Lucy Over LancashirePaul RooneyCD1OWD001[none]
Interference Zone: The Tapes of Alan SmithsonAlan Smithson and Annette GompertsCassette7OWD002[none]
Shake It OffWhy Why?Digital Media1OWD005191061461821
Futile ExorcisePaul RooneyCD8OWD0030190394950163
Futile Exorcise (transparent vinyl)Paul Rooney12" Vinyl8OWD0035060366784513
1981ImmaterialDigital Media6OWD004[none]
Lucy Over Lancashire (remastered 2017)Paul RooneyCD1OWD0085060140642732
New Theme to Still at LargeThe Creeping ThingsDigital Media1OWD0095060581189711
The Seven Oracles of Gog MagogThe Seven Heads of Gog MagogCD7OWD0065060581189698
Let Me Take You ThereAlain ChamoisCD1OWD0105060581189704
Stolen Things (The Creeping Things Remix)Paul RooneyCD1OWD0115057805501633
Stolen Things (The Creeping Things Remix)Paul RooneyDigital Media1OWD0115057805539254