Buddah Records (revived/renamed in 1998 as Buddha Records)

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Buddah Records issued its final new release in mid-1983, with Michael Henderson's R&B hit "Fickle" (BDA 9007). sometime after this, co-founder Art Kass subsequently sold the label to Essex Entertainment, who managed the Buddah catalog until 1993, when they in turn sold it to BMG. BMG revived the dormant label only in 1998, repurposing it as a reissue label and rebranding it as Buddha Records.

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Renamed to: Buddha Records (1998–2002, formerly known as Buddah Records)


Safe as MilkCaptain Beefheart & His Magic BandVinyl12
BDS 5001
Red Brick HouseThe Second Story7" Vinyl2
BDA 81[none]
Red Brick HouseThe Second Story7" Vinyl2
BDA 81[none]
Safe as Milk (red label)Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band12" Vinyl12
BDM 1001[none]
Chewy ChewyOhio Express7" Vinyl2
Born to BeMelanie12" Vinyl10
BDS 5024[none]
Simon Says1910 Fruitgum Co.7" Vinyl2
201 007[none]
Simon Says1910 Fruitgum Company12" Vinyl11
203 003[none]
Simon Says / Reflections from The Looking Glass1910 Fruitgum Company7" Vinyl2
Sinbad the Sailor / Searching for LoveThe Tidal Wave7" Vinyl2
BDA 46
Goody Goody Gumdrops / Candy Kisses1910 Fruitgum Co.7" Vinyl2
BDA 71[none]
Ohio Express (mono, cat # as BDS 5018 on cover)Ohio Express12" Vinyl11
BDM 5018[none]
Penny's ArcadePenny Nichols12" Vinyl13
BDS 5007
Green TambourineThe Lemon Pipers12" Vinyl11
BDS 5009
Green TambourineThe Lemon Pipers(unknown)11
  • -1968
BDS 5009
Simon Says1910 Fruitgum Co.12" Vinyl11
BDS 5010[none]
There's No Hole In My SoulThe Barry Goldberg Reunion12" Vinyl10
BDS 5012
Jungle MarmaladeThe Lemon Pipers12" Vinyl10
BDS 5016[none]
Ohio ExpressOhio Express12" Vinyl11
BDS 5018[none]
Finders KeepersSalt Water Taffy12" Vinyl12
BDS 5021[none]
1, 2, 3 Red Light1910 Fruitgum Co.12" Vinyl11
BDS 5022[none]
SteamedCalliope12" Vinyl10
BDS 5023
Chewy, ChewyOhio Express12" Vinyl11
BDS 5026
Goody Goody Gumdrops1910 Fruitgum Co.12" Vinyl11
BDS 5027[none]
Quick Joey Small/I'm in Love With YouKasenetz-Katz Super Circus12" Vinyl11
BDS 5028[none]
SunriseEire Apparent12" Vinyl10
BDS 5031
Brooklyn BridgeThe Brooklyn Bridge12" Vinyl11
BDS 5034
Indian Giver / Pow Wow1910 Fruitgum Company7" Vinyl2
BDA 91
Affectionately MelanieMelanie12" Vinyl12
BDS 5041[none]
MelanieMelanie12" Vinyl12
BDS 5041[none]
Oh Happy DayThe Edwin Hawkins Singers7" Vinyl2
201 048[none]
Special Delivery1910 Fruitgum Co.7" Vinyl2
201 049[none]
Shake / From Way Out to Way UnderThe Shadows of Knight7" Vinyl2
Everyday / You Me & My YoyoThe Unchained Mynds7" Vinyl2
BDA 140
When We Get Married1910 Fruitgum Co.7" Vinyl2
BDA 146[none]
George Burns SingsGeorge BurnsVinyl11
Two Jews BluesBarry Goldberg12" Vinyl9
  • -1969
BDS 5029
Yesterdays FolksUS6912" Vinyl8
BDS 5035
Indian Giver1910 Fruitgum Co.12" Vinyl11
BDS 5036[none]
MercyOhio Express12" Vinyl11
BDS 5037
Songs From Midnight CowboyElephants Memory12" Vinyl11
BDS 5038
Buddah's 360 Degree Dial-A-HitVarious Artists12" Vinyl12
BDS 5039
When I DieMotherlode12" Vinyl12
BDS 5046
