Human PiñataCumbeastCD10PER001
Haemophagia - From Sickness to CultHaemophagiaCD8per 004[none]
Torture of DecimationHuman Rejection(unknown)10
Gourmet of Ill ShitCumbeastCD10PER 005
Vomiting Putrid BlasphemyVarious ArtistsCD12PER 007
Ten Acts of Sickening PerversityKraaniumCD11PER008
Awaiting the FistBegging for IncestCD9PER009
FaithlessDementorCD9PER 012
Universe of Gory TalesBodysnatchCD3PER 0164260141644709
The Art of Female SodomyKraaniumCD10PER012
Decrepit to InsanityHuman RejectionCD8PER 013
Rotting RepugnancyDitchcreeperCD10PER017[none]
Resurrecting the CryptsTorture KryptCD14
Goresoaked Slamassacre - 3-Way SplitKraanium / Epicardiectomy / Dormant CarnivoreCD13PER025
Disfigured FetusHuman DecrepityCD2
Insights of a Rotten TheatreBodysnatchCD10PER0364260141646031
Gushing Orgasms 2Raped by PigsCD8PER037
Recycled NastinessCumbeastDigital Media11
Recycled NastinessCumbeastCD11PER 039
The Suggestion of the Last DaysCotard SyndromeCD9
Echoes of AbominationCarrionedCD14
Driven to KillHuman MasticationCD10PER 0468435383600660
Images of Immortal DamnationImmortal SufferingCD16PER 0518435383601735
TorturedHell SkuadCD16
Dead Body PartyVisceral DisorderCD10PER056
Groovy MassacreCumbeastDigital Media9
Groovy MassacreCumbeastCD9PER0608435383611383
Souls's NecrosisMass BurialCD10
Ten Acts of Sickening PerversityKraaniumDigital Media16
A Jigsaw of a Flock of GeeseBeef ConspiracyCD18
Bitchagram666 Shades of ShitCD15
Pestilential SynthesisDecomposition of EntrailsCD10PER0868435383630520
R * FP . NE . FL . FI . FC . L = N01101111011101100110111001101001Digital Media1
S/2004S301101111011101100110111001101001Digital Media4
Crevices of ObscuraVulgoreCD9
Suffering MutationsInterfectusCD10