Cyclic Law

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The Mystery VisionsInstinctsCD10
1st Cycle
Nord Ambient AllianceVarious ArtistsCD10
  • CA2002-06-04
2nd Cycle
Of Darkness and Re-CreationSvartsinnCD8
5th Cycle
Deconstruction of the WorldSophia12" Vinyl10
4th Cycle
Asleep and Well HiddenKammarheitCD6
3rd Cycle
Karjalasta kajahtaaKarjalan SissitCD12
8th Cycle
The New LightArcanaCD11
  • CA2004-08-10
10th Cycle
Deconstruction of the WorldSophiaCD11
9th Cycle
Infinitas in AeternumNordvargr / DrakhCD6
  • CA2004-12-20
11th Cycle
6th Cycle
StarscapeGustaf HildebrandCD6
7th Cycle
Traces of NothingnessSvartsinnCD8
  • CA2005-10-31
13th Cycle
Primordial ResonanceGustaf HildebrandCD6
  • CA2005-12-20
15th Cycle
The StarwheelKammarheitCD8
12th Cycle
14th Cycle
16th Cycle
Tanssit on loppu nytKarjalan SissitCD9
17th Cycle[none]
Whispers of the Approaching WastefulnessNew Risen ThroneCD6
18th Cycle
AkrasiaSinke DûsCD7
19th Cycle
20th Cycle
TideshaperLacus SomniorumCD8
22nd Cycle
The Cancelled EarthCities Last BroadcastCD7
  • CA2009-05-22
21st Cycle620953353420
Fucking Whore SocietyKarjalan SissitCD10
25th Cycle
  • CA2009-11-18
23rd Cycle
Elegies for the EndSvartsinn2×CD4 + 10
26th Cycle
Summoning the VoidVisionsCD5
24th Cycle620953396328
The First Era 1996–2002Arcana4×CD12 + 13 + 11 + 9
  • CA2010-04-24
27th Cycle620953396229
Black PyramidAUNCD7
  • CA2010-10-01
29th Cycle
The Ominous Silence (2010 re-release)NorthauntCD10
  • CA2010-12-01
  • RU2010-12-01
32nd Cycle
The Collective Works 2000 - 2003Sophia4×CD10 + 8 + 9 + 8
  • CA2010-12-08
31st Cycle620953411120
Of Darkness and Re-CreationSvartsinnCD8
  • CA2010-12-21
  • RU2010-12-21
5th Cycle
Of Darkness and Re-CreationSvartsinnDigital Media8
  • XW2010-12-21
5th Cycle[none]
28th Cycle[none]
Midnight SunParhelionCD12
30th Cycle620953411229
Awake!Sub LunaCD9
1st Eclipse
Leviathan DeviceTriangular AscensionCD9
  • CA2011-02-12
34th Cycle
  • CA2011-04-15
33rd Cycle
  • CA2011-11-06
35th Cycle[none]
Loneliness of Hidden StructuresNew Risen ThroneCD9
  • CA2011-11-06
38th Cycle[none]
Den mørke munnens språkTherradaemonCD4
  • CA2011-12-21
39th Cycle[none]
The Architecture of MelancholyPeter BjärgöCD7
  • CA2011-12-22
41st Cycle620953444722
The StarwheelKammarheitCD8
12th Cycle
Karjalan Sissit (10th anniversary edition)Karjalan SissitCD12
  • CA2012-01-12
36th Cycle[none]
Miserere (10th anniversary edition)Karjalan SissitCD11
  • CA2012-01-18
37th Cycle620953444920
The End of GreatnessMulmCD6
  • CA2012-02-10
40th Cycle[none]
HeliopauseGustaf HildebrandCD9
  • CA2012-03-14
42nd Cycle[none]
Out of the Darkling Light, Into the Bright ShadowPeter Bjärgö & Gustaf HildebrandCD11
  • CA2012-03-14
43rd Cycle722301814055
The ApparitionThe Floating WorldCD7
  • CA2012-03-14
44th Cycle[none]
  • CA2012-03-14
45th Cycle722301814079
Modern Day DiabolistsBeyond Sensory ExperienceCD + DVD-Video9 + 2
  • CA2012-05-28
46th Cycle[none]
  • CA2012-05-28
47th Cycle722301814116
ProcessionDesiderii MarginisCD8
  • CA2012-05-28
48th Cycle722301814093
As Bright as a Thousand SunsArcanaCD10
  • CA2012-05-28
49th Cycle722301814086
EndessiahTreha SektoriCD6
  • CA2012-10-31
