Mojo (magazine)

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A workaround label entry for releases enclosed with UK music magazine "Mojo".

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The Mojo Machine Turns You On, 1Various ArtistsCD15
The Greatest Single Of All TimeThe Beach BoysCD5
1997 August[none]
The Mojo Machine Turns You On, 2Various Artists(unknown)15
The Mojo Machine Turns You On, 3Various ArtistsCD15
The Mojo Machine Turns You On, 4Various ArtistsCD15
The Mojo Machine Turns You On, 5Various ArtistsCD15
The Mojo Machine Turns You On, 6Various Artists(unknown)15
The Mojo Machine Turns You On, 7Various Artists(unknown)15
The Mojo Machine Turns You On, 8Various Artists(unknown)15
The Mojo Machine Turns You On, 9Various ArtistsCD15
The Mojo Machine Turns You On, 10Various ArtistsCD15
1999 august
Good Grooves Number 11Various ArtistsCD14
1999 November[none]
Maximum '65Various ArtistsCD20
Mojo Presents: Soul RiotVarious ArtistsCD21
The Score: 20 Ultra‐Cool Soundtracks From the Producers at MojoVarious ArtistsCD20
Trojan ExplosionVarious ArtistsCD20
Red Death at 6:14The White Stripes7" Vinyl1
Mojo: Feed Your HeadVarious ArtistsCD16
December 2002[none]
Mojo Presents: Up Yours! Punk's Not DeadVarious ArtistsCD26
March 2003
Mojo Music Guide, Volume 1: Instant GarageVarious ArtistsCD28
June 2003[none]
Mojo Music Guide, Volume 2: Roots of Hip HopVarious ArtistsCD18
MOJO 0903[none]
An Introduction to Leonard CohenLeonard Cohen2×CD13 + 10
512852 25099751285229
18 Tracks From The Year's Best Albums (2003)Various ArtistsCD18
December 2003[none]
Mojo Presents: Piece of Cake: 20 Years of RykoVarious ArtistsCD20
Mojo Music Guide, Volume 3: Raw SoulVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Music Guide, Volume 4: Blues PowerVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo: Red Hot Chili Peppers JukeboxVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo: Roots of Led ZeppelinVarious ArtistsCD15
Beatlemania, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD15
Beatlemania, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD15
Radio ClashVarious ArtistsCD15
October 2004[none]
Mojo: Cash CoveredVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Rock! Rock! Rock!Various ArtistsCD15
Mojo: Blue ChristmasVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Studio One SelectorVarious ArtistsCD15
Beyond Punk! Mojo Presents 15 Tracks of Post‐Punk NoiseVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: The Roots of the Sex PistolsVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo: Southern SoulVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Mod Club PartyVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo MOD CD[none]
Mojo: U2 JukeboxVarious ArtistsCD13
Mojo: Chess ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD15
Dylan CoveredVarious ArtistsCD15
MOJO Dylan[none]
Mojo: Born in the USA 2: The New American SongbookVarious ArtistsCD15
Made in Britain - Mojo Presents: The Sound of a New England (1977-1983)Various ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: I Love NY Punk!Various ArtistsCD15
Mojo: The Roots of HendrixVarious ArtistsCD15
The Who CoveredVarious ArtistsCD15
MOJO 01/06 CD[none]
Mojo: The Modern Genius of Ray DaviesVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo: Psych Out!Various ArtistsCD15
Mojo: Trash! The Roots of Punk!Various ArtistsCD15
Mojo: James Brown's Funky SummerVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo: Revolver ReloadedVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: The Roots of Bob DylanVarious ArtistsCD15
The Quiet Revolution: A Summer Folk CompendiumVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo: Experienced!Various ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: In My RoomVarious ArtistsCD15
Love Will Tear You ApartVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents Stax Soul Power!Various ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Sgt. Pepper... With a Little Help From His FriendsVarious ArtistsCD14
Stooges JukeboxVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Made in Britain 2007Various ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Music Is Love!Various ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Sun Is ShiningVarious ArtistsCD15
The Live EPThe Black KeysCD4
Mojo Presents: StonedVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: In Search of Syd: 15 Mind-Bending Freak-OutsVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Cigarettes and AlcoholVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Heavy Nuggets: 15 Lost British Hard Rock Gems 1968 - 1973Various ArtistsCD15
Mojo_Presents_OK_ComputerVarious ArtistsCD15
Beloved: Mojo Presents a Treasury of Classic British Indie RockVarious ArtistsCD15
The New Dictionary of Blues and SoulVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: The Dawning of a New EraVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: The Changing Man: Rarities and InspirationVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Destroy!Various ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Sub Pop 300!Various ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: The White Album Recovered (N° 0000002)Various ArtistsCD14
  • GB2008-09-02
Rebel Music: Songs of Protest and InsurrectionVarious ArtistsCD14
  • GB2008-11-01
Mojo Presents: The White Album Recovered (N° 0000001)Various ArtistsCD17
Mojo Presents: Cohen CoveredVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Heavy ModVarious ArtistsCD15
Bad Seeds: Nick Cave: Roots & CollaborationsVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Motown NuggetsVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Motown NuggetsVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: I Can See for MilesVarious ArtistsCD15
  • GB2009-04-10
Mojo Presents: All the Young DudesVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Island FolkVarious ArtistsCD13
Mojo Presents: Red Hot and RegalVarious ArtistsCD14
  • GB2009-05-22
MOJ 189 JUL09
Abbey Road Now!Various ArtistsCD16
October 2009[none]
Africa RisingVarious ArtistsCD13
September 2009[none]
Mojo Presents: New HarvestVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: The Man MachineVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: The Wall Re-Built! Disc OneVarious ArtistsCD13
Mojo Presents: The Wall Re-Built! Disc TwoVarious ArtistsCD12
A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding in Your MindAmorphous AndrogynousCD14
February 2010[none]
Mojo Presents: The Madcap Laughs Again!Various ArtistsCD14
Mojo Presents... Dream PopVarious ArtistsEnhanced CD13
April 2010[none]
Heavy SoulVarious ArtistsCD15
Mojo Presents: Boss Sounds!Various ArtistsCD15
MOJO Presents: Highway to HellVarious ArtistsCD15
Step Right Up!Various ArtistsCD15
  • GB2010-07-01