WeePOP! is a DIY indiepop record label based in London. We're dedicated to limited run, lovingly hand crafted, assembled and numbered, wee tactile packets of lo-fi POP! A label for all us record geeks, who still love to hold something in our hands, something collectible, something special and tactile - something to awe over, to read and thumb through while listening to our newly purchased music! Powered by bedroom diy ethics, this is our love for music and bands and our love of being music fans, doing something for the bands of whom we adore their music. This is about us giving something back, and about having fun doing it.

Each release is part of a limited run, with a special focus on the overall tangible packaging, coming with a little handwritten and drawn certificate of authenticity stating your record's number.

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Cycling and Crying Roadside Poppies 8cm CD 4 POP!001
Little My's Third Little My 8cm CD 4 POP!003
Guinea Pigs Desmond Reed 8cm CD 3 POP!004
Pizza Under the Sea Tinyfolk 8cm CD 6 POP!005
Killers From the Start Bugs Eat Books 8cm CD 2 POP!002
The 1000% Hot EP Bunnygrunt CD 4 POP!006
Call and Response Sunny Intervals CD 5 POP!007
Virgin Lips The Just Joans CD 9 POP!008
Photo EP The Darlings CD 3 POP!009
Matches The Motifs CD 6 POP!010
Virgin Lips The Just Joans CD 9 POP!008
Pulaski Park One Happy Island CD 4 POP!011
Cocktail Jacob Borshard CD 2 POP!012
Little My's Sixth Little My CD 4 POP!013
Spring Forward Various Artists CD 7 POP!014
Wonder for All Wonder for All CD 6 POP!015
Secret Party That the Other Party Doesn't Know About One Happy Island CD 4 POP!018
Hey Boy... You're Oh So Sensitive! The Just Joans CD 7 POP!019
When We All Live in Igloos Mexican Kids at Home CD 4 POP!016
Passion Pop Summer Cats CD 5 POP!017
Secret Party That the Other Party Doesn't Know About One Happy Island Vinyl 4 POP!018v
Make Me Smile Let's Whisper CD 6 POP!020
Greenstreets The Lorimer Sound CD 5 POP!021
Icicle Megamoog CD 3 POP!022
Hello, My Name Is Kuma Kuma CD 5 POP!023
Little My's Seventh Little My CD 4 POP!024
Little My's Seventh Little My 7" Vinyl 4 POP!024v
Donald Fagen Mix Tape The Endless Bummer CD 4 POP!025
Bought and Sold The Felt Tips CD 3 POP!027
Starting Anew Various Artists CD 7 POP!026
Love and Other Hideous Accidents The Just Joans CD 9 POP!029
Recycled Songs for a Happy Environment Mexican Kids at Home CD 4 POP!028
Every Little Thing Counts Colin Clary CD 10 POP!030
The Adventure EP Dexter Poindexter CD 7 POP!031
Our Dreams Transmittens CD 10 POP!032
Moustache of Insanity Moustache of Insanity CD 12 POP!033
Henry Rollins Don't Dance Allo Darlin’ 7" Vinyl 3 POP!035
If the Wave Loves Two Suns Amida CD 5 POP!034
Secret Charisma Brad San Martin CD 6 POP!036
The Smittens / The Just Joans The Just Joans 7" Vinyl 4 POP!037
The Smittens / The Just Joans The Just Joans CD 4 POP!037
Awesome Sneakers The 1959 Hat Co. CD 3 POP!039
By the Shore Stars Of Aviation CD 4 POP!040
Keep a Secret Let's Whisper CD 4 POP!041
The Shortest Days Let's Whisper CD-R 14 POP!045 [none]
Banned at the Troxy Tigercats 7" Vinyl 3 POP!046
Buckfast Bottles in the Rain The Just Joans 12" Vinyl + CD 11 + 11 POP!050 084854272790
Five: A Wee Pop Covers Compilation Various Artists 2×12" Vinyl 11 + 12 POP!051 084854246449
6.9 Love Songs The Just Joans Digital Media 7 [none]
Twee Blues Colin Clary (unknown) 15 [none]
Always Focused On The Bonus Round Colin Clary CD-R 11
WeePOP! Records, Part 1 Various Artists Digital Media 1 [none]
WeePOP! Records, Part 2 Various Artists Digital Media 1 [none]