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StatusElk CityCD13TAL-0013700102300509
The Headless Horseman Is A PreacherBrandoCD21TAL-0033700102300646
Hold Tight the RopesElk CityCD11TAL-0053700102300691
Hold Tight the RopesElk CityDigital Media11
This NightDestroyerCD15TAL-009
Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is GoneThe WalkmenCD13TAL-006821487000723
Sad Songs for Dirty LoversThe NationalCD12TAL-0114005902646550
I've Got a Really Important Thing to Do Now But I Can't Do It Cause I'm AsleepPorcelainCD10
Slipping HusbandThe NationalCD-R2[none][none]
New Place, New FaceTemperCD11TAL-0104005902646567
Cherry TreeThe NationalCD7TAL-0143700078410776
Bluffer's Guide to the Flight DeckFlotation Toy WarningCD10TAL-0123700078410905
Stick MusicClogsCD9TAL-0163700078411599
All Harm Ends HereEarly Day MinersCD9TAL-0183700078412350
ClearThat SummerDigital Media12TAL-017
DisaffectedPiano MagicCD10TAL-0203700078412633
The Lone GunmanIdahoCD17TAL-0223700078412954
Progress • ReformiLiKETRAiNSCD7TAL-0273700398700502
Talitres Is 5Various Artists2×CD12 + 9TAL-0253700398700366
A Hundred Miles OffThe WalkmenCD12TAL-0293700398700809
Churning StridesThee, Stranded HorseCD8TAL-0313700398701356
Luck & AccidentKim NovakCD11TAL-0323700398701363
The Ken Burns EffectStars Like Fleas(unknown)10
The Forbidden EP / AlasIdaho2×CD15 + 6TAL-0353700398701790
South of the Rain and SnowSwellCD10Tal-0403700398702735
You & MeThe WalkmenCD14Tal-0413700398703114
Thee, Stranded Horse & Ballaké SissokoThee, Stranded Horse & Ballaké SissokoDigital Media4
The Lost AlbumSwellCD10TAL-0433700398703190
march/2009Be My WeaponCD10
Plaine inondableFrànçois & the Atlas MountainsCD10TAL-0493700398704654
FamilyLe LoupCD11TAL-0523700398704791
Victorian AmericaEmily Jane WhiteCD12TAL-0503700398704777
La Fiancée du crocodileVeroneDigital Media10
Near MissThat SummerDigital Media9TAL-055
Ode to SentienceEmily Jane WhiteCD10TAL-0563700398706191
Humbling TidesStranded HorseCD83700398706252
Humbling TidesStranded HorseDigital Media8
When The Boat Comes Inside Your House / A Season UndergroundFlotation Toy Warning7" Vinyl2TAL-059/13700398706504
JoanMaison NeuveCD11TAL0643700398707228
JoanMaison NeuveDigital Media11
You Were a DickIdahoCD14TAL063
JoanMaison NeuveCD11TAL064[none]
Good Man DownEwert and The Two DragonsDigital Media10
Good Man DownEwert and The Two DragonsCD10TAL-0653700398707846
Good Man DownEwert and The Two Dragons12" Vinyl10TAL-065
Post EmpireWill StrattonDigital Media10
Joined Sometimes UnjoinedRozi PlainDigital Media10
Victorian AmericaEmily Jane WhiteDigital Media12TAL-050[none]
ConstanciaGarciaphone12" Vinyl12TALLP 0723700398709864
Blood / LinesEmily Jane WhiteDigital Media9[none]
EyesMotorama7" Vinyl2
Micah P. Hinson and the NothingMicah P. HinsonCD13Tal-077CD3700398711041
Micah P. Hinson and the NothingMicah P. Hinson and The Nothing2×12" Vinyl7 + 6TAL 077LP3700398711058
Gray Lodge WisdomWill StrattonDigital Media8
Gray Lodge WisdomWill StrattonCD83700398711515
Save No OneThe CallstoreDigital Media12
Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of ProgressMicah P. HinsonCD14TAL081
Rendez-Vous en Terres InconnuesEmily Jane WhiteCD5
Micah P. Hinson and the NothingMicah P. HinsonCD12TAL077CD3700398711041
She Is ThereMotorama7" Vinyl2
PovertyMotoramaDigital Media9
ThousandThousandDigital Media12
The SunUtroDigital Media6
The SunUtroCD63700398714561
Ground LuminosityWill Samson12" Vinyl8TAL0843700398714318
LuxeStranded HorseCD9
LuxeStranded Horse12" Vinyl8TAL085LP3700398714677
They Moved in Shadow All TogetherEmily Jane White12" Vinyl11TAL087LP-7151793700398715179
They Moved in Shadow All TogetherEmily Jane WhiteDigital Media11[none]
They Moved in Shadow All TogetherEmily Jane WhiteDigital Media113700398715162
DialoguesMotoramaDigital Media10
Pendulum SwingLaishDigital Media14
Shen AnatebEko & Vinda Folio7" Vinyl2TAL0903700398716107
The Silver VeilRaoul VignalDigital Media10
The Silver VeilRaoul VignalCD10TAL094CD3700398716688
The Machine That Made UsFlotation Toy WarningDigital Media10TAL095[none]
The Machine That Made UsFlotation Toy WarningCD10TAL095CD
The Machine That Made UsFlotation Toy Warning2×12" Vinyl6 + 4TAL095LP3700398716718
King of FoxglovesFlotation Toy WarningDigital Media3
Welcome OxygenWill SamsonCD8
UnsummeringR. MissingCD6
Третий альбомUtroCopy Control CD8
Третий альбомУтроCD8
Le tunnel végétalThousandCD10TAL097CD3700398718156
Time ElasticLaishDigital Media10
Many NightsMotoramaCD10TAL1083770011636051
In Our CircleRivuletsVinyl11
Oak LeafRaoul VignalDigital Media10
Shen AnatebEko & Vinda FolioDigital Media2
TherapyEko & Vinda FolioCD10TAL112CD3770011636204
DriftThe ApartmentsCD13TAL0573700398706214