British Library (was British Library Board)

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Wild Britain: Sound Portraits from Britain’s Wild Places[nature sounds]2×CD9 + 10
The Century in SoundVarious ArtistsCD47
0-7123-0511-4, NSA CD89780712305112
British Bird Sounds On CD: The Definitive Audio Guide to Birds in Britain[nature sounds]2×CD96 + 79
NSA CD 1-29780712305129
Rainforest Requiem: Recordings of Wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest[nature sounds]CD29
NSACD 95017747000045
International Music From the Sound ArchiveVarious ArtistsCD15
The Spoken Word: Poets - Historic Recordings from the British Library Sound ArchiveVarious ArtistsCD32
NSA CD139780712305174
The Spoken Word: Children’s WritersVarious ArtistsCD10
NSA CD149780712305181
Songs of Garden Birds: The Definitive Guide to British Garden Birds[nature sounds]CD52
NSA CD159780712305198
Dawn Chorus: A Sound Portrait of a British Woodland at Sunrise[nature sounds]CD5
NSA CD 169780712305204
Bird Mimicry: A Remarkable Collection of Imitations by Birds[nature sounds]CD26
NSACD 289780712305297
Vanishing Wildlife: A Sound Guide to Britain’s Endangered Species[nature sounds]CD31
NSACD 309780712305280
Sounds of the Deep: An Exploration of Life in Our Seas[nature sounds]CD15
NSACD 299780712305266
Sounds of the British Coastline: A Journey in Sound Along the Shores of Britain[nature sounds]CD12
NSACD 449780712305334
Bird Sounds of Madagascar: An Audio Guide to the Island’s Unique Birds[nature sounds]CD99
NSACD 539780712305341
Beautiful Bird Songs From Around the World[nature sounds]2×CD20 + 20
NSACD 45, NSACD 469780712305433
Coastal Birds: An Audio Guide to Bird Sounds of the British Coastline[nature sounds]CD50
NSACD 669781408427842
Countryside Birds: An Audio Guide to Bird Sounds of the British CountrysideVarious ArtistsCD65
NSACD 679780712305907
British Mammals: An Audio Introduction to the Mammals of Britain[nature sounds]CD26
NSACD 689780712305891
Secret Songs of Birds: The Hidden Beauty of Birdsong Revealed[nature sounds]CD24
NSACD 739780712351041
Waves: The Sounds of Britain’s Shores[nature sounds]CD12
  • GB2011-06-17
NSACD 849780712351119
The Spoken Word: Short Stories - English and Irish authors read their own workVarious Artists3×CD5 + 5 + 5
  • GB2011-11-03
NSA CD78-809780712351102
Beautiful Bird Songs of Britain: The Music of Nature[nature sounds]CD13
NSACD 859780712351126
Wild World: A Journey in Sound to the World’s Wildest Places[nature sounds]2×CD11 + 11
NSACD 92, NSACD 939780712351188
Sounds of the Night: An Audio Guide to Britain’s Nocturnal Species[nature sounds]CD24
  • GB2012-06-15
NSACD 779780712351218
Wild London: Sounds of the City’s Wildlife[nature sounds]CD29
NSACD 1069780712351225
Wild Scotland: An Audio Guide to the Unique Wildlife of Scotland[nature sounds]CD30
NSACD 1219780712351287
The Blackbird: Sound Portraits of the Blackbird in Song[nature sounds]CD13
  • GB2014-01-10
NSACD 1229780712351294