Symmetry Brave Yesterday Digital Media 12
Drop Me a Line MyLyricalMind CD 1 887396167537
Sunlight Dead Social Club Digital Media 1 887396248137
Eagles Ataraxis Vibration Digital Media 1 TAFDIGI095 888002691989
Back to Start Vanity Box (unknown) 1 TAFDIGI107 887845131843
Kaleidoscopes Brave Yesterday Digital Media 12
Sweetest Thing Hana Piranha (unknown) 1 TAFDIGI131 887845918963
Gonna Love You Forever Steve Rich and The Hills Digital Media 1
Thin Air Hana Piranha (unknown) 1 TAFDIGI157 888002353399
Blue Skies Hana Piranha (unknown) 1 TAFDIGI181 888003029736
One International Ataraxis Vibration Digital Media 1 TAFDIGI173 887845473752
Get in Line Charlie Savigar CD 10 TAFDIGI185 888003055933
Beretta Suicide Beretta Suicide CD 11
Death Defying Jack Edwards (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI201 888003220409
Young Bloods Last Vendetta (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI274
Answers JUNO (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI202 888003252950
Rolling Thunder Steve Rich and The Hills (unknown) 10 TAFDIGI203 888003281592
Blue Skies Hana Piranha CD 3
Weightless The Manic Shine Digital Media 1 [none]
Let Go or Be Dragged The Manic Shine (unknown) 11 TAFDIGI220 888003593398
Juice Trevor’s Head (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI221 888003623507
Master Craftsmen Lazyflux (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI223 888003648852
Eighteen Cemetery Junction (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI224 888608383011
Nothing Lasts Forever Ataraxis Vibration Digital Media 1 TAFDIGI116 887396225794
Slow Men Drive Fast Cars Adam & Elvis (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI228 888608716383
Thought Control Young Amphibians (unknown) 4 TAFDIGI229 888608916950
Here’s to the Days Beltur Digital Media 3 TAFDIGI230 888608930444
ONE The Wondersmiths Digital Media 3 TAFDIGI238 888831008231
London Lives Mark Mathews Digital Media 1 TAFDIGI236 888608940771
Gunslinger The Lazlo Device Digital Media 3 TAFDIGI240 888831027096
Jetpack Elastic Jetpack Elastic (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI243 888831125440
The Real Life Tiny Phillips Digital Media 3 TAFDIGI242 888831124078
All Together (We’re Leaving) Vanity Box Digital Media 1 TAFDIGI249 888831124023
Air to Achilles Air to Achilles (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI248 888831182160
Fashanu elephants and castles CD 1 TAFDIGI250 888831283751
Otherside Trevor’s Head (unknown) 5 TAFDIGI251 888831259985
The Girl Mark Mathews (unknown) 1 TAFDIGI255 888831458487
Write, Delete, Repeat The Shout (unknown) 6 TAFDIGI261 888831759324
501 Return to the Sun (unknown) 1 TAFDIGI264 888831802549
Brush Off the Dust Stone Thieves (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI271 888831863014
Trent Town Rock UJahm (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI269 888831827917
Fair Winds and Following Seas Silent Party (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI270 888831864028
Cold Comfort Hana Piranha CD 11 TAFDIGI273 888831889762
Waiting By The Water Last Vendetta Digital Media 1 [none]
No Lost Ground From the Ashes Digital Media 3 TAFDIGI277 889176094132
Golden Ulrika Uma (unknown) 1 TAFDIGI279 889176093784
From the Ashes The Last of Us (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI282 889176083563
Singles Little Brother Eli Digital Media 3
History Repeats High Horses Digital Media 3 [none]
Rocheii Rocheii (unknown) 3 TAFDIGI371 5056005099872
I Don't Care VIXANS (unknown) 1
Lights Out VIXANS (unknown) 1
Darling Danny Starr (unknown) 4
Freedom or This Joe Wilkinson Digital Media 1
Really Gotta Go VIXANS (unknown) 1
Son Of Love VIXANS Digital Media 1
Feel Your Love The Magic Lotus Digital Media 1
Vodka Lemon Lime Gordon Robertson Digital Media 1
Son Of Love VIXANS Digital Media 1