I'm Gonna Make You MineLou Christie12" Vinyl10
BDS 5052
Peace Is "Blowin' In The Wind"Edwin Hawkins SingersVinyl8
BDS 5054
Mother EarthMemphis Slim12" Vinyl12
BDS 7505
First WinterJohnny Winter12" Vinyl11
BDS 7513[none]
The Next To Last Joan Rivers AlbumJoan Rivers12" Vinyl2
Candles in the RainMelanie12" Vinyl10
2318 009[none]
(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below We’re All Going to Go / The Makings of YouCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2
BE 610067[none]
Live At The Concertgebouw In AmsterdamThe Edwin Hawkins Singers12" Vinyl8
O-o-h Child / Dear PrudenceThe Five StairstepsVinyl2
BDA 165
Blowin' Some Old SmokeGabor Szabo12" Vinyl9
Natural FeelingsAirto Moreira12" Vinyl9
The Very Best Of The Ohio ExpressOhio Express12" Vinyl10
BDS 5058[none]
Candles in the RainMelanie12" Vinyl10
StairstepsThe Five Stairsteps12" Vinyl9
BDS 5061
HeadHead12" Vinyl3
BDS 5062
BDS 5062
Leftover WineMelanie12" Vinyl12
BDS 5066[none]
Brand New DayDorothy Morrison12" Vinyl10
BDS 5067
Step by Step by StepThe Stairsteps12" Vinyl14
Somebody's Been Sleeping100 Proof Aged In Soul7" Vinyl2
Hot Wax 7004X[none]
LP SamplerDorothy Morrison7" Vinyl4
SP 26
The Good BookMelanieVinyl12
BDS 95000
Brand New KeyMelanie7" Vinyl2
Move On UpCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2
2011 091[none]
Brand New KeyMelanie7" Vinyl2
2011 105[none]
Stay Close to MeStairsteps12" Vinyl10
Brand New KeyMelanie7" Vinyl2
We Got to Have PeaceCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2
I Feel a Song (In My Heart)Sandra Richardson7" Vinyl2
Two by Two (I'm Losing You)Steve Martin7" Vinyl2
BDA 219[none]
Mirror ManCaptain Beefheart & His Magic BandVinyl4
BDS 5077
Call Me Man!The Jules Blattner GroupVinyl11
BDS 5080
Everything's Coming Up RosesJack Wild12" Vinyl10
BDS 5083
Seeds on the Ground: The Natural Sounds of AirtoAirto Moreira12" Vinyl7
BDS 5085[none]
Children Get TogetherEdwin Hawkins SingersVinyl10
BDS 5086
TomorrowBobbi Martin12" Vinyl11
BDS 5090
Steve GoodmanSteve Goodman12" Vinyl12
BDS 5096
Richard Nixon SuperstarDavid FryeVinyl20
BDS 5097
Steve KuhnSteve Kuhn12" Vinyl8
BDS 5098[none]
Made For Each OtherTrade MartinVinyl15
BDS 5111
To Live Another Summer, To Pass Another Winter (1971 original Broadway cast)Dov Seltzer2×12" Vinyl17 + 13
BDS 95004[none]
Cigars Acappella CandyThe BelmontsCD9
GasolineChip TaylorCD10
  • -1971
Freddie's DeadCurtis Mayfield7" Vinyl2
Give Me Your Love / You Can Be With The One You Don't LoveBarbara Mason7" Vinyl2
2011 154
Memorial AlbumGene Vincent12" Vinyl11
940.090 T[none]
Garden in the CityMelanie12" Vinyl9
BDS 5095[none]
SwampgasSwampgas12" Vinyl8
BDS 5102[none]
Soul ImprovisationsVan McCoy12" Vinyl12
BDS 5103
Sea DogSea Dog12" Vinyl10
BDS 5104[none]
The Bridge in BlueThe Brooklyn Bridge12" Vinyl8
Give Me Your LoveBarbara Mason12" Vinyl9
BDS 5117
Somebody Else's TroublesSteve Goodman12" Vinyl11
BDS 5121
Roger ShriverRoger Shriver12" Vinyl11
The Four Sides of MelanieMelanie2×12" Vinyl12 + 11
BDS 95005
From ScratchCapability Brown12" Vinyl10
CAS 1056
Newport In New York '72 - The Jam Sessions, Vols 3 And 4Various Artists2×12" Vinyl3 + 2
CST 9026-2