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UtahTHAUCD10FROG 001-2
Daddy Steals Upon the West German DeutschmarkTHAUCD6FROG 002-25709498200217
Candy's SpeechDeath TotheCD16FROG 003-25709498200361
Ten Thousand SongsLearning From Las Vegas7" Vinyl2FROG 004-75709498200408
Memory BabeLearning From Las VegasCD13FROG 005-2
Pass OutThe NakedCD7frog 006-25709498200590
SwishTHAUCD11FROG 007-2
SteakTothe InternationalCD13FROG 008-2
Dancing CasanovaSuperheroesCD14FROG 011-25709498201061
See You at the RailroadsSuperheroesCD4FROG 010-25709498201054
Petit BourgeoisLearning From Las VegasCD10FROG 012-2
Johnny and ISuperheroesCD6FROG 016-25709498201375
Beach EPDüreforsögCD6FROG 013-2[none]
The Inebriated Sounds of...The Tremolo Beer GutCD17FROG 015-2
While Squaresville Is Watching From Afar...The Tremolo Beer GutVinyl3
The Slow Light TheoryTothe InternationalCD10FROG 017-2
Igloo (clear vinyl)Superheroes12" Vinyl14FROG 018-1
IglooSuperheroesCD12FROG 018-25709498201757
Under the Influence of...The Tremolo Beer GutCD17
Las VegasSuperheroesCD4FROG 021-27391946087044
All It Takes Is EverythingTHAUCD13FROG 024-2
The Land of the ThreeThe MopedsCD11FROG 022-27391946087211
From the Vinyl Archives of...The Tremolo Beer GutCD5
Turn Me OnSuperheroesCD5FROG 025-20724353817923
D-D-Don't Don't Stop the BeatJunior SeniorCD11FROG 026-2724353857226
SuperheroesSuperheroesCD11FROG 027-20724353889029
Whip It OnThe RaveonettesCD8FROG 028-2724354005428
Move Your FeetJunior SeniorCD4FROG 029-20724355112422
Move Your FeetJunior SeniorCD3Juniorpr01
Move Your FeetJunior Senior12" Vinyl4
D-D-Don't Don't Stop the BeatJunior SeniorCD13679202044006792026
The Ocean DiverSuperheroesCD4FROG 031-20724355228901
Boy Meets GirlJunior SeniorCD5FROG 032-2
D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat (clean lyrics, Enhanced CD with Move Your Feet video & The Delta Lab Diary)Junior SeniorCD13075678367120
D-D-Don’t Don’t Stop the BeatJunior SeniorCD13075678366321
Richard and LizLearning From Las VegasCD11FROG 035-2
Heartbreak StrollThe RaveonettesCD4FROG 033-20724354779725
Shake Your CoconutsJunior SeniorCD2JUNIORCJ7
Rhythm BanditsJunior SeniorCD5RHYTHM03
A Decade of Crunchy Music: A Sonic LeapVarious Artists2×CD12 + 24FROG 038-25700779900031
It's Raceday... And Your Pussy Is Gut!!!PowersoloCD14FROG 036-20724357753722
Dexter Foxepo-555CD13FROG 037-20724386639523
Itch, U Can't SkratchJunior Senior7" Vinyl2FROG 039-75700779900123
Estadio Camp-letSterlingCD6FROG 043-25700779900291
Hey Hey My My Yo YoJunior Senior12" Vinyl11FROG 044-15700779900321
Hey Hey My My Yo YoJunior SeniorCD11FROG 044-25700779900314
FortissimoThe MopedsCD11FROG 040-25700779900109
Heavy TrashHeavy TrashCD13FROG 041-25700779900208
Mafiaepo-555CD11FROG 045-25700779900437
Death to the Death TotheTothe InternationalDigital Media14FROG 047-2
Yndigt landSterling12" Vinyl13FROG 049-15700779900604
Yndigt landSterlingCD13FROG 049-25700779900598
Going Way Out With Heavy TrashHeavy TrashCD13FROG 054-25700779900680
Heavy TrashHeavy TrashCD13FROG 041-24601250346229
Radioaktiv - Mafia Fallout EPepo-5557" Vinyl4FROG 050-7[none]
AdrenalineOliver North Boy Choir(unknown)4
Baby CoolOliver North Boy Choir(unknown)4
BlizzardOliver North Boy Choir(unknown)4
Shell for the MourningOliver North Boy Choir(unknown)4
The Massive Oliver North Boy Choir 2007 Girl CollectionOliver North Boy ChoirDigital Media18
Amorine Queen18th DyeCD12FROG 060-2
Amorine Queen18th DyeDigital Media127332181018196
Brand New PantsWolfkinCD11
WeekenderOliver North Boy ChoirDigital Media2[none][none]
Holy WarsOliver North Boy ChoirDigital Media3[none][none]
GirlsBeta SatanCD12
Over/OutOliver North Boy ChoirDigital Media3[none]
X-Ray SpiritSnake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band(unknown)14FROG 056-2
Don't Back Down!First Floor PowerCD11FROG 062-2
Nous Sommes The Tremolo Beer Gut Qui Le Fuck Êtes-Vous?The Tremolo Beer GutVinyl167332181018004
BlackmailOliver North Boy ChoirDigital Media3[none][none]
Midnight Soul SerenadeHeavy TrashCD11FROG 077-27332181028102
The Looking GlassLars and The Hands of LightCD10FROG 078-2
That's Mister Attack To YouThee AttacksCD12
TectonicsThe MalpracticeCD11FROG-081-27332181035575
The Looking GlassLars and The Hands of LightCD10PROMOFROG 078
Buzz HumanPowersoloCD15082-27332181038552
PólýfóníaApparat Organ Quartet12" Vinyl9FROG 084-17332181039450
PólýfóníaApparat Organ QuartetCD9FROG 084-27332181039467
Stuff That RotatesSnake & Jet's Amazing Bullit BandDigital Media11LC-14020
ShadowsOliver North Boy ChoirDigital Media2[none][none]
SleepOliver North Boy ChoirDigital Media1[none][none]
Dirty SheetsThee AttacksCD11091-27332181046502
Shiny Darkly - EPShiny Darkly12" Vinyl6FROG 089-17332181040661
Shiny DarklyShiny DarklyCD6PROMOFROG 089-1[none]
Pólýfónía RemixesApparat Organ Quartet(unknown)9
Dead StarsShiny DarklyVinyl3
Daddy Steals Upon the West German DeutschmarkTHAUDigital Media6
EggPowersoloDigital Media12
Petit BourgeoisLearning From Las VegasDigital Media10
The Slow Light TheoryTothe InternationalDigital Media10
UtahTHAUDigital Media10
Baby, We Could Die TomorrowLars and The Hands of LightCD9FROG 094-27332181048223
BloodskinbonesPowersoloDigital Media12
Little EarthShiny DarklyCD9
The Real SoundPowersolo(unknown)14
Crash, Burn & CryONBCDigital Media10
Crash, Burn & CryONBCCD10