signed:鈴木真仁 (from 1995 until 1997)
subsidiaries:Rudestream (from 1999-11 to present)
FREESLAVE RECORDS (from 2000-05-31 to present)
catalog reissued by:Geneon (Japanese imprint, 2003-2009)
renamed into:Geneon (Japanese imprint, 2003-2009) (from 2003-10 until 2009-02-01)
distributor for:ROCKIT RECORDS (ended)
ジェイ・ワン レコード (from 2000-08 to present)
imprint of:パイオニアLDC株式会社 (holder of the Pioneer LDC imprint, 1989–2003) (from 1989-04 until 2003-10)
imprints:Pioneer Entertainment (USA) Inc.
RONDO ROBE (until 2003-10)
ORUMOK RECORDS (from 1995-06 to present)
S.L.K. Records (from 1997-09 to ????)
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