51st Cycle[none]
Un passage silencieuxArcanaDigital Media2
  • XW2012-10-31
59th Cycle[none]
Cycles: Cyclic Law's 10th Year Anniversary Label SamplerVarious Artists2×CD11 + 10
  • CA2012-12-30
50th Cycle[none]
SoriehTreha Sektori12" Vinyl8
52nd Cycle766897499388
Solar / AeonVestigialCD11
  • CA2013-03-20
  • UA2013-03-20
54th Cycle
The Chronos AnomalyTriangular AscensionCD12
  • CA2013-03-31
53rd Cycle[none]
  • CA2013-03-31
55th Cycle[none]
Sigillum DiaboliLamia VoxCD9
  • CA2013-03-31
56th Cycle[none]
The Wood Beyond the WorldThe Floating WorldCD8
  • CA2013-10-09
2nd Eclipse[none]
Kali YugaVortexCD11
  • CA2013-10-09
60th Cycle[none]
Escape From the Mundane SelfTaphephobiaCD11
  • CA2013-10-09
61st Cycle[none]
Farthest NorthParhelion & Zac KeillerCD + DVD-Video7 + 1
  • CA2013-11-26
57th Cycle[none]
FaintBeyond Sensory ExperienceCD11
  • CA2013-11-26
58th Cycle[none]
The Mirror Reversed, Part 1Funerary CallCD1
  • CA2013-11-26
62nd Cycle[none]
  • CA2014-03-11
63rd Cycle765857849270
Otavan VeretOtavan VeretCD3
  • CA2014-03-11
64th Cycle[none]
Severh SehenhTreha SektoriCD1
  • CA2014-05-20
66th Cycle[none]
Lacrimae MundiTeHÔMCD9
  • CA2014-05-20
67th Cycle[none]
EigengrauReutoff & Sal SolarisCD8
65th Cycle[none]
Cannula Coma LegioIn Slaughter NativesCD8
  • CA2014-06-21
70th Cycle[none]
InlumaehLamia VoxCD1
  • CA2014-08-14
68th Cycle9780993865107
The Magic Rituals of the Bon TraditionPhurpaCD + DVD-Video3 + 1
  • CA2014-10-14
69th Cycle[none]
HypnosisDesiderii Marginis2×CD8 + 7
  • CA2014-10-14
71st Cycle765857849348
Istid I–IINorthaunt2×CD4 + 4
  • CA2015-01-13
72nd Cycle[none]
The Prisoners CinemaApócrýphosCD8
  • CA2015-01-13
73rd Cycle[none]
The Prisoners CinemaApócrýphosDigital Media8
  • XW2015-01-13
…Want You DeadKarjalan SissitCD8
74th Cycle[none]
Fiat LuxAUNCD7
  • CA2015-04-10
76th Cycle[none]
The Mirror Reversed IIFunerary CallCD1
  • CA2015-04-28
77th Cycle[none]
Unearthed 2000 - 2002Kammarheit6×CD9 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 4 + 6
75th Cycle765857849393
  • CA2015-08-01
79th Cycle[none]
The NestKammarheitCD9
78th Cycle
The Sensation of Being One of ThemTreha Sektori & M U H DDigital Media1
  • XW2015-09-21
81st Cycle[none]
  • DE2016-01-21
80th Cycle[none]
Silent Heart (1st edition, mispress with 1 track)The Human VoiceCD1
  • DE2016-01-21
82nd Cycle[none]
Silent Heart (2nd edition with 8 separate tracks)The Human VoiceCD8
  • DE2016-01-21
82nd Cycle089902506810
  • DE2016-01-22
83rd Cycle089902506827
  • DE2016-03-31
84th Cycle[none]
  • DE2016-06-29
85th Cycle[none]
The End of It AllBeyond Sensory ExperienceCD11
  • DE2016-06-29
86th Cycle[none]
[Ventre]In Slaughter NativesCD7
  • DE2016-07-27
87th Cycle9780993865138
Ordeal 26.04.86ShrineCD6
  • DE2016-10-26
88th Cycle089902506872
Songs Over RuinsDesiderii MarginisCD11
  • DE2017-01-27
89th Cycle089902506889
Songs Over RuinsDesiderii MarginisDigital Media11
  • XW2017-01-27
89th Cycle[none]
Animus RetinentiaPeter BjärgöCD11
  • DE2017-03-01
90th Cycle089902506902
Animus RetinentiaPeter BjärgöDigital Media11
  • XW2017-03-01
90th Cycle[none]
Gyer RoPhurpaDigital Media4
  • DE2017-04-05
91st Cycle