Pumpkin Records (UK DIY punk label)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
UK Punks, Volume 1 Various Artists CD 28 PUM004 [none]
Carcass of Humanity Burnt Cross CD 10 PUM007 5060154170184
Melodies for a Massacre Atrocity Solution CD 14 PUM029
Myths, Lies & Hypocrites The Infested CD 18 PUM027 5060154170351
Pumpkin Records Sampler, Volume 1 Various Artists 2×CD 25 + 25 PUM012
From the Swallow to the Bottle Beng Beng Cocktail CD 22 PUM011 7806723188635
Six Ways to Fuck Shit Up Various Artists 7" Vinyl 6 PUM016 [none]
No Mans Land The Autonomads CD 9 PUM017 [none]
Agree to Disagree Moral Dilemma CD 10 PUM018 5024545564020
The Earth Dies Screaming Burnt Cross / A.U.K. CD 19 PUM019 [none]
And You Call This Civilization? Various Artists 2×CD 25 + 25 PUM023 [none]
Religious Child Molesters E.P. Power Is Poison / Totälickers 7" Vinyl 6 PUM044 [none]
Under Surveillance Moral Dilemma 7" Vinyl 4 PUM032 [none]
Weapons of the Weak BrainDead CD 16 PUM033 4250137249667
"Memento Mori" Global Parasite CD 13 PUM020 [none]
Crisis Spanner CD 13 PUM041
From Rusholme With Dub The Autonomads / Black Star Dub Collective Digital Media 10 [none]
Less Is More... More or Less Rash Decision / 2 Sick Monkeys CD 21 PUM 051 [none]
Shattered Dreams Parkway Revenge of the Psychotronic Man CD 15 PUM052 5024545648324
Pumpkin Records Sampler 2013 Various Artists Digital Media 27 [none]
A Tribute to Rudimentary Peni Rudimentary Peni CD 23 [none] [none]
Shattered Dreams Parkway Revenge of the Psychotronic Man 12" Vinyl 15 PUM052 5024545648317
Holiday Holiday 7" Vinyl 4 PUM062
Disco//Oslo (Album+EP+Bonus) Disco//Oslo CD 19 PUM073 4024572687137
The Beg Society / Anathema Anthrax / Burnt Cross 7" Vinyl 3 PUM079 [none]
One Day This Will All Be Gone... Everything Now! Autonomads CD 12 PUM076 [none]
Split 7" With Epic Problem / Holiday Holiday & Epic Problem 7" Vinyl 4 PUM093 [none]
Life Is a Battlefield Burnt Cross 7" Vinyl 4 PUM094 [none]
Tyke Disco//Oslo CD 13 PUM113
California Steamin' Holiday 12" Vinyl 10 PUM119 [none]
To the Great Calamity of the Inhabitants Primeval Soup Vinyl 10 PUM117